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Spring Denim Launch @ Alice + Olivia
Kendra Scott In-Store Appearance in Beverly Hills
Rodeo Drive "Walk of Style" Awards Honoring Iman x Missoni

Spring Denim Launch @ Alice + Olivia

I braved the traffic and attended the launch of Alice + Olivia’s Spring denim at their store on Robertson Blvd. This is the company’s first denim launch since the eclectic Stacey Bendet launched the brand in 2002. Stacey embodies her love of vintage, music and art into every collection. It was my first time in an A+O store and her vision was everywhere, from the clothing (of course) to the store display fixtures. If you are a fan of color (like myself) then you have found your “clothing soul mate” with this brand. Just seeing the splashes of color put me in a better mood and I would definitely benefit having one of everything in my closet. Their new Spring denim collection includes bright solids, florals and stripes (neutral black and white and candy stripes) and are available in a variety of silhouettes (bell bottoms, shorts, skinnies, etc). Since this was a “launch party”, they were offering guests free color-block manicures by Gelish and make-up touch ups by Make Up Forever. I also had my aura read by certified Reiki healer and psychic- Jennifer. In addition, guests were also treated to an open candy bar, lemonade and an all-around good time! For more information and shop the collection, check out the Alice + Olivia website.

The Robertson Blvd. Alice + Olivia store is located at 134 Robertson Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90048. I’d like to thank the staff and Alanna for the wonderful evening!

Kendra Scott In-Store Appearance in Beverly Hills

I always love when events work out to be on the date I’m going to be in the area. For example, my friend-one of the best reporters around and I went out to lunch at the Chateau Marmont to celebrate him finishing the a book based on his life. It was my first time dining at “le Chateau” and hopefully won’t be my last! The food was exceptional! Anyway, that day was also the day that Austin-based jewelry designer- Kendra Scott was making her in-store appearance in Beverly Hills, just minutes away from the Marmont. When we arrived at the store, my friend went off for a work, while I indulged in all things girly. The loft-style boutique was welcoming and bright. Guests were treated to champagne and an open candy bar. I especially loved the tree where realistic and colorful butterflies sat underneath the white chandelier. Luckily, I brought my giftcard (from FNO Beverly Hills) good for making a piece of jewelry under $100 at the Color Bar. When I was introduced to the Color Bar and saw that I could design my piece on an iPad or on the giant plasma screen, I was ecstatic, though somewhat overwhelmed. There were so many colors and color schemes to choose from, but with help from one of the lovely staff members, I wound up creating the Otylia Cocktail Ring ($75) with shades of blue and red. I really enjoyed having that “hands-on” experience at the Color Bar. It’s one of the reasons that makes Kendra Scott jewelry stand-out. (You can also create your piece online as well).

Since it was an in-store appearance, I also got to meet Kendra, who was so welcoming in every way. She realized her dream of becoming a jewelry designer at a young age. She would find that there were certain jewelry features that she was unable to find. So what’s a creative girl to do?? Do-it-yourself of course! She began wire-wrapping stones at her dining room table and realized that she caught onto something. And yes…the rest they say…is history. Kendra Scott jewelry is now a household name, tailored to that woman who wants to turn heads when walking into the room. The jewelry is a mix of vintage and modern and is known for the stunning color mixes and use of custom-cut stones. Each piece of jewelry is designed in her Austin studio and each stone is set by hand (as it was when my ring was being made). Kendra adds, “I also pay close attention to detail with my metal silhouettes. They never act simply as a frame, but rather add interesting touches to the pieces through filigree patterns, modern curvatures, and antique pod-like accents.”

When asked about the Color Bar experience, Kendra explains in more detail, “As a jewelry designer, I feel like I have the best job in the world and I wanted to share my passion with other women by allowing them to play designer and create their own custom jewels. Whether for a red carpet event, for your bridal party, or for that outfit you just can’t find the right accessories for, our Color Bar is the perfect way to create exactly what you’re looking for. You can create custom jewelry using our Color Bar at any of our stores or online and the process is as simple as 1, 2, 3. You simply choose from 26 jewelry silhouettes in 2 finishes, choose your custom stone combo from our 26 choices of stones, and place your order. Your final custom piece will either be handmade in our store while you wait in just a matter of minutes, or will be shipped out to you if you order on-line.”

