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Image courtesy Soul Cycle x Target

** Image courtesy of Soul Cycle x Target **

In celebration of the New Year (and people’s ‘new year, new you’ resolutions), Target collaborated with Soul Cycle -the country’s leading contender when it comes to full body cycling workouts; to give people a wellness option unlike one they’ve never seen. The collaboration started this month with a 10-city tour, with stops in: Washington D.C., Houston, Seattle, Atlanta, Nashville, Denver, Miami, Chicago, Minneapolis and Los Angeles. Each stop included a special three-day weekend events, with complimentary 45 minute classes taught by certified SoulCycle instructors.

Last Friday, I had my first Soul Cycle class. Now granted, this was my first ever spin class- period, so I didn’t know what to expect. The Houston pop-up event was located at Off The Wall Gallery. Now, because of my style quirkiness, I donned one of my vintage leotards and paired it with my Matty M leggings for a ‘rockin cycling look’ without being too ’80s jazzercise.’

My Soul Cycle x Target outfit

As soon as I walked into the venue, I could feel the upbeat energy. The makeshift lobby was somewhat crowded, but everyone was lively and anxious to start the class. Also in the lobby was a pop-up boutique, featuring Soul Cycle x Target workout gear and wellness products and a photo booth.

When it was our class time, we put our stuff away in cubbies and threw on our special cycling shoes. The small, makeshift cycling room was enclosed with black cloth ‘walls’, with several rows of the bikes and at the front of the room, a platform with the instructor’s bike. Once at our assigned bikes, there were Soul Cycle attendants to help us first-timers into the bikes. The lovely Kaili helped me get my bike situated to my height and got my shoes ‘buckled in.’ I was also incredibly thankful for the complimentary towel and bottle water that they gave us as well.

Once class started, I actually had no problem keeping up with Ariel- our rockstar instructor. My adrenaline was rushing and the music just had my body flowing. For that 45 minutes, I had no worries… I was just in the moment. It felt GREAT! Now, when we did cycling and push-up combinations, I was somewhat uncoordinated…but that’s ok. My favorite part was when we weren’t sitting and cycling, as truth be told, there is no padding on those seats and my rump is STILL sore. Towards the end of the class, we did cycling while using two-pound weights, which helped to strengthen my biceps, triceps, etc.

When class was over, I was sweaty, but I felt fantastic. Upon walking out, we were given a Suja Juice and KIND Bar to refuel the major calories that were burnt. I’m so excited that Soul Cycle is opening a location in Houston in (rumor has it) April, because I will be taking more classes.

Thank you Soul Cyle x Target for the invigorating experience!

Soul Cycle x Target 10 City Schedule:

Jan. 22–24: Washington D.C., Houston, Seattle
Jan. 29–31: Atlanta, Nashville, Denver
Feb. 5–7: Miami and Chicago
Feb. 12–14: Minneapolis and Los Angeles

Here are my faves from the Soul Cycle x Target Pop-Up Boutique (all images via

Image courtesy Target x Soul Cycle

** C9 Champion® Women’s Cami Sports Bra **

image courtesy Target x Soul Cycle

** C9 Champion® Women’s Performance Capri **

image courtesy Target x Soul Cycle

** SoulCycle Unisex Sweatpant **

image courtesy Target x Soul Cycle

** Merona Womens Reversible Tote **

image courtesy Target x Soul Cycle

** Aura Cacia Lavender Relaxing Essential Oil – 0.5 oz **

image courtesy Target x Soul Cycle

** Kind® Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate + Protein Nutrition Bars **

image courtesy Target x Soul Cycle

** Suja Essentials Organic Mango Magic Juice 12 oz **

image courtesy Target x Soul Cycle

** Yes To Cucumbers 5 floz Spray Soothing Face Mister Spray **

image courtesy Target x Soul Cycle

** CamelBak eddy Water Bottle – Palm (.75L) **

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