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Ford Fiesta Fashion Shows & Photo Shoots
Beat It! A Joseph Rene and Parris Harris Production

Ford Fiesta Fashion Shows & Photo Shoots

The Ford Fiesta Agents: Parris Harris and YogaArmy designers, Sebastian St. George and Sandy Wee took the month of July by storm during their Mission 3. There were four red carpets, three runways and a plethora of photo shoots. They collaborated together to create ten major events held at major Hollywood venues: Greendoor, Kress, Ivar, Avalon, Lucky Strike Lanes, Aqua Lounge and a two-day event in downtown at the Standford Mart. Designers that participated in the events were: YogaArmy, Kami Shade, Parris Harris, David Kahn Jeans, Rock Revival and yours truly, LA Snob. The Ford Fiesta Team also collaborated with Brandy Sanders of Kierrah Foundation that helps young women who have been in the foster care system but due to their age, were taken out; to be able to find work and housing. For more information: please visit www.kierrahfoundation.org. For more information on the brands, check out: www.yogaarmy.com.

Note: Sebastian St. George and Vincent Villicano won two Telly Awards for a Bud commercial.

Helpful websites: www.youtube.com/yogaarmy, www.yogaarmy.com, www.phashionarmy.com, www.phashiontv.com, www.justin.tv, www.davidkahnjeanswear.com, www.rockrevival.com, www.LAfashionsnob.com, www.kamishade.com, www.fallingwhistles.com, www.thekress.net, http://www.greendoorsupperclub.com/, www.avalonhollywood.com/, http://www.aqualoungebh.com/, ivarhollywood.com/, www.bowlluckystrike.com/, www.jovyjanolo.com/

Beat It! A Joseph Rene and Parris Harris Production

The dynamic duo- Joseph Rene and Parris Harris have done it again, this time, they rocked it out ’80’s style at Club Menage in the heart of Old Town Pasadena.

It was there that the models sashayed down the runway to beats like MJ’s “Beat It” and Dramarama’s “Anything”. The first portion of the show was dedicated to Salon Sessions and featured three models strickin-a-pose as celebrity stylist Joseph Rene and the owners of  Salon Sessions, Neeko and Samvel stood on the brightly lit boxes and fussed with their hair.

The clothing that was provided by Trendy Rags, Parris Harris’s line, “Punk Mail” and Yoga Army added extra splashes of color to the club’s rockin ambiance.

I spoke with the designers  Sandy Wee and Sebastian St. George of Yoga Army, which is located in near-by Temple City, CA. They are an American made apparel company, specializing in mixing hard and soft elements, such as jersies and leathers or silks and laces. It was interesting when Sandy was explaining that even with the rough economy, designers sometimes have it so tough that they are going back to the Grassroots Movement (door-to-door). And that the tradeshows still aren’t cutting the costs to make it easier. They are either the same or have risen because the labor unions are pushing them for higher prices.

The pair, along with Parris Harris are involved in the Ford Fiesta Movement. They were among the special one hundred people chosen to test-drive the 2011 Ford Fiesta for six months, while also completing different missions. When I met the Yoga Army team, they had just received the car. For more information on the Ford Fiest Movement, go to www.phasionarmy.com or www.fiestamovement.com/agents/view/84.

Ms. Wee and Mr. St. George have known Parris Harris for a long time and they are proud to be apart of the ’80’s Rocker Show and to support Parris and Joseph Rene.

Yes, the 80’s did indeed come back that night in a dazzling spectacle of energy, wild hair (including neon netting in a couple styles) and thankfully without the shoulder pads! Bravo!

SPECIAL THANKS: Joseph Rene (www.josephrenesalon.com) , Parris Harris (www.phashionarmy.com) , Salon Sessions (www.salonsessions.com) , Club Menage (54 E. Colorado Blvd. in Old Town Pasadena, www.clubmenage.net , the models, hair and make-up, J’ s Luxury Beemer Taxi Service, Trendy Rags (www.trendyrags.com) , Yoga Army (www.yogaarmy.com) and Felix Salzman of LookBookLA!

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