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  1. It’s not what you know, however who you know” can considerably be a candid statement within the fashion industry. Fashion does not just define all the latest, the most popular or the most famous clothes. In reality this social phenomenon involves more importance. In some way fashion helps us to show who we are and depict our personality in the terms of visual information. Houston Shoot Week is a week filled with giving back, and helping Houston Fashion industry grow.
    Houston Shoot Week will end on very exquisite night in the city at the Hudson Lounge located on 2506 Robinhood St .Houston, Texas. Touché Studios and Super Weaves Xpress presents Houston Shoot Week Fashion Show on Saturday, 27th July at 7pm . We would love for you to come out and cover our event. The fashion show will feature Houston’s most talented designers and stylist. For more information feel free to go to our Website or call us (713)370-4400. We look forward to not only hearing from you , however seeing you at our event !

    Sincerely ,
    Sierra Cotton
    Touche Studios Assistant

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