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Opting Outside in Arcopedico
Finding Balance and Color in the Mojave Desert
Alantude F/W 2018 Fashion Presentation

Opting Outside in Arcopedico

The Arcopedico team recently reached out and asked if I wanted to try a pair of their shoes. I chose the ‘LS‘ from their Classic Knit Collection because I wanted a shoe that could be comfortable for being on my feet all day at work, as well as something to wear if I wanted to go on a spontaneous walk in the desert. I also chose them because they are vegan. After wearing the shoe for a week, I realized that I chose the right style for my needs. According to Arcopedico, the popular style is known as “Shocks” because they’re practical like shoes, yet comfortable like socks. I couldn’t agree with them more. The nylon knit upper is breathable (which is great for those upcoming Arizona summer months), and the metal-free twin-arch support really lessens the load on my back, as it helps to evenly distribute my body weight via the foot’s plantar system. I also don’t have to worry about then I take walks in the dusty desert, as the shoes are machine-washable, and then I just have to air-dry them.

Arcopedico offers an assortment of styles that suit a variety of needs and occasions. Check them out HERE.

Finding Balance and Color in the Mojave Desert

Images by Taylor Jade Photography

Location: Seven Magic Mountains

(Vintage Blouse- The Vintage Label, Shorts- Andre Redou via Zoe Fashionplate, Necklace- Sonia Gracia Handmade, Arch Earrings- Sigfus Designs, Sunglasses- Darylynn Eyewear, Hat-thrifted, Ankle Boots-Target, Socks-Target)

It was freezing and incredibly windy when Taylor and I shot at Ugo Rondinone’s Seven Magic Mountains– a colorful art installation in the middle of the Mojave Desert, near Las Vegas, that features several columns of balanced rocks. I must give the wind credit though, as it did justice for my vintage marshmallow blouse and its’ billowy sleeves. I tied my black and white marbled clay tube necklace by Phoenix-based Sonia Gracia Handmade closer to my neck, so it can show-off next to the incredibly chic wingtip collar of the blouse. Overall, I wanted my black and white outfit to nicely contrast with the art installation, instead of wearing clashy colors. It was a fun day, especially when you have an excuse to go play in the desert.

Love my black ‘Arch’ earrings by Tucson-based Sigfus Designs? Lauren makes them in numerous colorways. Shop them HERE, and be sure to enter the code: HEATHERG at checkout.

Have you guys gone to Seven Magic Mountains? If so, tell me how you liked it in the ‘comments’ section!

Alantude F/W 2018 Fashion Presentation

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Alan Gonzalez presented his F/W 2018 collection in a rather unique style this season. Rather than doing a runway show, he chose to do a more intimate fashion presentation at Winter Street Studios. Guests were whisked up to the second floor via freight elevator, which led to the gallery space. There were several interactive sections with models posing and/or walking. When we first entered the gallery, we saw a model wearing the current season’s “Alantude Signature Dress,” posing and walking a small runway. Behind her were the same dresses from past seasons. We also walked through a room where there was an art installation that was in a form of a cloud with raindrops. Upon closer inspection, the raindrops had the number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, as well as positive affirmation quotes.

Alan was inspired by rainy, dark days. He’s also had friends and family who go through depression, so speaking out about the disease (and mental illness overall) was imperative. He felt that the three collections validated that our society goes through rough times, yet we fail to reach out for help. According to the presentation’s program, “Taking the first step and talking to someone is crucial. It can be a difference between feeling like a hard time is manageable, or that it’s too much to handle. Remember, ‘After the rain, there’s a rainbow. After the night, there’s a morning. And after what seems like an end, comes a new beginning.’ You are loved. You are enough. And we are all here for you.”

The first collection was titled, ‘Strato-nimbus.’ It’s that depressing feeling you get when you see the approaching dark storm and rain clouds. According to the Alantude website, “It was a learning experience not only for them to find a way out, but for me to see how I could help. This is what we want to talk about for this season, and this depression is what inspired the clothing. With grey and comfortable designs, Alantude plays with linen and fleece giving them over-sized naturally draped silhouettes all dyed to look as if they just got rained on.”

The next collection is called ‘Silver Lining.’ This collection was inspired by the pouring rain. “As the rain starts to pour, the collection moves into a flowing design. We’ve introduced a blue fabric with silver lines in it to look like rain streaks to our grey palette from before. Now you can feel the rain crashing over the dresses and the water feels cleansing to the depression we are experiencing. It’s still there, but instead of feeling overwhelmed you feel connected to it,” Alan said via his website.

The last collection was suitably named, ‘After the Storm.’ As stated in the website, “‘The sun will come out. I know times are rough, but winners don’t quit. So don’t you give up.'” Every storm comes to an end, and though we know it will come again, the hope of a ray of sunshine is what keeps us going. In this part of the collection we are able to leave behind the clouds crushing us and truly find the ray of sunshine in ourselves.”

If you are experiencing depression, suicidal thoughts, etc., it’s OK to seek help!

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