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Alex and Ani’s “Lifetime of Luck” Bracelets on
Moda Revise Handbags
Chiqui Beaute Facial Masks
Rainforest Radiance Hair Butter from The Body Shop
Zana Cosmetics
Nila Anthony Handbags
Paqit Towelettes

Alex and Ani’s “Lifetime of Luck” Bracelets on

I was recently gifted the “Lifetime of Luck” bracelets by Alex and Ani from the popular site, The eco-friendly bangles came in a set of seven. Each bangle (made of Russian Gold over recycled metals in my case) adjusts to fit any wrist-size. Five of the bangles are simple, while the other two bangles have either a ‘Good Luck’ or ‘Tree of Life’ charm as well as a charm that bears the Alex and Ani namesake and the ‘recycle’ symbol. The bangles add flair to about any outfit, whether you choose to dress up or down. is offering LAfashionsnob readers a coupon for $10 off any order over $50 (expires end of November)…. just enter the code: LAfashionsnob at checkout. (I would suggest one of the inspiring and uplifting Alex and Ani pieces, which can be found here.

For more info about the Alex and Ani brand in general, click here.

Moda Revise Handbags

The lovely NYC-based handbag brand Moda Revise asked me to review two bags from their Spring/Summer 2012 line, the teal ‘Georgiana’ tote and grey cross-body satchel. Each bag is beautifully handcrafted in lambskin and boasts whimsical silk screened floral manga artwork done by the designer- Stella Chang, herself. The bags are also embellished with high-quality antique-gold finish hardware and the black leather bow adds a girly touch. The grey satchel comes with a detachable strap to wear on the shoulder or cross-body. It has numerous handy pockets on the inside, like a pocket for your cell and a strap where you can store a pen for easy reach. The teal tote is roomy with less pockets and still offers a strap for your pen. The opening for the tote has a magnetic closure, whereas, the satchel can be zipped shut. The bags retail between $340-400. Also check out Moda Revise on Facebook!

**The above slideshow is courtesy of Moda Revise**

As a thank-you for the review, Stella also gifted me several samples from their Chocolate Handbag line, where she is also head designer. For this better line, they only use faux leather, are affordable and are geared toward the chic, on-the-go consumer. Their bags retail from $40-125.

Chiqui Beaute Facial Masks

I first read about the beauty brand, Chiqui Beaute through the Vital Juice Los Angeles newsletter and I wanted more information. So, the lovely Chavonne sent over samples of their best-selling facial masks. Below, you will find the three masks with a description of ingredients and how it works for the skin, and then my review of the product.

“Spa Glacial Mud Purifying Mask” -  Rich in minerals, Vitamins and Anti-aging essentials… How does it work for your skin? a.) Absorbs all impurities for great skin exfoliation. b.) Deep pore cleansing and oil secretion reduction. c.) Helps balance skin pH and improves the texture, elasticity and hydration in the skin. d.) Recharges the circulation of the skin and detoxifies the skin.

I have sensitive skin. So I was somewhat hesitant to put the mask on…. but after applying the creamy charcoal grey substance (that is paraben-free) to my face…I noticed that it cooled and soothed the skin, rather then burning it. I adhered to the directions- leaving it on for about 15-20 minutes, before taking it off with a hot towel. My skin felt refreshed and rejuvenated after.

“Citrus Happy- Hydrating Facial Mask” – Essential Ingredients: moist-24, extracted from the roots of Australian Imperata Cylindrica herb. Orange Oil and Hyaluronic Acid. Cucumber Extract, Tea Extract, Wheat Germ Oil, Lierre Extract and Scutellaria Root Extract. How does it work for your skin? a.) Promotes the skin elasticity and texture. b.) Provides 24-hour long lasting moisture and natural radiance look to the skin. c.) Restores balance to dry or oily skin. d.) Promotes the production of collagen. e.) Reduces puffiness and improves dry wrinkles skin. f.) Aids the release of toxins by increasing perspiration. g.) The citrusy fragrance in this mask refreshes the skin as well as relaxing the physical and emotional tension.

