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Fashion Week Featuring Cowgirl Heaven and Holly Waas
Cowgirl Heaven/Junquie Girl Collection Launch
Fashion Week @ the Palooza

Fashion Week Featuring Cowgirl Heaven and Holly Waas

My friend, Houstina Summers held a fashion show at the AGENDA Loft during LA Fashion Week, along with Holly Waas. The lovely model and actress- Emma Zerner hosted the event. I was fortunate enough to own a couple CGH dresses and wore the mini light pink halter to the affair. First up was Indie designer Holly Waas, who showcased her line of fun tops, skirts and dresses. There was a short intermission and then the Cowgirl Heaven show started. Houstina’s collection, themed “Winter Love, Romance” had me saying “ooo and ahhh” as each model walked the runway. The collection has since continued to blossom since the first time I saw it a couple years back. It went from short halter dresses to strapless, spaghetti straps, jackets, tops and now- shoes! The shoe collection was fierce, with heels snazzed up with large pink jewels, flowers, spikes, feathers and pearls. According to Houstina, “I wanted to create a shoe line that will spark the imagination for your wardrobe.” Indeed, it will create a spark… I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw them on Lady Gaga during the next Grammy awards red carpet. There really wasn’t one favorite piece in my opinion, because EVERY piece was amazing in its own right. Houstina’s favorite is the grey victorian jacket. She told me she already had a pile of orders for it. Prices for the collection range from $250-650. She has a studio in downtown LA and will be opening a flagship boutique with her sister and mother. The grand-opening is set for the art walk in April, so stay tuned! For more information, check out her website and blog.

Special Thanks: Arun Nevader of AGENDA Loft, Vivian Killilea of Wireimage.com, Michael Wellington, Houstina Summers, Holly Waas and Emma Zerner.

Cowgirl Heaven/Junquie Girl Collection Launch

I attended the trunk show for my friend Houstina Summers of Cowgirl Heaven, who was also launching a stylish jewelry line called Junquie Girl with my other friend, Emma Zerner at Taylrz Joynt Boutique in Sherman Oaks. Both girls found out they shared a desire of wanting to start a jewelry line and since Houstina comes from a fashionable background of designing red-carpet worthy dresses and Emma’s background in Gemology, it was no surprise that these two would join forces to create something fantastic. Houstina had designed new signature halter dresses in Spring hues and fabrics for the trunk show,while Emma was on hand, wearing a beautiful magenta Cowgirl Heaven original and presenting the costume jewelry collection to the public. The pieces were very girly with a vintage feel. I saw a mix of soft pastels, large jewels, lace, bows, roses and chains. When asked about their inspirations, the duo stated, “We both love big, bold accessories and jewelry, which can complete or enhance any outfit. Junquie Girl incorporates daring, fun, and fashion-forward styles, combined with a rocker edge to create something something fascinating for you. From glittering bow-ties added to necklaces and belts, to heavy shiny gold and silver-toned chains, eye-catching beads, shiny chandelier adornments, bold and beautiful belts, multi-layered necklaces, and eye-catching rings, Junquie Girl Collection is constantly at work, designing intriguing color combinations, matched with an array of themes, to bring out the unforgetful, eye-popping accessory that is Junquie Girl.”

For more information,check out www.junquiegirl.blogspot.com, junquiegirl@gmail.com, www.cowgirlheaven.etsy.com, http://emmazerner.blogspot.com and http://cowgirlheaven.blogspot.com

**UPDATE: Junquiegirl has launched at Etsy!!! Check out http://www.etsy.com/shop/junquiegirl !!!!! **

Fashion Week @ the Palooza


What better way to kick off the start of LA Fashion Week than an exclusive  fashion show featuring Cowgirl Heaven, Lola Summers, Rumple Munkeh and Leondra Renee. The event kicked off with a red carpet and some light refreshments (the fashion theme was in play for the gingerbread cookies and the mini shrimp were simply delicious). The actual presentation started PROMPTLY at 9pm and this is a rare moment in the fashion industry…. the shows never start on time! But Houstina Summers, who put the show together, along with her hubby, Michael Wellington and assistant Richauna Colston managed to pull it off on time without a hitch! And I applaud her for that! First off, there was a musical performance by country singer, Amanda Marsh and her brother, Travis and then the fashion festivities began…

First, a collection of classic dresses by Trail Angel walked the runway. The designer, Lola Summers (mother of Houstina) has been designing for 25 years. After re-starting her fashion career from being on hiatus, she was inspired by Houstina to be in the show. Her theme for her collection was “Classic Couture” and is based on the look of Old Hollywood and the feel of the ‘modern woman’. You can contact Lola at www.trailangel.etsy.com.

Japan decided to invade Santa Monica with the kimono inspired looks by Rumple Munkeh. Rochelle Carino paired her love of the Asian culture with “Memoirs of a Geisha” to create beautiful dresses and rompers in bold solids and prints. As an added bonus, the models even carried Asian fans and parasols. For more info, check out www.rumplemunkeh.com.

The city of Santa Barbara was the inspiration of Leondra Renee’s collection of shirts, skirts and dresses. She credits the city with its ocean views and the splashes of blues, greens and purples she saw and how windy it was during her visit, that helped her come up with the theme “Beauty in the Breeze”. Leondra Renee hopes to continue to provide draped, stylish and sometimes one-of-a-kind pieces to young professional women. For more info, check out www.leondrarenee.com!

There was a intermission between collections. Singer Destenee performed a few singles from her album. She has worn CG Heaven in her past music videos and it was only appropriate that she wore a dress from Houstina’s collection that evening. 

Which brings me to the last collection by Cowgirl Heaven. Love was in the air when Houstina Summers designed her collection, ironically themed, “Pure Love.” I recognized most of the pieces from previous shows, but the head pieces worn on the models were new, along with some long dresses, which caught my attention right away. When asked what her inspiration was involving the line, Houstina gave me these words, “I just love being in love and I just wanted to show that through my designs.” And yes, her love and passion has indeed shined through her designs. After her initial presentation, models from Runway Rhythm took center stage and performed their dance routines for the audience. 

It was certainly an evening filled with friends, red carpets, fashion, music and dance and an excellent start to LA Fashion Week!!!

SPECIAL THANKS: Houstina Summers (www.cowgirlheaven.blogspot.com & Etsy), Michael Wellington, Richauna Colston, realTVfilms, Lousine Karibian, Parris Harris, Aspic Studio, Taylr’z Joynt, Brittany Dixon Photography, Beauty Tech Studios, biatta intimates, Krystle PR Company, J, Runway Rhythm (www.runwayrhythm.com), designers and the models…

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