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6th Annual "Fashion on the Square" -San Francisco
Li Cari Launch Party at Taylrz Joynt 12/5/08
"Walk the Vote" Fashion Show 11/1/08

6th Annual "Fashion on the Square" -San Francisco

I must say, this next fashion event was special. Not only was my boyfriend coming along, but it was my first “really out-of-town” event. It was the 6th annual Fashion on the Square (FOTS for short) held in San Francisco at the Intercontinental Hotel.

I had met the founder of FOTS, Y’Anad Burrell through another event and it was a pleasure being able to attend one of her events. She created FOTS as a bridge between the traditional fashion weeks so it always takes place in the summer. Seeing and knowing that there were many talented designers out there who couldn’t afford the conventional shows, had also helped her vision of FOTS emerge into a yearly event. Having said that; this year, she combined two established designers with one aspiring designer who was still in school to share the same stage.

Planning the seminars and shows usually takes her nine months beginning in September. The charities that are chosen have to ideally be connected to the fashion industry. This year, three were chosen: Fashion Delivers, Wardrobe for Opportunity and KIDS (Kids in Distressed Situations). Each charity is involved with bringing awareness to the event by reaching out to the members of their audiences.

Each FOTS Institute-Seminar this year focused on every aspect of the fashion industry. From the talent/modeling agencies to photographers, marketing, the designers themselves and the hair/make-up teams. I attended the “Meet the Designers” panel seminar, where the three designers were each given questions that they were to give their personal views or life experiences. This year it was b. Michael, Oligo Tissew and Erik Stultz and delegated by lingerie designer, Simeon Dacumos of Aperitif and Tushe. In the corner of the room was a piece from each of their collections. b. Michael chose a strapless red floor-length gown from his fall collection. It had a mermaid silhouette and made of silk wool and hand-embroidered. His pieces are “timeless American glamour and beauty.” Erik Stultz, a student at the Art Institute of California- San Francisco, chose an ensemble inspired by the African tribal landscape. Oligo Tissew, who spent a year in London at Central St. Martins before heading to the States to finish out at Otis, chose a long, black knitted coat with a tulip silhouette.

The last seminar I attended was “Fashion Marketing, Publicity, Trends and Branding”, delegated by Denise Kelly and featured Marieke van der Poel of Peclers Paris, Donna Barry of Inkspot PR and Lisa Prescott of Agency Collective. As a person just starting in the industry myself, I found it very informative hearing from the PR, trend forcasting points of view on how to brand and market yourself.

After a short break, we headed back over to the Intercontinental Hotel for the fashion show, which b.Michael and Eric Stultz were presenting their collections. After everyone took their respective seats ( I was lucky enough to sit at the end of the runway), Janelle Wang, co-host from “View from the Bay” gave welcoming remarks, followed by Denise Bradley, who was the host of the show. Erik Stultz presented his collection first. There were a few menswear designs inspired by 1950’s Robots that went down the runway first, then models wearing elegant bustier lingerie whose colors were inspired by coral reefs and silhouettes inspired by the circus strolled the catwalk. The last part of the presentation showed looks inspired by the African tribes. He wanted the colors of that collection to reflect that of the African tribal landscape. The highlight of his presentation was a model in a strapless, draped, long tiered dress complete with a raffia belt. On her head with a dramatic feathered headpiece. After his presentation, two dancers, Caroline Rocher and Keelan Whitmore from Alonzo King LINES Ballet performed; followed by the runway show of b. Michael. His clothes that went down the runway were simple, yet elegant and clean with a hint of detail. His collection ranged from menswear to cocktail dresses, coats, pant suits, to evening gowns. My favorite dress was, of course, the embroidered red dress that I had seen on the mannequin hours before. The show ended with some closing remarks by Y’Anad and b. Michael being presented with an award by FOTS and a letter from San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, proclaiming July 25th as “b. Michael Day.”
If you would like more information on FOTS, please visit www.fashiononthesquare.com.

Note: I was not able to attend the Children and Teen Runway Show MCed by child star Khamani Griffin. It featured looks from Gymboree, JCPenney, Old Navy, Sears, Apple Bottoms, Janie & Jack, Fabulosity, Blue Skies, Cocoa Jeans and Crazy 8.

