The Golden Years Box – Lux Monthly Subscription Boxes for Women Over 50

When my dear friend and vintage fashionista- Dawn Bell, announced that she was launching a luxury monthly subscription box for women over 50, I was intrigued. Sure, there are thousands of monthly subscription boxes out there, and they range from a variety of themes and such, but they all seem to be geared more towards a younger crowd. Dawn noticed that, and was casually talking to her sister about it one day. Her sister then replied with, “Let’s start one!”

Her other sisters, Darlene and Angel, thought it was a great idea, and insisted they start one. So they started researching products that were designed and generally catered to women over 50, and found that there were actually a number of things out there. “Each of us are over 50. We range from 54 to 72, so we have an idea of what kind of stuff women our age need,” Dawn said.

For months they researched, planned, and sorted out the beginning details of the company. Angel recommended it to be called The Golden Years Box. “Each monthly box has a different theme. That theme will support the changing needs of women. We have found that women over 50 begin to go through menopause, and your body starts to change. You don’t sleep anymore. So we have a theme that’s the ‘Sleep Box’ , which supports anything you need to get a good night’s sleep. For instance, there’s an eye mask, melatonin, lavender essential oils, an atomizer for beside your bed with lavender, ear plugs, etc. It’s all really pretty stuff. We thought that when you get older, you want a product that works for what you need, but you don’t lose your passion for wanting something fun and pretty. We specifically kept that in mind when shopping {for products},” Dawn explained. “There will be a ‘Bucket List’ travel box because a lot of women in our age range begin to work less and travel more. We have a ‘Garden’ box because over 50% of women our age garden, but it’s some things they can use even if they don’t garden. Then there’s a ‘Strength and Flexibility’ box that will include some exercise things, hand relief kits, a pretty knee or ankle brace, fish oil… So we try to include vitamins in every box, as well as an essential oil, a fun item… ”

Every box will have five to eight items, will be beautifully packaged, and a certain color, so that it’s visually appealing. While the brand is currently under a soft launch (as of August 4th, 2018), people can still go online and place an order. If you want to buy a one-time gift purchase box , it’s $39.95 , which includes the $7 shipping. If you want to buy month-to-month (cancel anytime), it is $38.95. If you want to buy a six-month pre-pay, it’s $37.95. A one-year pre-pay is $36.95. The ‘Welcome’ box has all gold products, as well as a set of reusable, eco-friendly metal straws and cleaners. Free shipping is offered within the U.S.

The sisters have been quite pleased with the traction that the brand has already received. They have also done their fair share of reaching out to the over-50 Instagram influencers. “We want to be apart of the age revolution that’s already happening with all these women that have Instagram accounts that are bloggers who have huge following.”

“Being a woman of 50 has been pretty inspiring. I don’t have to sit down and slow down. That was always a problem for me because I’m getting older, but I don’t really feel like it. I still have a lot of dreams and aspirations… Age shouldn’t stop you. It’s just a number…Why should I just retire and not do anything? I should do what makes me happy. My sisters and I are just all in that boat together.”

I’m so excited for Dawn, and am glad that her sisters and she are helping to defy the stigma that once you reach a certain age, you “must” retire, slow down, and dress down. Aging shouldn’t be scary, nor should you have to be left out of certain pretty or fun products just because you are over 50. It’s your life- LIVE IT!!

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