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The Revere – Boston
Learning About Bona Clara Skincare with CEO Jasmina Aganovic – Houston

The Revere – Boston

The Revere Boston
200 Stuart St.
Boston, MA 02116
PH: (617) 482-1800

On my recent (and first) trip to Boston, I stayed at The Revere, which is conveniently located near Boston Common and many other historical places of interest. I had heard of this charming boutique hotel via Instagram and just had to check it out. The hotel opened on April 18th 2012, which was the 237th anniversary of Paul Revere’s infamous ride (hence the hotel’s name). Comprised of 325 guest rooms, 30 suites and one penthouse suite, this hotel is THE place to stay in Boston’s trendy South End neighborhood; as well as being a popular destination for live entertainment, dining and nightlife.

The interior of the hotel is contemporary with modern design, sleek furnishings, sculptures and timeless decor, thanks to BBGM Interiors. The front desk staff are friendly, knowledgable and eager to help with anything one might need. The staff uniforms were designed by Massachusetts College of Art & Design Senior students and were also locally manufactured by Classic Apparel in Everett, MA. After check-in, we took the elevator and were whisked away to our suite on the 19th floor. Once inside the suite, we were amazed at how spacious it was. The entryway had dark hardwood flooring that gave way to the sizable carpeted sitting room and bedroom. We had the option of stepping out onto the balcony from both the sitting and bed rooms. The balcony had sweeping views of the downtown Boston skyline, Boston Common and the Statehouse. The sitting room featured a cozy houndstooth couch, large LCD TV, oversize desk and mini bar (for a fee). The bedroom featured a Sleep Number bed, large LCD TV and a closet with sweet surprises: like a comfy robe and slippers (so welcoming after a long drive). The bathroom is located off the entryway and is quaint and minimal. I enjoyed two luxurious nights, bathing under a large rain shower head and washing off with their skin-care products of choice-Vancouver based Skoah. (Dear Skoah, the body wash was AH—mazinggg!) Then I spent the rest of the evening bundled up in the robe, relishing in the moment with the complimentary wifi and the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Orange County.”

The hotel’s amenities include a fitness center, business center, Emerald Lounge (nightlife), Rustic Kitchen (for dining), 225 seat Theater 1, a 35,000 square foot event space and Space 57- a 6,700 square foot multi-functional space. There is also the “Rooftop at the Revere”- the seasonal bar and lounge located on the seventh floor, near the indoor pool.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to use much of the amenities, as we had limited time, but so much to see and do. However, the hotel did not disappoint and was the perfect way to do Boston ‘right.’ The bonus was that it had a lovely balcony that didn’t make me feel like I was closed in. The staff was incredibly friendly- thank you to the gal who helped check us in on September 1st and to Tim. I was not really able to see the ‘Rooftop at the Revere’ in action, however the staff allowed me to check it out at night so I can see the dramatic views of the city.

It was a delightful experience and I hope to enjoy The Revere on my next visit to Beantown!

Huge thanks to Bryan!

Learning About Bona Clara Skincare with CEO Jasmina Aganovic – Houston

There are apparently two key approaches that the beauty industry agrees on, “miracle ingredients” and “problem specific” products. Yes, but after learning about this new skin care brand… I feel they need to add another approach.

Thanks to an invitation through the Houston Fashion Bloggers, myself and Shalanda from Live Life in Style had attended a very informative session regarding new skincare brand, Boston based- Bona Clara. The session featured the brand’s CEO- Jasmina Aganovic- an MIT chemical and biological graduate-turned- beauty entrepreneur. She first explains that she was first working with a very well-known professor in one of the largest bio-medical labs in the world and in the process of developing an anti-biotic eardrop for babies to treat ear infections. She went through much riggerous testing, which included having to test on slabs of donated human skin that she received from the hospital. The final test was on different age groups (20s, 30s, 40s and 50s). This formula proved to be the winner, but not for the eardrops. Instead, she concluded that it was similar to formulas found in skincare products. This finding stuck with her and she started to pursue a different route, which led to the beauty industry. Upon graduation, she worked with three beauty brands and firmly stands ground on cutting edge science and natural product formulations.

When Jasmina started her brand, she wanted to make sure the brand provided education and actively taught women something about the products and their skin. She came up with the name Bona Clara because ‘bona’ is derived from “good” or “beautiful” and ‘clara’ means “clear.” She came up with a mission statement “Clear change of vision to create more beautiful and better lives for people everywhere.” In Bona Clara’s early stage, it launched strictly online and only offered four treatment creams for the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s age groups. The company saw a tremendous growth (by 200,000 customers) it’s first year. Jasmina was then able to fund other products to coincide with the treatment creams. I was really impressed when she (the CEO) personally called up her top customers and chatted with them about the brand (what they did or did not like, etc). She learned that women were constantly telling their friends, co-workers, etc., about the products and word spread like wildfire; leading to more orders and feedback. As people continued to ask questions about the product, she developed handy training tools, that included a newsletter- with her personal phone number (which is so awesome, because I’ve never heard of a CEO just giving out their digits like that). It was then that one of her best customers, who is now a rep, offered up the idea of also doing direct selling. After thorough research, she, along with three other people, initialized direct selling with zero (direct selling) experience.

Since the brand’s official launch in February 2013, there are now reps all over the world. You won’t find it sold in stores. Jasmina thinks it’s very important that the entire experience (from whatever angle, like as a customer, rep, etc.) with the products “is uplifting, inspiring and fun…that the experience does beyond picking up the bottle and putting it down and that’s done…I want it to be something you keep in your spirit the entire day.” The reps are also ‘on-call’ to further enhance the experience by delivering a person-to-person relationship. They make sure everyone has their questions answered and understands what they need to know about the brand. I’m absolutely thrilled Jasmina switched her career to the beauty industry. She surely seems to know what she’s talking about and I’m happy to support a brand where the ingredients are natural and that the CEO is so hands-on. So I guess now the beauty industry can add “age specific” to their key approaches.

Shalanda and I both received samples of product for our 20s. I have been trying to use it everyday and I have noticed a difference in my skin’s texture. It’s incredibly smooth and looks healthier. I highly recommend trying it! I also recommend reading their blog, it has some really helpful information on staying healthy and other lifestyle tips.

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