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There are many things in life that make me giddy… Vintage, the desert, estate sales…and cacti. Now, by cacti, I am indeed referring to the desert plant…but also all the cacti decor and accessories that have been popping up everywhere lately.

Cactus | Blogger | KLM Photography

Cactus | Blogger | KLM Photography

I was introduced to Madalyn Nault’s version of cute cactus clutches via Instagram, and immediately fell in love with them. I was able to meet the Phoenix based maker a couple months ago, at her studio. She showed me her quaint workspace, complete with a vintage sewing machine and piles of fabric neatly stacked in shelving. I also saw some of her other handbag and wallet designs. When I was choosing which cactus clutch I wanted, I had a very difficult time choosing because not all the cacti designs were the same. Once my clutch was chosen, Madalyn and I had a brief chat about her brand.

LAFS: How did you get started?

MN: I’ve been sewing since I was very little. I would sew doll clothes or make little stuffed animals or pillows, and other random stuff. When I got into high school, I was really awkward and wanted to be super punk rock…so nothing was ever cool enough. I started just making purses for myself that I could put band patches on. When I started doing that, I would have friends asking me to make them bags, and then it just organically grew from there; until what my brand is today. As I grew up, and my style changed, so did what I made. It’s been a long process. Probably within the past three to four years is when my brand became a “brand,” and I just stumbled into it. I just started making a style and it stuck, and people recognized the style. It’s the craziest thing to me — that people can recognize my brand. I don’t take it for granted because I think it’s the coolest thing ever!

LAFS: When was your official launch?

MN: The brand just organically grew. I’ve been doing shows ever since I moved to Arizona, probably about seven or eight years ago. I’ve never really had an official start date, it just all of a sudden worked.

LAFS: Materials used?

MN: I get a lot of hand-me-down fabrics. My parents live in a retirement community. My mom and my friends’ friends know that I sew, so I’ve had instances where my friends would say, “Oh my mom is moving out of her house, so I’m going to give you 15 boxes of fabric,” or “Oh, does Madalyn want this?”and it’s a stack of awesome fabrics. But there’s a couple unique fabric stores here that I go to. They get what they get, which I love, because sometimes I can make a handful of purses out of it; or sometimes I can only make one. Sometimes it is vintage, depending on where I find it and how it gets to me, but sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it looks vintage and sometimes it’s not. I usually will tell people if I’ve made something that’s made out of vintage fabric, because I think it makes it extra cool.

LAFS: What makes the Madalyn Nault Accessories brand unique?

MN: My brand is 100% unique, even if I make the same thing, something about it is different. Every single piece I make it unique, whether it’s the lining, pocket inside…something about it is different. I pick all these different fabrics and sometimes I can never get them again. Sometimes they’re vintage and sometimes it’s the way I paired them… You’re not going to see anyone else carry the same bag as you.

LAFS: Do you have any best sellers?

MN: Classic color combinations, wallets, cactus clutches… Though it’s hard to pinpoint best sellers because I do each piece so differently.

LAFS: Price range?

MN: Wallets start at $15, and then clutches, depending on size and materials…the most I’ve gone up to was $65. The clutches are usually between the $30 and $45 range.

If you are a Phoenix/Arizona local, you can find Madalyn Nault Accessories at the following: Frances Vintage, The Roose, Copper Whale in Prescott, PHX Flea, Pineapple Triangle/AZ Share That You Care, Crafeteria, and Festivus at Phoenix Public Market.

You can also find her on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, and her WEBSITE.

Cactus | Blogger | KLM Photography

Cactus | Blogger | KLM Photography

Cactus | Blogger | KLM Photography

Cactus | Blogger | KLM Photography

** Images (of me) by KLM Photo **

(Vintage Cactus Dress- MRS Couture, Vintage Concho Belt + Tribal Belt- thrifted, Vintage Heels- Deja Vu Fashions Resale Shop, Sunglasses- random vendor, Cactus Clutch- Madalyn Nault Accessories.)

Madalyn Nault Accessories | supplies | Phoenix maker

Madalyn Nault Accessories | supplies | fabric | sewing machine | Phoenix maker

Madalyn Nault | fabric pile | Phoenix maker

Madalyn Nault workspace | Phoenix maker | sewing machine

Madalyn Nault | handmade clutches | Phoenix maker

Madalyn Nault | handmade clutches | Phoenix maker

Madalyn Nault | handmade clutches | Phoenix maker

Madalyn Nault | handmade clutches | Phoenix maker

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