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Macy's and Supermodel Emme Host "Get Ahead of the Curve"

Macy's and Supermodel Emme Host "Get Ahead of the Curve"

The Macy’s at Memorial City Mall was the location for the “Get Ahead of the Curve” event, featuring Emme as the celebrity emcee. Emme got her start as the world’s first plus-size model back in the 1990s. She has since gained remarkable recognition in the fashion industry as not only a model, but also a spokeswoman for body image, self-esteem and other related issues.

The event was a huge success. Emme’s energetic and humble personality was a breath of fresh air, just lighting up the room as she spoke. My blogger partner-in-crime, Shalanda also modeled in this event. The fashion show featured the latest Fall trends and the fiercest curvy gals strutting their stuff in brands such as Tadashi, Calvin Klein and Michael Kors. Key trends that were shown were: moto jackets over tanks with sheer trimmings, skinny coated jeans, body con pencil skirts with modern watercolor prints and buttery leather handbags. After the fashion show, Emme was on hand to answer questions, take photos and help style guests. Light bites and yummy drinks were also served.

I was able to ask Emme a few questions after the show…

Regarding her modeling background…

Emme: At 26 I checked out a 12+ agency on a whim in 1989, curious what “plus size modeling” was…always be curious, you never know what will happen! I was a reporter for an NBC affiliate — loved the power of TV but didn’t want to have the day to day news continue to affect me when I tried to sleep. But funny enough what helped me most be the model I am was my journalism background in TV. I understood what the reporters needed and I did my research, provided more facts than feeling and saw and heard that women were not being heard in the fashion industry. I took my reporter hat off, crossed over and became an advocate for change around 1990 to today. You never ever know what’s going to knock on your door, just say, sure, why not!? If other people do it, why not you?

On being a plus-size model in an industry that is “structured” for size 0 models and body-image…

Emme: Full Figured models and straight size models rarely work together because of a variety of things. Mainly the size difference is so vastly different, the industry that is based on illusion and fantasy would not be so. Case in point as we all saw this past week via the rise and fall of Victoria Secret’s Perfect Body Campaign. Women online didn’t agree that there were enough diversified body shaped models in the campaign to be championing “the Perfect Body” Campaign. Enough women spoke out and Victoria Secret adjusted their campaign in some parts of the world. Loved how the internet is creating a tipping point where finally a diversified array of healthy models is being demanded and companies are beginning to listen. It’s refreshing to see Calvin Klein using a model above a size 1 or 2 without calling any notice to her size – just that she was perfect for the campaign…hats off to them and other massive companies who decide to follow suit. I’ve always said: slow change is lasting change!

On Macy’s and their role with the plus-size industry…

Emme: Change to the capital C…out went the boxy, shapeless sweater knits, event dressing, and in came the Calvin Klein bandage dresses in an array of colors, Michael Kor’s ponte knit pants, dresses with a perfect balance of umph to give a girl a nice elongated line but never sacrificing styling elements like figure pleasing seaming, embellishments and cut outs. Jessica Simpson’s more contemporary line gives the younger curvy customer a real go at being a part of the fashion scene with trend forward fur vests, western button ups, romantic floral maxi’s, thick comfy sweaters and leather pants! YES! The list can go on and on. Hues of beautiful blue, bold prints and asymmetrical lines through out jackets, shirtings and basics made the statement that women above a size 12 are now a part of the fabulous fashion club!

Emme just recently launched “Fashion Without Limits”- a design initiative that is held at her alma mater- Syracuse University, that promotes a competition to create designs that are a size 12 and up. Read more about that HERE and HERE.

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