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The #BiscuitPaintWall is located in the trendy Montrose neighborhood of Houston. The wall is actually a part of the Biscuit Home retail store and has been drawing photography enthusiasts for months now. I had the opportunity to visit the popular photo shoot spot with one of my favorite local photographers- Brock Lawson, who indeed created some photo magic! I wanted to show the versatility of a vintage petticoat, so I took a white petticoat and thought that the Biscuit Wall’s unique and colorful theme would make for a perfect backdrop. All it took was a little fabric manipulation and some safety pins to turn the simple petticoat into an avant-garde dress. I also added a minimal baseball cap shaper that I thrifted awhile back, as a complementary accessory to the dress. The heels are H by Halston for Bakers.

** Photos by Brock Lawson **

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