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Flashback Vintage- Austin, TX
Reruns Consignment Boutique


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I had the distinct pleasure of taking a tour of my local DOTS store one afternoon. Theresa, the sweet manager introduced me to the different departments and explained what is trending at the store. It was my first time ever stepping foot in a DOTS and my inner-recessionista rejoiced! I couldn’t believe how relieving it was to see their racks and walls filled with cute and trendy clothing. There is an average of six departments in the store: ‘Southwestern Chick’, ‘Preppy Chick’, ‘Clearance’, ‘Dressy’, ‘Accessories’ and ‘Plus.’ ‘Southwestern Chick’ offers denim jackets, feminine florals, summery dresses, crocheted tops, denim starting at $16.80-28 etc. ‘Preppy Chick’ offers polos, stripes, pinks, blues, khakis, color denim and hooded jackets with detachable hoods. ‘Dressy’ offers ladylike and bodycon separates. The folks at DOTS are finding that greens and royal blues mixed with animal prints are what’s trending right now. This will most likely be replaced by golds and reds as we get closer to Fall. They have a plus-size department which they try to correspond with the straight-size department. Prices are just as relaxed too, with denim ranging from $16.80-30. The size range is 14-24. There’s also an ‘accessories’ and ‘clearance’ department worth checking out too. The ‘accessories’ department offers shoes (they still have sandals available and there are cute boots that have just arrived as well), sunglasses, scarves, hair accessories, handbags and jewelry (which is buy one get one half off). As we transition into Fall, expect to see more of a ’90s grunge meets biker babe’ trend, with rocker tees, crosses, bulky necklaces and studs.

I really enjoyed checking out the store. As a ‘thank you’, I was offered a $20 gift card to purchase anything in the store. I ended up getting this AMAZING (and I can’t emphasis AMAZING enough) leopard print chiffon hi-low top. I just LOVE how the back low detail just cascades. I also got a gorg plus-size sweater that I thought would look FAB as a dress. I love the black and white stripes and the oversize drape. It’ll look great with a cute belt and heels.

Flashback Vintage- Austin, TX


1906 South 1st Street
Austin, TX 78704
PH:(512) 445-6906
HOURS: Mon-Fri 12 pm – 7 pm, Sat 11 am – 6 pm, Sun 12 pm – 6 pm

I was out exploring bits and pieces of the city of Austin, when I crossed into the “So-Fi” (South First St.) neighborhood. What drew me to find Flashback Vintage was the “Daily Planet” influenced sign in front that read FLASHBACK. The shop itself was a converted home and each room housed racks of vintage for men and women. This is my favorite vintage store in Austin, so far, because the staff and owner are super-friendly and are willing to help out styling an outfit (sans judging or giving you that stinkeye) or just showing you around the shop. I love the wide selection of 40s-90s dresses (both for everyday wear and special occasion). I had the chance to speak to Marsha- owner of the fine establishment. I was really impressed that she told me she has been in business since 1982. She has always had a strong passion for vintage and when she was living in Houston, she wore vintage all the time; including when she was working as a cocktail waitress. She found that when she wore vintage while at work, she got better tips (because vintage is just THAT amazing!) Fast forward to 1982, when she moved to Austin. She and a friend were going to open up a restaurant, but instead, decided that opening up a vintage store was just in her blood. Her first location was on South Lamar, but then changed to her current location on South First, where she was actually the first vintage store to open there. There are quite a number of vintage shops in the small hipster neighborhood, all of which have their own unique personality. Marsha feels that Flashback is unique in that she specializes in the ‘Mad Men’ era (and a variety of other eras as well). She also offers a $5 rack outside and a $25 and under bargain room. She also prides the long ball gown rack, which people get very excited about (I mean who wouldn’t? My heart flutters every time I walk into that room. Chiffon, tulle, sequins…oh my!) Flashback Vintage has something for everyone and you can find a gem ranging from $5 to $200, with nothing that goes over $200. Celebrity clientele of the shop include: Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, Drew Barrymore, Megan Mullally and others. If you are in the Austin area and haven’t been to Flashback…Shame on you! J/K! But I highly suggest putting down your laptop and going like….right now.

There will be a Flashback Vintage Pop-Up Shop opening up on South Lamar on September 1st. The shop will be pretty bare bones, but Marsha hopes to bring in high-end furniture and there will be racks upon racks of wearable clothing, so customers can just pick up something on the fly. I will update on the exact location soon!

Reruns Consignment Boutique

521 Union Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37902
PH: (865) 525-9525
Hours: M-11/6, Tues-Fri 11/7, Sat- 10/6, Sun- 1/5

I’ve been visiting Papa Fashionsnob for about three weeks in Knoxville, TN. While I was watching the local news one morning, there was a segment on getting celebrity “July 4th” looks for less, which featured Reruns Consignment Boutique in downtown Knoxville. I knew I had to check this place out! So one afternoon, I ventured out to downtown to Reruns, which recently just moved to its new location on Union Ave. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to meet the owner- Nanci, but I did meet store manager Brianna and sales associate- KK who just rolled out the red carpet in hospitality. Brianna shared some insight on the store, which has been in business for twenty-six years now. The carefully curated shop has some select vintage, but is mainly focused designer and other current brands like French Connection, DVF, Temperley of London etc…all the way down to Ann Taylor and J. Crew. A couple unique items they have had include a 1970s Celine jumpsuit and a Temperley of London lace and beaded blouse (which is still there). Price points are fair and have a broad range…anywhere from around an estimated $15-400. They are always taking consignors with impeccable style. For the guidelines for consigning with them go here. They also offer personal styling and shopping services. They try to honor every person that walks through the door by understanding their sense of style, even though it might not be their (the stylists) taste. They do styling for anyone that wants it. They spend a lot of time on the client’s behalf, pulling outfits that are fabulous and help them to “think outside the box” and try to amp up their style. So if you’re ever in Knoxville, check out Reruns…maybe get a personalized styling session provided by their friendly staff…And remember, their inventory changes almost daily, so be sure to stop by often!

Reruns is participating in the best “alternative commute” window display contest provided by Knox Smart Trips! Be sure to vote for them HERE!

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