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"Blondes Make Better T-Shirts" Tee
S'WELL Drinking Bottle
Zana Cosmetics

"Blondes Make Better T-Shirts" Tee

I’m sure ya’ll have heard of the infamous “blonde” jokes….Well, now you have the chance to wear a label that I’m sure will bring some humorous conversations to the table. The eco-friendly line was created by Norwegian designer- Lise Ellingsen, herself, a blonde. I met the rep for the line, the lovely Miss Neely and she went over the different cuts, fits and designs of the tees. I learned that the line only uses 100% sustainable and sweatshop-free fabrics, produced right here in sunny California. One of their most popular fabrics is Promodal, made from 40% beech tree and 60% eucalyptus tree. They have also used fabrics comprised of 50% recycled plastic bottles that are mixed with organic cottons. She also was pointing out the comical names for the tees, for example: the “Oops” tee, featuring one style with a burnt iron mark, a lipstick stain, etc. There’s one tee with a pocket at the bust and an ‘ink stain’ at the bottom of the pocket. This tee is aptly named: the “Ink Spill” tee. There are also “Blonde Moment” tees, like the one Neely graciously gifted me to review. Mine is called the “Bike” tee. There’s a snapshot of a blonde chick um…locking her bike to a post…or uh…lack thereof… My tee is an x-tra small and fits like a small/medium. The material is super-soft and comfy, like a baby’s blanket. For more t-shirt options, photos, “blonde tips”, etc., check out Blondes Make Better T-Shirts! This is the epitome of SoCal chic!

S'WELL Drinking Bottle

For all you environmental aficionados out there who love a good reusable drinking bottle for hot and cold drinks… the S’WELL bottle is for you! S’WELL was founded in September 2010 by Sarah Kauss, who was hiking in the desert on day and thought of a better concept for the water bottle. The stainless steel bottle comes is a variety of colors and uses an advanced insulation that keeps drinks hot or cold much longer than the other brands. It is non-leaching, toxin-free, unbreakable and holds seventeen ounces of drinking bliss. The shape of the bottle was ergonomically designed to fit into your hand, bag or cup holder. The bottle opening is easy to clean and is large enough to add ice cubes. It was designed for the fashion-forward consumer and addresses two important issues: the environment and the global water crisis. For every bottle sold, S’WELL will donate 10% of the proceeds to WaterAid, which is a nonprofit organization that has been working to deliver water solutions to the world’s poorest communities for the past thirty years. For every bottle sold, it provides a year’s supply of water for someone, while for every five bottles provides a lifetime’s supply. For $40 a bottle, it’s sure to be a great gift for a loved one this upcoming holiday season or a gift for yourself and rest-assured, you’ll also be helping out the environment, while staying your fashionable selves!

Zana Cosmetics

I was gifted make-up from the eco-friendly line, Zana Cosmetics to try out and review. Kristin Gentner-the sales director sat down with me and helped determine the best products for my skin type- which is fair and prone to oil and acne. Keep in mind, that every ingredient used in Zana are talc, paraban and cruelty-free and is made right here in sunny Los Angeles.

~Moisturizing Lotion- This moisturizer is made with natural oils and rose extract. When applied to the skin before the make-up (and used twice daily) it makes the skin smooth and has a light scent of roses.

~”Picture Perfect” Face Primer- Used after the moisturizer, is used for prepping the face for make-up application. Ingredients include: avocado and safflower as natural moisturizers and rosemary and hibiscus as natural soothers.

~”Fresh-Face” foundation (in light beige for my skin tone)- I applied this foundation with one of the Zana brand brushes to my face, which has a few problem areas. After the application, I saw that it covered the problem areas perfectly. The foundation felt light…not caked on.

~”Unilucent” Pressed Powder- This is used after applying the foundation. This light powder kept my face shine-free and natural all day long.

~”Liquid Silk” oil-free liquid foundation- Like the  “Power Matte” foundation, is easier when applied with a sponge. Unlike most liquid foundations, this one doesn’t run. I had to squeeze some on the back of my hand and it was heavy enough to where it didn’t run all over my hand. After rubbing off the excess liquid with a napkin, I noticed that it made my skin smooth and not oily nor sticky. It truly is liquid silk!

~”Power Matte” cream-to-powder foundation- I applied this foundation with a brush at first, then reapplied with a sponge and found that the sponge was more effective in full coverage (with some of my problem areas). After patting my face, I found that the foundation was also light and not have a caked-on feel.

~”Kiss My Lips” satin lip color (in Power Rose)- When worn, the light pink/rose hue is subtle with a hint of a glittery tone.

~”Lip Magic” lip balm (in Rose)- I love this lip balm! My lips get chapped very easily, but after one application, my lips are fine for the rest of the day, thanks to the rose extract and organic oils that make up the product. When I apply the balm, I notice (that I don’t from other brands) that the ergonomically designed tip hugs the curves of the lips, making for a smooth application.The rosey scent and taste ain’t bad either!

~”Shadow Fix” eye lid primer- Put this on before the eye shadow and it will make the color stand out even more.

~”Deliciously Cheeky” blush (in Salsa)- This blush is recommended to be mixed with the “Unilucent” powder so that it blends evenly for a more natural look. Or just apply it alone to accent your cheeks.

~”Seductive Eyes” high color shadows (in Zumba)- This dark rosey hue has a hint of shine and looks great on fair-skinned eye lids.

~”Diva Glaze” high shine tints (in Tropical Sunset)- This creamy gloss is a great alternative to your “average” gloss. It’s enriched in Vitamin E and doesn’t leave any sticky residue.

~”Sexy Lash” volume mascara (in blackest lash)- Just your average mascara for making your lashes gorgeous!

~”Exotic Lips” lip plumper- For those of you who love fuller lips, then you’ll like the “Exotic Lips” lip plumper. After a minute or so of the application, you’ll feel a tingling sensation-which means it’s working. I noticed a small difference in my lip size after about ten minutes. But you have to continue using it for thirty days to fully notice a difference.

~”Glitter Queen” eyeliner (in black)- This is a fun eyeliner! The black hue is rich and the glitter is a fun accent which helps one of my best features pop. However, after application, since it’s a liquid eyeliner, it’s best to keep the eyes closed for a few seconds and let it dry.

~”Flirt” eye liner (peach, pink, red and black)- These markers also have ergonomically designed tips that help create smooth, fine lines in rich hues that help make the edge of your eye lids pop.

~”Perfect Brow”-Use this when you want to even out your brows or customize your brow shape.

~”Clean Sweep” make-up remover- This make-up remover is oil-free and is more of a gel, which is great, in that it doesn’t make a mess like a watery remover would. My skin is also uber-sensitive to some removers-but that isn’t the case with this product.

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