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Mystique Du Couture Fashion Show

Mystique Du Couture Fashion Show

I had the honor of participating in designer D’ Ixara Batani-Khalfani’s “Mystique Du Couture” fashion show as one of the models. She was also celebrating her 25th birthday that evening as well. According to Batani, Mystique Du Couture or Mystery of the Couture “is a celebration of fashion and fantasy. Fashion that explodes into the scene and takes you to higher places, a wonderment and indulgence in beautiful things, blasts and vibrations of colors, swirls of patterns that electrifies the senses.” I had the opportunity to wear two of her pieces. One was from the Extremely Couture category and was a long denim skirt that was fitted to the knees and flared out to the floor and a striped halter top. The other dress I wore was a pastel green knee-length lace cocktail dress from the Couture (Evening) category.

The venue was the Megafunk Studios- a warehouse in South LA and owned by Blaze Hall. Batani opened the show with an improvisational/hip hop dance to “Move” by MIMS. DJ Imperator blasted out tunes such as “Ride of the Valkyries”, “Japanese Woodprints” by the Seattle Symphony, “Flashing Lights” and “So Amazing” by Kanye West as we models walked out in ‘Extremely Couture’, ‘Diva (Ready-to-Wear)’, and ‘Couture (Evening)’. In between sets, Batani performed another dance number as a tribute to Michael Jackson to the songs, “Dirty Diana”, “Thriller” and “In the Closet.” At the end of the show, all the models introduced themselves then walked the runway again, followed by a music performance and singing of the birthday song by Anita Deshea.

SPECIAL THANKS: Batani-Khalfani (Check out www.iambatani.com); models from Compton High School-managed by Handra Davis (of Dime Piece Enterprises); models from Anerrick Management; Courtney Maniece; my lovely friend, Emma Zerner; Amelia Brantley, DJ Imperator (Steven Laws); the emcee- David Larry; make-up by Jernita Polk; hair by Troy Todd (thahairguy.blogspot.com); Blaze Hall for providing the venue for the show, which can also be used for filming, photography, events and parties; and my photographer- Jose Garcia for LAfashionsnob.

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