Talking Gloves with Damari and Co.

I was first introduced to Damari and Co. awhile back, but it wasn’t until recently that I had the opportunity to check out the small studio and chat with the namesake founder- Damari Rubio, regarding the locally made brand. Damari’s love of gloves stemmed from her world travels throughout her life. She would pick up vintage gloves at various antique stores and start collecting them as gifts for herself and her friends. This sparked a creative force in her to start designing gloves, which is turning into a lost art. She is one of the few glove designers in this country.

She officially launched her company January 2014 and started out by doing custom work, as she was still getting use to making the gloves. A year later, January 2015, she launched a line of fitness, dog walking, fashion and lace gloves. EVERYTHING is made in Houston. She’s enjoyed every experience of her highly creative career. “It’s been great, seeing what everybody likes and the market wants,” she said.

Her best-selling gloves (and this blogger’s absolute FAVORITE style) are the angled gloves. The mesh gloves come in a variety of colors and have elastic trim. Damari purposefully leaves out the thumb because of accessibility. People need to be chic, but also need to have access to their phones and other technology. She also designs regular gloves as well, like for opera season and such. Oh and let’s not forget about her line of driving gloves… I mean really, even that is a lost fashion trend (back in the day, people actually wore gloves while driving)… I hope that her version, made of breathable fabric, helps the trend will make a comeback.

When she showed me the packaging for the gloves, I squealed at the ingenuity of it all. She packages each collection in a box that is designed to be a book. The collections are categorized as follows: Be Fit, Be Playful, Be Romantic, Be Chic and Be Free. Every glove has a story. The idea is that you can collect as many “books” as possible and them keep them packaged and ready for use.

The chic gloves are good quality, that don’t come with a hefty price tag. They range from $25 for dog walking gloves to around $90-120 for lace gloves. Check out Damari and Co. for amazing gloves that will fit every aspect of your lifestyle!

** Photo courtesy of Damari **

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