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Project Light Fashion Show
IDNYC Isabelle Donola Show (LAFW 2010)

Project Light Fashion Show

Pasadena’s Ambassador Auditorium was the setting for the Project Light Fashion Show- in accordance with the Project Light Arts and Entertainment Conference. The show featured two musical performances by the Groovaloos and singer, Hope; plus four designers and was hosted by E!’s “How Do I Look” host-Jeannie Mai and Father/Son Pastors: Gabe and Che Ahn.

Designs by Danielle Kelly featured deconstructed tops and barely-there mini dresses by celebrity designer Danielle Kelly. Danielle launched her career in 2003, working for the brand popular for their trucker hats- Von Dutch. Her designs are sought-after by Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys and Brittany Spears just to name a few. The finale dress Danielle wore onstage was amazing!

IDNYC featured pieces from Brazilian-born designer, Isabelle Donola’s “Reborn” collection, which you can read more about here. I really admire her use of New York and European aesthetics, color and structure and the fact that she uses recycled fabrics.

Designer Shalanda Jarrett showcased her new sustainable men’s line- Shay J. Her “eye” for fashion began when she was little. She would complain to her Mom ¬†that her Barbies didn’t have enough clothes. Her Mom then gave her the advice that would put her on the path to fashion- she should make the clothes herself. She chose to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle because [being in the fashion industry] she has made the startling observation that labels (big labels at that) would just go through their resources “like its toilet paper.” As well as a friend of hers who was living green. She chose to do a mens wear line because, “there is more room for textile manipulation…It is easier (for me) to design mens wear because it is easy to please men when it comes to their wardrobe.” I could tell by the quality and uniqueness, that Shalanda has keen eye for mens fashion and I hope to see her line in the stores, especially the clear jacket!

Lastly, designer June Kim featured her new haute couture line, CHIUHN. Usually inspired by Chanel, this new line, however took on a different direction with inspiration from her childhood drawings. Her line took on a Parisian theme with many fabrications: suits, lace with two-tone shade silk satin, pure silk dresses accentuated with fur, sheer feminine laces with flowers and hand-embroidered with jewels and pearls, beaded cocktail gowns with fur… I saw hints of Chanel in the suits and Marie Antoinette in one of the dresses.The line was beautiful and June achieved her goal of the line having the fairy-tale romance and whimsical aesthetics. CHIUHN is one of three lines by June under the company- Queen Esther Enterprises.

Special Thanks: J, HRock Church, The Ambassador Auditorium, the designers, performers, model casting coordinator- Rowel Salvador, the models of Models and Design, all the volunteers and staff, Jeannie Mai, pastors Che and Gabe Ahn.

IDNYC Isabelle Donola Show (LAFW 2010)

I was pleased when I received the invitation to designer Isabelle Donola’s debut LA show at the Independent in downtown. Isabelle is a New York contemporary womens’ designer and had just moved here not long ago.

Her show was presented in photo-shoot type of manner, with the models walking to and from an open space with a large window. Isabelle’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection was titled, “Reborn.” She got her inspiration from the environment of today’s world. The collapse of the economy and people that lost their jobs, companies, etc. Isabelle feels that this is the time of a new beginning. A time of change. “A time of finding the best of you and bring it out! This is the time to establish your values and principles and to reach out for your goals! Let’s all take the minute to look inside and bring out to the world this whole reborn thing…Let’s rock this world for this is our time, our life, our generation…”
She had the models walk into the the open area and perform. They would move gracefully for a few minutes and then pause, posing in a manner that showed off the clothes perfectly. Isabelle, who had studied ballet, explained the theme to the models and told them the importance of looking deep inside themselves. “I have always been fascinated by the experiments that Andy Warhol would do with people so I want to see how models would be if they have to do a self-exploration with freedom of movement in a stage or in this case, the “window.” ”
Isabelle plans to have her line in selected boutiques in NYC and LA. She will be having another show in September in NYC and during LA Fashion Week in October. She is offering unique pieces that are handmade in the USA. “A good garment can and should be a great friend. When you indulge yourself with Isabelle Donola NYC, you will be wearing pieces that are meant for you to feel special and powerful.”
Along with her line, she will be opening a designer COOP in downtown LA to support independent artists and designers from NYC and LA. She is also working on a project to create funds to support and teach couture and tailoring techniques to people from the “favelas” (ghettos) in Rio de Janeiro and hopes to inspire other clothing companies to do the same. “I was born in Rio and there is so much poverty there. I want to bring people hope and by qualify them for the market they can have a better life and would be able to give their children the chance to dream… I believe that through fashion we can change many things and I will do my best to bring as many results as it can be possible.”

You can contact Isabelle for purchasing her garments (always made from natural fiber fabrics) or for more information at info.idnyc@gmail.com or (646)575-7641.

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