Moonfest Fashion Show
Taylrz Joynt Grand Re-Opening
Sewing Studio Fashion Show

Moonfest Fashion Show

This past weekend, the Asian community of the City of Industry held their 12th annual Asian Moon Festival in the parking lot of the Puente Hills Mall. The festival also featured a fashion show that was put on to showcase the creativity and energy  of the community’s youth.

The event, sponsored by Yes Marketing Group, coordinated by Helen Wang and assisted by my friend, Cathy Lin (who graciously told me about this event and who modeled one of my designs) showcased ten children, ten female and four male models who sported one garment in casual and formal wear.

Cathy’s casual wear of choice was Hawaiian-themed…Orange tank top, a purple tie-dyed mini skirt, purple heels, long necklaces with a bright pink lei attached to the bottom and worn at the hip and a fun, croqueted beanie cap with a tropical flower pinned at the side. She wanted her ensemble to represent an outgoing, fashionable beach girl, with a “Just relax (as you’re taking a vacation) attitude. Her formal wear was one of my designs, my “famous” ‘BMW Dress’, which she styled with a black belt, high black boots, sunglasses and leopard-print crop jacket. She wanted to represent a high-class and high-fashion girl with a “I am who I wear” attitude.

The show went smoothly. The kids went first, followed by the adults and then the guys. It was very well-choreographed and did, indeed show their sense of style and creativity….

SPECIAL THANKS: The make-up team (shout-out to Angel and Yo-Yo) at ABC Alhambra Beauty College  **Contact Jennifer Hong at (626)282-7765, 200 W. Main St. Alhambra, CA 91801; Walnut City Chinese American Students Parents Association (Helen Wang- Fashion Show Coordinator and Cathy Lin- Assistant Fashion Show Coordinator); Yes Marketing Group *www.yesmarketinggroup.com* for sponsoring the event; the models ; J; Puente Hills Mall

NOTE: Assistant Fashion Show Coordinator Cathy Lin, mentioned that “everyone worked so hard. It was an excellent show.” She would like to thank all the models because they deserve a big applause.

Female models: Cathy Lin, Cynthia Wu, Diana Wang, Diana Wu, Jade Chen, Christine Pen, Jennifer Liu, Karishma Mehta, Kavita Mehta, Veronica Chen, Vivian Wu      

Male models: Brandon Wang, Eddie Shih, Howard Tang, Justin Yoo    

Child models: Claire Ku, Erika Chen, Florrie Chen, Gabriel Voss, Julia Kan, Krysty Law, Laura Zhang, Niu-Niu Tang, Tony Voss                 




Taylrz Joynt Grand Re-Opening

After dressing in my design at work, fortunately my co-workers are stylists and were able to assist me with my mens suit jacket turned skirt that I pinned on. It was my latest experiment that I decided to try out, partly because of time constraints.

I scurried back to the Valley-Sherman Oaks- to Taylrz Joynt Boutique, who was hosting a Grand Re-Opening, complete with a fashion show with new Indie designers, a DJ, cocktails and (yay) a complimentary valet. The venue was small and narrow, but was utilized well for the show.

The fashion show began with five models, wearing Urbanite, Kami Shade and Tracy Ambrose Wrap. They posed for at least fifteen minutes in ten second intervals. Then the actual presentation began, starting with Za Za Zsu. According to designer Sahar Hersel, Za Za Zsu “can only be described as that intangible something that makes you fall in love with someone…” She showcased some dresses from her Spring 2010 collection. Her dresses were simple yet elegant. Perfect for a dinner out, a night on the town or, according to Hersel, a Sunday, because “Sundays are all about being effortlessly cool and strikingly sexy…” To get in touch with Hersel, go to www.ZaZaZsu.net or become a fan on Facebook!

Following Za Za Zsu, was my friend, Julia LoVan’s line. Her pieces are made from recycled materials and are simply stunning! My favs are the “Ila” and the “Key Lime Couture”, which had hand-sewn leaves on it. Her pieces have also been featured in the California Apparel News and Project Ethos. Check out Julia LoVan Dresses on Etsy and her blog at www.julialovan.blogspot.com.