Does this make you want to head to her store or online and create your own custom necklace, cuff, earring or ring yet? Personally, I’m a little obsessed with the design of the cuffs and am eager to head back to the store and make one. The prices for the jewelry are fairly reasonable, ranging anywhere from under $55-200 for a statement piece. The jewelry is also guaranteed to have a long life in your jewelry box, as they are made of semi-precious stones, 14 karat gold or rhodium plated brass. Think of it as a major investment in your wardrobe. You won’t be disappointed!

I want to leave you, dear readers, this motto from the company- Kendra Scott thrives on our three core philosophies, fashion, family, and philanthropy and our motto, “dream it, live it, love it” because this was the basis of our business from the start. We want girls to feel that same positive, radiant vibe that our company was built upon when they walk into a Kendra Scott store or wear our jewelry.

For more information, please go to the website here.

Rodeo Drive "Walk of Style" Awards Honoring Iman x Missoni

Where else could I meet my style icon, an iconic supermodel, watch style history being made and rub elbows with some of the biggest names in Hollywood? Why Rodeo Drive of course!! I attended the Rodeo Drive “Walk of Style” event in Beverly Hills, which honored one of the top supermodels and brands in the fashion industry…. Iman and Missoni. During my short stint on the red carpet with the other mass of paparazzi, I managed to snap shots of Mena Suvari, Elisabetta Canalis, Alexis Bledel, Iman and the Missoni family. I felt like I was in a movie or something…It felt so surreal. I’m so used to just reading about these people, but to actually see them in person. It was awesome! I also have to add that Rosita Missoni (the Grandmother) is just too cute! Everyone just looked so amazing in (mostly) pieces from Missoni. I met up with my friend and fellow blogger-Mary of The Recessionista and we kept each other company that night. We browsed the Missoni store, where cocktails and champagne were being handed out. It was my first time in the shop and it was just to awe-inspiring to see the colorful fabrics and garments in person. It was in the store where (thanks to Mary) where I gathered enough courage to introduce myself to Iman, who is such a enchanting woman with a caring heart. She was wearing a 70s-inspired dress by Rachel Zoe (who was presenting her with the award later that evening). What also impressed me was that Iman was accessible enough to strike up a small conversation. After chatting with the lovely Iman, Mary and I walked around, nibbled from the small buffet of goodies and took in the scene before the ceremony.
We listened to speeches by the Mayor of Beverly Hills- Mr. Barry Brucker, members of the Save the Children Foundation and the Rodeo Drive “Walk of Style” committee before Rachel Zoe herself took the stage, speaking about Iman. “She’s kinda everything…” Zoe mentioned that she rarely uses the term, “everything” to describe a person, but Iman was the exception. Iman soon humbly took the stage, with Rachel handing her the small torso sculpture that was the “Walk of Style” Award. Iman graciously accepted the award, congratulating Rachel on her new baby boy before speaking about the honor of winning the award and the efforts of the Save the Children Foundation. She also mentioned the horrifying lifestyles that the women of East Africa and her home country of Somalia are facing still in 2011, comparing it to “Sophie’s Choice.” She ended her speech on a lighter note by saying, “I want to invite everybody to come and walk all over me…Come, walk over me, shop and be fabulous!” Next, THE Quincy Jones spoke about his friends-the Missoni family: Angela, Margherita, Rosita, Ottavio, Vittorio, Ottavio Jr. and Jennifer; making note that he is “a junkie and huge fan of Missoni designs.” The last highlight of the evening was when the Missoni family happily accepted their award. After the ceremony, I had the opportunity to actually meet Rachel Zoe, who is my style icon. She was amazing and even complimented my outfit, which was such an honor. We left with a Missoni scarf (my first Missoni piece!) and a few other goodies. If you’d like more information on the Rodeo Drive “Walk of Style” event, go here.

I’d like to thank: Mary, Felix (for helping with the Rachel Zoe introductions), Tara from The Donahue Group, Shana Yao, Iman, Rachel Zoe, the staff at the Missoni store and at the event and the Rodeo Drive “Walk of Style” committee.

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