LHTX by Leigh K Hajovsky

LHTX by Leigh K Hajovsky

I e-met LHTX boss-lady, Leigh Hajovsky through Instagram and eventually, personally met her during ‘Junk Prom’ at Zapp Hall a couple years back. She’s got this bohemian, free-spirited personally that especially shines through her apparel brand- LHTX.

Leigh was born into a family of entrepreneurs and has always had to need to work for herself. After trying and hating the corporate working world, she decided to teach herself how to silkscreen and go into business for herself. About ten years ago, her business partner was bought out, and that’s when she decided to move from Houston Heights neighborhood, relocate to Fayetteville (where it’s more affordable) and re-brand her company into what it is now- LHTX.

The GO TEXAN certified LHTX brand is centered around western-style Texas-made shirts, with sayings that have been inspired by country music and experiences that Leigh and her friends/employees have had, as well as bohemian accessories. Leigh credits her ex for being the inspiration behind the majority of her best-selling designs. “The things that he would say to me were awful, and there was always a response in my head that I had- and that would become the design. This was going on while he and I were still together, because I had no other way to retaliate… I was so beaten down at that time…Now, I’m vocal about it. It’s very important to me – to be honest about where these things come from and how they’ve come to be. I want every woman to know that they don’t have to deal with that kind of crap.”

Another of her best-selling designs, “I’m not too much, you’re just not enough,” was actually a saying that was told to one of Leigh’s good friends. The guy she was dating didn’t approve of her lifestyle. She has a son that rodeos and she takes him to all the rodeos; she’s also loud and bold. “I was so offended that he was being rude and judgmental to her, that we made a shirt and it’s now one of our top-sellers,” Leigh explained.

Today, she has her production facility in Columbus and a small boutique in Fayetteville. She has a permanent space at Zapp Hall and opens during the twice-yearly Texas Antiques Weekend at Warrenton, Round Top and the surrounding communities. Her brand is very Texan-meets-country-gypsy, but with a heart of gold. If you want indulge your inner boho-gypsy, check out LHTX and if you are local- be sure to stop by the boutique or Zapp Hall every Spring and Fall!


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