This mask is made from thin paper and due to it being super moist from the soapy-feel and oils, it was a little hard to unravel at first. Once the mask is on the face, make sure that it’s pressed securely against the face, especially the area around the eyes and mouth. It managed to stay on when I was gallivanting around the house, but did experience minor slippage around the mouth. After 20 minutes, I took off the mask and rinsed my face with warm water and patted dry. After, my skin felt refreshed and smooth.

“Youth Restore Lightening Mud Mask”- Plant-derived Alpha-Arbutin with anti-inflammatory Cucumber Extract and Rose Extract. How does it work for your skin? a.) Promotes skin lightening by blocking epidermal melanin biosynthesis. b.) Minimizes skin depigmentation to an even skin tone in a more effective and safer approach than any other lightening agents. c.) Helps repair skin damages from free radicals. d.) Smooths out fine lines and restores collagen. e.) Provides calm and soothing sensation.

This mask takes on a creamy white hue and is a lighter substance. It doesn’t burn when I applied it to my face and I immediately felt a cooling sensation along with a sense of calm. After 20 minutes, I took it off with warm water. My skin had a youthful glow and of course was smooth to the touch.

Chiqui Beaute is available online. Check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

Rainforest Radiance Hair Butter from The Body Shop

I really want to thank the folks at Bratskeir and The Body Shop for sending the Rainforest Radiance Hair Butter. This conditioner is amazing and smells so good! It’s smells like being in the clean rainforest mixed with some heavenly floral scents. Every time I use it, I feel the stress of the day melt away and I find that my hair is always so soft and smooth after leaving it in for five minutes and rinsing it off. It also helps to protect my hair’s shine and radiance. The best thing is that it’s eco-friendly and doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients like silicones, parabens or colorants.

Rainforest Radiance Hair Butter retails for $14.00. To buy it, go here.

Zana Cosmetics

I was gifted make-up from the eco-friendly line, Zana Cosmetics to try out and review. Kristin Gentner-the sales director sat down with me and helped determine the best products for my skin type- which is fair and prone to oil and acne. Keep in mind, that every ingredient used in Zana are talc, paraban and cruelty-free and is made right here in sunny Los Angeles.

~Moisturizing Lotion- This moisturizer is made with natural oils and rose extract. When applied to the skin before the make-up (and used twice daily) it makes the skin smooth and has a light scent of roses.

~”Picture Perfect” Face Primer- Used after the moisturizer, is used for prepping the face for make-up application. Ingredients include: avocado and safflower as natural moisturizers and rosemary and hibiscus as natural soothers.

~”Fresh-Face” foundation (in light beige for my skin tone)- I applied this foundation with one of the Zana brand brushes to my face, which has a few problem areas. After the application, I saw that it covered the problem areas perfectly. The foundation felt light…not caked on.

~”Unilucent” Pressed Powder- This is used after applying the foundation. This light powder kept my face shine-free and natural all day long.

~”Liquid Silk” oil-free liquid foundation- Like the  “Power Matte” foundation, is easier when applied with a sponge. Unlike most liquid foundations, this one doesn’t run. I had to squeeze some on the back of my hand and it was heavy enough to where it didn’t run all over my hand. After rubbing off the excess liquid with a napkin, I noticed that it made my skin smooth and not oily nor sticky. It truly is liquid silk!

~”Power Matte” cream-to-powder foundation- I applied this foundation with a brush at first, then reapplied with a sponge and found that the sponge was more effective in full coverage (with some of my problem areas). After patting my face, I found that the foundation was also light and not have a caked-on feel.

~”Kiss My Lips” satin lip color (in Power Rose)- When worn, the light pink/rose hue is subtle with a hint of a glittery tone.

~”Lip Magic” lip balm (in Rose)- I love this lip balm! My lips get chapped very easily, but after one application, my lips are fine for the rest of the day, thanks to the rose extract and organic oils that make up the product. When I apply the balm, I notice (that I don’t from other brands) that the ergonomically designed tip hugs the curves of the lips, making for a smooth application.The rosey scent and taste ain’t bad either!

