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I do food delivery, where I’m constantly using my phone. I don’t carry a regular handbag for personal safety concerns, so I either use a fanny pack or My Phone Pouch. I specifically used the handy pouch while I was delivering for a local chain restaurant. It conveniently held my phone, license, a couple credit cards, sunglasses, and my car keys. Mind you, it was a tad bulky, but at least I didn’t have to worry about leaving my purse in the manager’s office or somewhere where it’s likely to be stolen or something.

Georgia-based Allison Santini- a busy wife, mother, pet owner, and now, business owner, is constantly on-the-go. She often found herself setting her phone down, often missing calls, or forgetting where she put it. Plus, a lot of her outfits didn’t have pockets, so she was either stuffing it in her shirt or bra, or left the phone behind. She also found that the “phone holsters” that were currently in stores are geared more towards men. Allison goes on to explain (via her press release), “[the other store holsters] are clunky, rigid and often require the user to affix it onto a belt or involve some sort of strap around your waist or across your body. (There are even some odd contraptions for men with straps like a harness around the back.) Women don’t wear belts as often (particularly at home) and clunky, rigid or odd holsters just don’t cut it. My design was originally targeted towards women and girls because far too often our garments don’t have pockets but many men are finding it to be a great solution too. Moreover, it’s superior to pockets because no more taking your phone out of your pocket every time you sit down and no more risk of accidentally sitting on and breaking your phone.”

She became so frustrated, that that led her to create the pouch. Since she is an avid sewer, who loved working with stretchy, snug-fitting clothing, she decided to cut up some leggings and developed a few prototypes. She officially launched her brand in 2017. “I use MyPhonePouch every day and I swear by it. I don’t carry my phone around without it. This simple, clever accessory is incredibly useful and can honestly improve the quality of your daily life. It allows you to keep your phone readily accessible to dramatically reduce the wasted time and stress of looking for your phone.  You can be more efficient in your daily chores or your work because you know where your phone is, on your hip – not in your hand, not buried in your purse and not left behind,” she said (via the press release).

The pouches are made in the U.S.A…in Atlanta, to be exact. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. The brand also believes in an eco-conscious business model, which you can read more about HERE.

I got my pouch in black and a large size, so I can carry my iPhone 8 Plus. I only thing that is inconvenient is that I’m unable to use my cactus phone case. I either need to get a regular, no-frills case, or just bare-bones it. It has two sides, both sides having three pockets each. One side is weighted down, so it can easily stay put on the waist when I wear skirts, leggings, or anything without a pocket. I also like to use it even when I have a pocket, because sometimes, pockets are too loose, which allows phones to easily slip out. The weight is loose, so you can place it in any of the pockets (and make sure to take it out before washing). Overall, I feel that it’s a very useful product. I love that it was made in the U.S.A. by a woman who cares to keep her business eco-friendly, and who’s product’s target market are women (although I’m sure men can find it useful, too).

If you too, are in the delivery business (or any business for that matter), this pouch is so helpful. I highly suggest checking the website for further details. Be sure to also follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram.

My Phone Pouch, phone accessory, phone holder

My Phone Pouch, phone accessory, phone holder

My Phone Pouch, phone accessory, phone holder

My Phone Pouch, phone accessory, phone holder

My Phone Pouch, phone accessory, phone holder



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