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Keysocks- Socks Meant to Wear with Heels
Labe Eyewear
My Maggies Original Fashion Magnet

Keysocks- Socks Meant to Wear with Heels

Keysocks was founded in 2009 by Shelby Mckee. The concept was born when Mckee was getting ready for a football game on a cool Fall day. She was wanting to wear flats, but due to the falling temperatures, she soon realized that she needed “no show” socks. She felt that ordinary footies fell off her feet, scrunched up or never provided any warmth; so she took her husband’s knee-high socks, cut a hole in them and voila! Keysocks was born. She enlisted the help of her sisters- Stefanie and Christy to create the first Keysocks. Since then, the socks have brought style and comfort to women all over the world.

I had the chance to connect with Shelby, who sent over a few pairs of Keysocks for me to try out. The socks are available in a variety of colors and are comprised out of Coolmax Polyester, Nylon and Lycra. The socks are comfortable and stay up. As far as “no show,” they do a good job, however some portions of the sock do peep out slightly. I think it depends on the fabric of the pants, I was wearing cotton during the shoot and noticed that they (the pant legs) did ride up marginally to reveal the socks. But I do agree, they are a great alternative if you are wearing heels and pants and would like to not have to worry about sweaty feet or other discomfort.

PHOTOS by Brock Lawson.

Disclosure: I was given some Keysocks to review, all opinions are my own.

Labe Eyewear

Labe Eyewear was founded in 2012 by artisans Fabrizio Lattanzi and Luca Bergavi in Naples, Italy. Together, they merged their knowledge of the optical industry and creative ‘know-how’ to create eyewear that was locally handcrafted and Earth-friendly. They branded the company “Labe” based on the union of the first two letters of their last names- “LA” in Lattanzi and “BE” in Bergavi. All the eyewear is handmade from FSC-managed wood and other reclaimed materials (about 10% is made by machine). The frames are lightweight (21 grams) and allergenic. They carry eight different models with four lens colors. The lenses are UV 400 protected. You can also get prescription lenses.

Next year, the duo plan on making lenses that are polarized and will also be available with the Transition Lenses. There will also be a more variety of wooden frames (my vote for oversize).

HUGE thanks to Jim and Fabrizio for gifting me a pair of sunglasses. They are exceptionally lightweight, yet durable. The lenses keep the sun out of my eyes and are light enough for me to wear during cloudy days. Plus, they go quite well with most of my wardrobe. They also have a one year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Labe Eyewear runs around $199 with wholesale pricing available. The eyewear is available at Cotone in Austin, TX and online. You can also contact Jim (a Labe Eyewear dealer in Austin) at:

** Photos of me are by Nicole Kestenbaum Photography **

My Maggies Original Fashion Magnet

Maggies are the first ever small magnets that are designed to be strong enough to hold a flat piece of fabric (i.e. shawl, sarong, etc.) together without damaging the fabric and enable the wearer to style the fabric in a variety of ways. Maggies were invented by Margaret Sinclair- a native Australian who had moved to Dallas back in the 80s to continue her career in the medical and design industries. In October 2012, she launched the “soft version” of the Maggies, then called- Magnetic Textile Fasteners, which were able to hold multiple pieces of fabrics (including delicates) without damage to them. She officially launched the Maggies label in 2013 during the Accessories Show in NYC and they have since become a household staple for women of all shapes, ages and sizes.

I was given a sample of the Maggies recently and was able to get a feel of their versatility and magnetic strength. They came in a small plastic container, in which they should always be stored, as they are magnetic (so be aware when storing near a cell phone, jewelry or credit card). The package includes a large and small magnet, as well as an instruction leaflet with some FAQs and How-To’s. The larger one is meant to hold thicker and heavier fabrics, whereas the smaller one is meant for lightweight fabrics. The magnet itself consists of a ball and ring, in which you keep the ball inside the fabric and magnetically attach the ring on the outside of the fabric (as the ring is a little more visibly pleasing). I must say that the first time using them takes a lot of patience (at least for me anyway). You have to get the fabric just right and then place the magnet where you want it. The magnet is quite strong, so getting it to fit just right took a couple tries. I feel like it’s almost a two person job because you need someone to help hold the fabric in place, while you position the magnet. After the magnet is in place, then you are good going about your merry little way. But I’d say that they are a handy little staple for any wardrobe and after a few tries, it’ll be easy handling them and the fabric yourself (insert “thumbs-up” for honing those multi-tasking stills). I also enjoyed playing with and coming up with different ways to reinvent a top or dress with just a single couple yards of fabric.

For more FAQs, check out!

** Photography by Nicole Kestenbaum Photography **

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