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Beau Monde Vintage Brings Nostalgia to Lakewood
"Last Saturdays" at Top Vintage LLC

Beau Monde Vintage Brings Nostalgia to Lakewood

Beau Monde Vintage
13622 Detroit Ave
Lakewood, Ohio 44111
PH: (216) 712-7899
HOURS: Tue – Sat: 10am – 6pm

Nestled in an aged building in the heart of the Detroit Avenue neighborhood of Lakewood, sits Beau Monde Vintage – a vintage shop that is rich in nostalgia. Michelle Miller- a vintage connoisseur from a young age, recently opened it August 1st of this year and is absolutely thrilled in her new venture of bringing her vision of style and top quality recycled clothing to the city of Lakewood and the surrounding communities. Miller recalls having that knack for vintage since she was little, having bought several pretty vintage dresses from her local church thrift shop. Her collection has since grown and now she has the sweetest shop, full of curated and affordable one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories from the 1970s and before. The shop is divided into two large rooms, with a hall joining them. The rooms are neatly categorized (ie. swimwear, plus size, sweaters, etc) and each rack is easy to breeze through. The hall houses the dressing rooms, tastefully done with pink, girly accents and merchandise. Looking for a wedding dress? Or maybe something for the curvy gal? Or how about the gal who just LOVES color and prints? Beau Monde Vintage has it!

It’s easy to just take an hour or all day, just browsing the racks and putting outfits together. Don’t forget an over-the-top hat, beaded handbag and crazy heel to complete the outfit. Jewelry? Take your pick. The cases are chock full of vintage rhinestones and enamel brooches. I especially enjoyed checking out the quirky retro knick-knacks. Anything from vintage Pyrex to a flower clock or a mid-century marbled ash tray to tastefully decorate the coffee table, can be found at the shop. If you need a break, take a seat in the cozy high-heeled chair, plus Michelle is such a joy to chat with. Don’t forget to sign the retro deer guest-book!

"Last Saturdays" at Top Vintage LLC

Located right off 288 and Holly Hall in Houston, Texas lies a hidden gem that is starting to receive local recognition. Top Vintage LLC is a wholesaler that caters to the vintage and second-hand clothing industries. They aren’t like your average “rag house,” they are more of an “upscale warehouse” in that they have an air-conditioned facility that is clean, organized by clothing category and even has a small sitting area and dressing room.

Top Vintage LLC was founded by longtime friends and vintage buyers- Andre Milioto and Nico Cid in February 2014. They have always loved fashion and it’s a way to combine their passion for fashion and recycled clothing. They can’t stand looking like everyone else in Houston, where fashion is more cookie-cutter and vintage/second-hand is slowly (but surely) gaining popularity. “We wanted to start something that we’ve never been to, that we would like to go. This (warehouse with AC and clothing at wholesale prices) doesn’t exist, so we thought ‘screw it, let’s start a revolution!'” Andre said. With that being said, their warehouse covers 6500 square feet and caters to retailers all over the world. The warehouse is exceptionally organized by clothing categories and offers a diverse range of vintage and second-hand clothing that focus on global trends. The guys themselves are very trendy yet stay true to setting themselves apart. They believe that it’s not about what you wear, it’s how you rock it.” I wear womens jeans because they look great on,” Andre stated. “If you think you can rock it, rock it. It’s all about confidence.”

They launched the concept of ‘Last Saturdays’ because they wanted a cool event with good loud music, alcohol, food, friends, fellowship and threads. It is a great way to get their name out there while also flipping product at a wholesale price. I’ve been to a couple of the events and I’ve enjoyed them. Usually, they’ve had either a blogger or stylist curate a collection and then have a local brand do a pop-up shop. I love shopping with them because there’s always something new and I love the thrill of digging and finding those gems. Plus, you can’t beat the prices for quality clothing that likely no one else will have. The staff is also friendly and ready to help style you or point you in the right direction. For event info (usually it’s the last Saturday of every month) check out their Facebook or Instagram.

For further information and to book a shopping appointment, check out their website.


216-A E. 9th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015
PH: (213)988-8899

Amidst the plethora of fabric shops and mom n’ pop retailers stands Virgo- a shop that offers a fresh take on reworked vintage apparel, while also offering some untouched vintage pieces, as well as accessories and shoes. What drew me to the store were the clothes (lots of color and fun prints!), the bohemian looks that are featured on the mannequins, the eccentric mix of jewelry, purses and accessories; and lastly…two words…Jeffrey Campbell…enough said. The store owners- Rana Shoar and Alejandra Hernandez are also designers for their apparel and accessories line, Boos and Besito, which makes up 95 percent of the store. They have been selling vintage since 2006 at the Rose Bowl and it was recently in 2009 that they decided to open up shop in LA’s Fashion District. They had just gotten back from a recent buying trip to Peru and the evidence sits proudly on the center table in the store. Jewelry, purses, denim, you name it… is adorned with tribal prints and vibrant colors. Virgo’s prices are reasonable, compared to other vintage stores (that might sell reworked pieces), for example, you might find a reworked dress for $40 or a silk tank top for $20. Due to high demand of some of their pieces and that they only have limited runs for some product, you may want to hurry and grab your favorite Jeffrey Campbells, fringe tee or reworked 70s floral-print dress. For more information and to get the latest 411 on sales and newest merchandise, check them out on Facebook or Twitter.

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