Special Thanks: Y’Anad Burrell, April Reynolds and Manuel of the Donatello Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, Unsung Diva! Production team, the invited guests for the seminars, the designers- b. Michael, Oligo Tissew and Erik Stultz, the models, Alonzo King LINES Ballet, American Airlines, the charities, J. Garcia, Glass House Communications (www.glasshousepr.com), Taylrz Joynt Boutique is at 13549 Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks. The number is (818)907-7818.

Li Cari Launch Party at Taylrz Joynt 12/5/08

The weather warmed up enough to head on over to the Li Cari clothing launch party at Taylrz Joynt in Sherman Oaks. Despite it being a Friday, the traffic was decent and I was able to find parking across the street from the venue. When I arrived, there was the red carpet and the paparazzi taking pictures of  Li Cari’s designer, Jazmin Whitley, Hanna Beth, and a couple stars from “Paris Hilton’s New BFF”, Sinsu and Onch.

 After check-in and taking pictures on the red carpet, I proceeded into the boutique. There were models wearing items from the line posing in the window, their poses changing every so often. There was a good crowd turn-out, ranging from actors to models, designers and hipsters. I stood back for a few minutes, taking in the scene. Taylrz Joynt is a small, narrow boutique; though there was artwork on the walls, as well as the fun, creative displays for the clothing and jewelry. Tucked in the back of the store were the quaint dressing rooms and a large floor-to-ceiling mirror. I walked to the back to meet up with the 20 year old phenomenon behind the line- Jazmin Whitley.

             Whitley, dressed in a vintage floral print dress and cardigan was glad to sit down with me for a few minutes to discuss her rise to success in fashion. She started designing in high school and gained momentum when her teacher suggested doing a fashion show. Since then, she has designed for friends and clients. Her collection started out small and has escalated into the line we know today. Her advice to budding designers and entrepenuers, “Never give up and always have faith.”

              I later caught up with the Taylrz Joynt owner herself…Ms.Taylr. (Pronounced Taylor, but minus the ‘O’.) Despite the busy atmosphere, she kindly accepted my request for a short interview and ushered me back near one of the dressing rooms. Taylr had always wanted to own her own boutique. After moving down to LA from San Francisco in 2001, she worked as a stylist and wardrober. In 2007, her lifelong dream came true and she opened her first boutique in North Hollywood before recently moving to her current location on Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks. She hopes to open a chain of stores across the nation, her first stop being Houston, TX.  Being a fan of wanting to start a business myself, I asked her if it was easy to start a business. She told me that it was easier to start, but keeping it up is more of a challenge. I really enjoyed speaking with such an inspirational woman. A favorite quote that she left me with is, “Don’t put your dreams in the hands of others.”

Taylrz Joynt is located at 13549 Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks. The phone number is (818)907-7818. You can view the Li Cari line at here. Special Thanks to Susan Costa of World Coast Management PR.

"Walk the Vote" Fashion Show 11/1/08

I arrived at the Ivar in Hollywood a few minutes til 9pm, when the doors were scheduled to open. They were still setting up, but I was immediately introduced to Dionna Harris, CEO of The Styling Agency. She was bubbly and very hospitable. She ushered me in and I stood back, watching the models rehearse the last-minute walk through and other goings-on.

     The fashion show started around 10:30pm, with an introduction by Dionna and a performance by Shawn Chrystopher, pumping up the already anxious club-goers. Since this was an American theme show and the election is a few days away, the first ‘scene’ of the fashion show was “The American Dream”, which Harris describes as America before the Bush Administration. It was only appropriate for the first model to be wearing a toga style dress of red and white stripes and blue stars. The following models wore basic tees, denim and jackets, while sticking to the red, white and blue color palette. The second ‘scene’ was “War in Iraq”. This scene was comprised of a somewhat controversal yet captivating show of models wearing scarves over their faces and wearing coats; some welding toy guns. Harris’s inspiration was the War in Iraq and of course, the Iraqis themselves. The third and final ‘scene’ of the show is “Peace and the Resurrection”.  Models in haute couture gowns walked down the runway and dropping their ‘vote’ in the ballot box at the end of the runway. Harris describes her inspiration for this finale, that it is the peace and resurrection of something new….For “hope of beauty…and change for the better…prosperity…” Actress Kayley Gable wowed the audience in one of Max Nugus’s Haute Couture gowns.

The Styling Agency is a FASHION MOVEMENT…A MOVING BODY THAT IS STILL GROWING AND PROSPERING…”Check us out, or be left behind!”

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