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Amy Marie Goetz "A Kiss of the Orchid" Launch-AGENDA Loft

Amy Marie Goetz "A Kiss of the Orchid" Launch-AGENDA Loft

The trendy venue- AGENDA Loft- in downtown LA once again hosted a delightful new designer by the name of Amy Marie Goetz. She’s new to LA, by way of Cincinnati, and I believe will fit in very well in the fashion scene. Her collection that evening, called “A Kiss of the Orchid”- was inspired by the abstract works of Parisian painter, Michael Stervinou. “I was instantly inspired by Stervinou’s artwork, the way color in itself influences a mood. Each woman should feel energetic and passionate when wearing an AMG creation,” Amy stated. The collection, also inspired by Hollywood Glamor, consisted of evening wear and ready-to-wear in matte/chine high-end fabrics. The designs were beautifully draped. There were pieces that looked simple as the model walked out, but when they turned, there were fun surprises (or details) in the back. Her ready-to-wear collection was designed to layer, with every piece that can also be taken from the office to a night out on the town. Along with Amy’s collection, milliner Izziana created couture headpieces for some of the models to wear.

The evening ended with AGENDA Loft co-founder, Kaylene Peoples (dressed in AMG) singing, “Amy Marie,” in French. The song was written by Kaylene and was inspired by Amy and based on her life.

Amy Marie Goetz is currently accepting custom-made orders online on her fan page.

Special Thanks: AGENDA Loft, Kaylene Peoples, Arun Nevader, Anna Ferguson of Stiletto Marketing, Amy Marie Goetz, the models…

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