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Thank you for stopping by! If you have a question or just want to say ‘hello,’ please don’t hesitate to contact me at:


I am currently accepting sponsored opportunities and look forward to learning more about your brand. I am picky about the brands I write for, and it must work within my blog’s overall content and theme. I hope we are a good match! If you are interested in my rates and what I can do for you, they are as follows:

SPONSORED POST RATE: • $150 per blog post
This Includes:
• High quality photography shoot with a photographer (5-10 images)
• Pinterest ready images
• All links set to “nofollow”
• FTC disclosure listed on the post

• 1 tweet
• 1 Facebook share on Facebook page • 1 pins of the post on Pinterest
• 1 share on Google+
• 1 Instagram picture (picture will not be deleted)

• $50 per Instagram photo
• $10 per Facebook share (maximum 2 per week) • $10 per tweet (max 4 per week)
• $10 per Google+ share (maximum 2 per week)

Payment is expected 15 business days from blog post date (paid via PayPal). For additional shares, payment is expected within 1 week of agreed upon campaign time concluding. If I review a product and feel I cannot endorse, I will let the brand know as soon as possible. I do this because my readers trust and value my opinion. I will not post and will not expect payment. The product will be returned only if shipping is paid for by the business.

• $100 / month for 125 x 300 pixel banner
• $200 / month for 300 x 300 pixel banner
• $50 / month for 125 x 125 pixel banner

Ads will be placed in the sidebar underneath my recent posts widget.

I attend various blogging and social media conferences and events throughout the year. In conferences and events, I spend a lot of time networking with other bloggers and professionals in the industry. I am an extrovert and walk away with lots of new contacts each time I attend an event. If you would like to sponsor me at any given conference or event, you will reimburse me for the price of the conference ticket (prices vary – from $500-$3,000). I will then act as a liaison for your brand while at the event, handing out business cards, flyers, samples, coupon codes, and wear products from the brand (if applicable).

I am available for long-term partnerships. I will sign contracts up to a 6-month commitment. Compensation can be determined based on the amount of work expected from the brand.

I hope this answers any questions you may have. I am looking forward to working with you!


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