~”Shadow Fix” eye lid primer- Put this on before the eye shadow and it will make the color stand out even more.

~”Deliciously Cheeky” blush (in Salsa)- This blush is recommended to be mixed with the “Unilucent” powder so that it blends evenly for a more natural look. Or just apply it alone to accent your cheeks.

~”Seductive Eyes” high color shadows (in Zumba)- This dark rosey hue has a hint of shine and looks great on fair-skinned eye lids.

~”Diva Glaze” high shine tints (in Tropical Sunset)- This creamy gloss is a great alternative to your “average” gloss. It’s enriched in Vitamin E and doesn’t leave any sticky residue.

~”Sexy Lash” volume mascara (in blackest lash)- Just your average mascara for making your lashes gorgeous!

~”Exotic Lips” lip plumper- For those of you who love fuller lips, then you’ll like the “Exotic Lips” lip plumper. After a minute or so of the application, you’ll feel a tingling sensation-which means it’s working. I noticed a small difference in my lip size after about ten minutes. But you have to continue using it for thirty days to fully notice a difference.

~”Glitter Queen” eyeliner (in black)- This is a fun eyeliner! The black hue is rich and the glitter is a fun accent which helps one of my best features pop. However, after application, since it’s a liquid eyeliner, it’s best to keep the eyes closed for a few seconds and let it dry.

~”Flirt” eye liner (peach, pink, red and black)- These markers also have ergonomically designed tips that help create smooth, fine lines in rich hues that help make the edge of your eye lids pop.

~”Perfect Brow”-Use this when you want to even out your brows or customize your brow shape.

~”Clean Sweep” make-up remover- This make-up remover is oil-free and is more of a gel, which is great, in that it doesn’t make a mess like a watery remover would. My skin is also uber-sensitive to some removers-but that isn’t the case with this product.

For more information, please go here!

Nila Anthony Handbags

I had connected with Nila Anthony Handbags during MAGIC and was delighted when they allowed me to pick out a purse for my review. The entire Nila Anthony line is vegan and offers styles that are trendy and edgy. One fact about the line is that the designer- Nila Prawiradjaja grew up in Bandung, Indonesia, which was built on top of a volcano. That was a reason why she always wanted to have nature and her respect of the environment influenced in her designs. The line has been featured in Vogue, InStyle and Lucky just to name a few. I really admire their price points, which are very reasonable and can complement any budget. Nila Anthony and the sister brand- Jesslyn Blake are available through A.N.D.M Showroom . You can also check them out on FACEBOOK!

I chose a black bag with adjustable strap and a brass antique-inspired key as a closure for the flap. The leather had sort of a pebbly texture and is soft and durable. The inside lining has a brown and white floral print (reminiscent of Nila’s nature influence). There are numerous handy pockets that are open and also pockets with zipper closures. All the details, even the logo, are brass. The strap is adjustable, like I mentioned and is made to be worn on the shoulder or cross-body. It’s just the perfect little bag that’s not bulky and is easy to carry around.

Paqit Towelettes

Wow! As soon as I opened the small package containing the moist towelette, a sweet smell of bergamot wafted through the air. I realized that this is anything but a moist towelette. The Bergamot towelette covers the body and hands, while the Japanese Yuzu refreshes the face and neck. Both scents were citrusy. The Bergamot had a more rich, sweet orange scent, while the Yuzu had a soft citrus mixed with a little grapefruit. Once my skin dried, it felt smooth, clean and refreshed. These towelettes are perfect for someone who is always on-the-go. This product is extremely environmentally friendly, using sustainable, biodegradable and recycled materials and using natural ingredients like: aloe vera, seaweed extract, ginkgo biloba, fruit extracts, vitamin E and pure essential oils. Paqit is available in three sets: a package of eight towelettes, a package of eight towelettes that includes a Paqitbook and a small zippered carrying case and lastly, a package of twenty-four. Prices range from $10-27.

For purchasing and more information, go here!

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