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Tucson-based Rosie Crocker owns an Am-AZing natural skincare brand that is derived and inspired by the beautiful Sonoran Desert. The brand also just recently launched August 2017. I was fortunate to meet with her briefly on my last trip to Tucson, and also purchased a few of her products, which I 100% love and stand behind. She harvests the ingredients straight from the desert, and creates such goodness as: Prickly Pear Lip Balm, Creosote + Rosemary Cream, Revitalizing Creosote Face Toner, and more! Creosote (or chaparral) is literally one of my favorite plants, which, as it turns out, is actually good for the skin. I love being in the desert after a good rain, as the smell the creosote lies heavily in the air. So it’s only natural that I’m borderline obsessing over a small brand that specializes in skincare that’s formulated with desert plants. Plus, since I’m temporarily back in Houston, every time I use the cream and toner, I can carry the scent of home around with me for a bit, so to speak.

Rosie grew up in a large family with limited means, which is one of the reasons why she is so passionately driven in the realm of nature and organics. “I love all things nature, animals and believe it is our duty as humans to care for nature and animals. When living my daily life, I always pause before I make a decision and ask myself, ‘How does this decision affect my spirit, body, and the world around me?’ I am constantly learning and growing spiritually and intellectually.”

She goes on to explain, “I have always been a DIY type of person. I have always been all about living an all natural, organic, sustainable life that includes food, health, beauty etc. I started learning more about desert plants just out of curiosity for the world around me. I started with learning about edible desert plants, and that naturally progressed into learning about medicinal desert plants. I had always been disappointed in a lot of all-natural beauty products because, in my opinion, a lot of them are weak acting, smelling, very few of them utilized desert plants and they always came in a lot of plastic packaging. So I started experimenting just using the resources around me. As I became happy with what I was doing, I also let the people around me try them, and they all really liked them. I started being approached to purchase my potions, and it kept growing from there. I have Tucson and Instagram to thank for how fast my business has grown in such a short time. People enjoy watching my process and learning about the Sonoran Desert through my Instagram. Tucson is very community-oriented and supportive. People in Tucson love to support local businesses, and they appreciate the desert; so they love the ingredients I am using. It has been super exciting. I am so grateful and am looking forward to the future!”

LAFS: What inspired you to create desert-themed products?

Rosie: Like I said before, I just recognized that there are so many awesome herbal desert plants that are great for skincare, and not many people are utilizing. I love the desert, and my main products include creosote (chaparral), which is a plant that is so unique to this desert region, and so great for your skin. It has such a unique scent as well, and brings up so many strong memories for us desert dwellers, that I wanted to capture that scent, and give it to people to carry with them. My passion for where I live, combined with some awesome products, made it so fun to come up with new ideas and names for all of them. It all came so fast too. It seems like the universe aligned just right, and everything fell into place. I make all my products with love and care. I feel it is important to focus on positivity, especially while creating anything. Energy transfer is real. When I put love into what I do, that is felt when people use my products. During the spring here in the Sonoran Desert, there are so many wildflowers. Everything blooms, and it is the best time to live here as a nature lover. I don’t believe in buying flowers that where grown by some giant corporation, and shipped here on ice and sold at big box grocery stores. Since I am always out in the desert, and in my neighborhood, I saw that there are so many resources for locally foraged bouquets, smudge wands and wreaths. So I started making those to order for people who have the same desert love that I have!

LAFS: What would you say your favorite product(s) are?

Rosie: It is so hard for me to pick a favorite, because each one is so unique and special. But I can tell you which ones are the most popular, sales-wise. The Desert Rain Fragrance is so dreamy and loved by so many people. It has creosote, sage and sandalwood. It is refreshing, fun, and brings you right to that moment after it rains here in the Sonoran Desert. The Prickly Pear Cactus Lip Balm is another very unique product. It contains real prickly pear fruit juice and prickly pear seed oil in it. It is unlike other lip balms and glosses because it actually moisturizes and heals your dry chapped lips, making you need it less. While other balms and glosses just sit on the top of your lips as decoration- making it so you need to use them more often. It also looks and smells so nice.

LAFS NOTE: I agree about the lip balm. I usually apply it once in the morning, and I’m good to go for the entire day.

LAFS: Do you have a favorite go-to skincare regimen?

Rosie: I don’t want to sound like a walking advertisement for my products, but the reason I made my products in the first place, was for myself to be able to use effective, all natural hair and skin care. I have struggled with oily, acne-prone skin all of my life. One main thing I realized by doing some research, was that I was over-washing my face, and that was causing more oil production; therefore causing my acne. So my daily skin care routine looks like this: ( I wear natural mineral makeup) In the evening I wash my face with Yes To Grapefruit scrub to remove all my makeup and give me a nice smooth surface. Then I spray my Revitalizing Creosote Face Toner all over my face and neck, let it dry, and then I apply evening primrose oil all over my face and neck (every other day). I alternate the evening primrose oil with my Creosote + Rosemary Cream every other day. So one day I will use the cream, and the next day, the oil. I leave the cream/ oil on over night and in the morning I splash my face with warm water ( I do not wash my face with soap in the morning). I then apply a light sunscreen, or all natural BB cream with sunscreen in it. I then apply my makeup, and it starts all over again. Ever since I have been toning, moisturizing and washing less, my face has been less oily. I barely ever have acne, and I am so happy with the way my skin looks.

LAFS: Where can we find your products?

Rosie: The best place to find my products is to go to my Etsy. I give a small discount to Tucson locals, so if you are local, I suggest looking on the Etsy site to see which products you like, and then message me via Instagram. I also sell products at Pop Cycle on 4th Ave, The Museum of Contemporary Art gift shop, Faun Salon, Studio 110, The Ninth House, and Avenue Boutique (all located in Tucson). The products vary at each shop- some carry my full line, some carry only a few different products.

Rosie offers us a last piece of advice. “Support small businesses! I do my best to source my ingredients locally because I know my dollar counts. For every $100 spent on small businesses, $45 of that goes back into that community; whereas for every $100 spent at chain (corporate) stores, only $14 goes into the community. I hope you recognize your value and understand that life is one big circle- you get what you put out. Changing the world starts with your daily decisions. We all matter.”

Sonoran Rosie Skincare, Tucson, Arizona, natural skincare

Sonoran Rosie Skincare, Tucson, Arizona, natural skincare

Sonoran Rosie Skincare, Tucson, Arizona, natural skincare

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