The next to feature was Soldat Tailoring. ‘Soldat’ is ‘soldier’ in Swedish. Designer Camilla Wright showcased a tailored two-piece suit. But this particular suit is not your “average” boring work suit…The skirt hugged the body in the right places and and a snap and zipper closure in the back. The suit was also accessorized with a menswear tie around the neck. Visit www.soldattailoring.com or again, become a fan on Facebook.

The next fabulous collection of the evening was Urbanite Collection.  Deandra Garcia’s collection is entirely deconstructed and I LOVE IT!!! She finds inspiration through everything, whether it be Downtown LA, architecture, the streets… and it shows in the mix of prints and patterns on the dresses. The paint job on the hoodies…Etc….. Contact Deandra Garcia at fashion.garcia@gmail.com or myspace.com/urbanitegarcia.

Following Urbanite came the sexy swimsuits and designs by Kami Shade. Kami has been designing since 2004 and her collection has been seen on celebrities as well as the Hollywood scene. I personally love her striped and polka-dot plunging v-neck one-piece swimsuits. So H-O-T!! According to Kamishade.com, the suits can be worn SIX different ways and can be worn with jeans or whatnot. Check out www.Kamishade.com for purchasing her apparel, as well as getting info on her upcoming events!

After Kami Shade, strolled in models wearing dresses by Rumple Munkeh. Head designer Rochelle Carino finds most of her inspiration for her line from 1930’s and 40’s Hollywood Glamour. The pieces that she showed were a mix of browns, oranges and golds…the colors of Fall. Carino, who designs off of her size four dress form, also has a huge heart. Her goal is to help people. She donates some of the proceeds from her events or shop to various charities. She wants to “change the world through fashion, one garment at a time.” To see more of Rumple Munkeh, go to www.rumplemunkeh.com or Rumple Munkeh on Facebook!

And the last designer to show is the lovely Cowgirl Heaven, designed by Houstina Summers. Her signature v-neck halter dresses with voluminous skirts were once again a hit with the audience. Her dresses have graced the red carpet and the Destenee music video of “Tomorrow”. Check out Cowgirl Heaven on Etsy and www.cowgirlheaven.blogspot.com.

NOTE: All the designers mentioned have pieces at Taylrz Joynt Boutique located at 13549 Ventura Blvd.  in Sherman Oaks. Phone: (818)907-7818. Also, Tracy Ambrose Wrap can be found on Facebook and www.tsawraps.com!

SPECIAL THANKS: the designers, models, Taylr, Lousine Karibian (www.lousinekaribian.com), J, Parris Harris, Jamie McCall, the photographers, DJ TessLove, True Salon!

Sewing Studio Fashion Show


Pasadena’s own Sewing Studio was putting on it’s student fashion show. The runway and seating were set up in the lobby of the Workshops Building on Fair Oaks. It was a small space but they made it work. Before the show, the band was playing and light appetizers were being served. The hostess/MC for the show, Mrs. Corrie Osuna, a teacher at FIDM and the designer of the line, David-Soloman Clothing (named after her son), raffled off gift certificates from Salon Sessions and Elements Kitchen.
The show was very upbeat, featuring designers themselves, ranging from small children to teens, dancing down the runway in their skirts, dresses, pjs and tees. I know that I went to FIDM myself and had all the sewing classes, which still wasn’t enough…. But by the looks of the garments worn by the students younger than me…..Looks like I’m going to have to make time to attend the sewing classes, taught by the CEO of Sewing Studio, Cynthia Harvey!

Special Thanks: Elements Kitchen, FIDM, The Sewing Studio, e.l.f (eyes. lips. face), Salon Sessions (Joseph Rene), Rebekka Lien and of course, the student designers themselves!!

NOTE: To contact Sewing Studio, 107 S. Fair Oaks Ave. Suite 328. Pasadena, CA 91105 www.4theloveofsewing.com or 626-795-9494. You can view Corrie’s line at www.david-soloman.com!

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