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Kaleidoscope Houston 2016
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Kaleidoscope Houston 2016

Kaleidoscope Houston 2016 Fashion Music Art

Kaleidoscope Houston 2016 Fashion Music Art

Kaleidoscope Houston 2016 Fashion, Music ,Art,

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KALEIDOSCOPE HOUSTON 2016 is a 3-day Fashion, Art, Music and Film experience presented by a creative collective of partners. The inspiration for creating Kaleidoscope is simple; bring the creative collective that is Houston and surrounding cities, then connect their talents to produce a show that is themed, multi-faceted, and within the city of Houston which will in turn help to boast Houston’s creative economy.

This inspiration led to the creation of Kaleidoscope which highlights and enhances the visibility of Texas established and emerging talent in the Fashion, Art, Music and Film industries.

As one of the nation’s fastest growing cities, Houston is the perfect blend of ambassador for arts & culture. Texas has emerged as an innovative and progressive cultural kaleidoscope.

Kaleidoscope focuses on the expansion of this culture by spotlighting the economic increase of fashion design, clothing merchandising, music influence, visual and performing art, photographic and cinematic film, and a variety of other art and entertainment.

Texas boasts a community of art and cultural assets that create a dynamic economic development in a multitude of national and international markets. Kaleidoscope connects the arts and culture sectors by bridging local firms to the community of artists, musicians, designers, performers, and film industry.

Bringing all of these dynamics under the umbrella that is Kaleidoscope is a step in paving the way to extraordinary through heavy local support. Please join the movement in the new revolution of creative. Kaleidoscope is an alternative consciousness of creative genius. 

For additional information on schedule, designers, etc… please go to

To purchase tickets, go HERE.

Kaleidoscope Houston 2016 Fashion, music, art

Come "Mingle" with Me on !

Over the years, I’ve felt that working in the fashion industry has been somewhat of a challenge. You are basically either volunteering your creativity and time or working for pennies and with little to no benefits. In this industry, you are considered lucky if you have an “in” or can actually find a job where you can earn a decent living. This industry can also be lonely if you don’t have a fashion community that you can connect with in your city. But that’s all about to change, as Melissa Shea- CEO of, will be launching the extensive marketing network come January 2016.

Seeing the hardships that this industry can bring, Shea was inspired to launch Fashion Mingle. “In 2009 I was introduced to the Austin fashion industry where I met so many passionate people who are driven to work in fashion and strengthen the fashion community as a whole, but they face an uphill battle. Fashion is like many creative industries, it runs on volunteer labor, with few people actually making a living to support themselves. With a background in web design and internet marketing, I started thinking about ways I could use my skills to help.”

After a move from Austin to New York in 2011, she launched a nationwide fashion directory. “I spent several years working with a programmer to build it while creating an online presence focused on promoting fashion professionals in 2012. Now, in 2015 we have an investor and I have a partner, Beth Smith, who has experience launching several startups, and we’ve been able to put together a team that is excited to see this become a reality.”

Melissa has recently opened up the site for fashion professionals for a FREE membership (a soft launch if you will). Starting in January, the exclusive social network and fashion directory will reach over 107 cities throughout the country, allowing fashion professionals to collaborate, connect and create in different cities by using Fashion Mingle’s online networking groups. “We want fashion professionals to make money doing what they love. Our mission is to create a powerful marketing platform that will fuel the growth of local fashion communities,” Shea further explains.

I just signed up and I’m definitely looking forward to further exploring Fashion Mingle once it launches. Whether you are a blogger, designer, photographer/videographer, working in marketing or social media to retail/sales or working in trade shows- this site is bound to work for you. I’m a blogger and sell vintage on the side, so I hope to connect with other bloggers and vintage shop owners all over the country. I feel that my vintage business would benefit from the site because of the various online tools that will be available, such as: Social Network, PR Platform, Freelance Marketplace and Mobile Shopping App. With these tools, I can not only reach local fellow business owners, but also have the chance to potentially sell to a broader market.

If you are a fashion professional, what are you waiting for?! Go HERE to sign up for FREE membership (before 12/31/15) and get a jump-start on an innovative fashion platform.

** NOTE- I was compensated for this post, however all opinions are my own. **

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