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IDNYC Isabelle Donola Show (LAFW 2010)
Mode Israel Fashion Show
Kami Shade/Supastar Fashion Show

IDNYC Isabelle Donola Show (LAFW 2010)

I was pleased when I received the invitation to designer Isabelle Donola’s debut LA show at the Independent in downtown. Isabelle is a New York contemporary womens’ designer and had just moved here not long ago.

Her show was presented in photo-shoot type of manner, with the models walking to and from an open space with a large window. Isabelle’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection was titled, “Reborn.” She got her inspiration from the environment of today’s world. The collapse of the economy and people that lost their jobs, companies, etc. Isabelle feels that this is the time of a new beginning. A time of change. “A time of finding the best of you and bring it out! This is the time to establish your values and principles and to reach out for your goals! Let’s all take the minute to look inside and bring out to the world this whole reborn thing…Let’s rock this world for this is our time, our life, our generation…”
She had the models walk into the the open area and perform. They would move gracefully for a few minutes and then pause, posing in a manner that showed off the clothes perfectly. Isabelle, who had studied ballet, explained the theme to the models and told them the importance of looking deep inside themselves. “I have always been fascinated by the experiments that Andy Warhol would do with people so I want to see how models would be if they have to do a self-exploration with freedom of movement in a stage or in this case, the “window.” ”
Isabelle plans to have her line in selected boutiques in NYC and LA. She will be having another show in September in NYC and during LA Fashion Week in October. She is offering unique pieces that are handmade in the USA. “A good garment can and should be a great friend. When you indulge yourself with Isabelle Donola NYC, you will be wearing pieces that are meant for you to feel special and powerful.”
Along with her line, she will be opening a designer COOP in downtown LA to support independent artists and designers from NYC and LA. She is also working on a project to create funds to support and teach couture and tailoring techniques to people from the “favelas” (ghettos) in Rio de Janeiro and hopes to inspire other clothing companies to do the same. “I was born in Rio and there is so much poverty there. I want to bring people hope and by qualify them for the market they can have a better life and would be able to give their children the chance to dream… I believe that through fashion we can change many things and I will do my best to bring as many results as it can be possible.”

You can contact Isabelle for purchasing her garments (always made from natural fiber fabrics) or for more information at info.idnyc@gmail.com or (646)575-7641.

Mode Israel Fashion Show

I was thrilled to be able to attend the Mode Israel Fashion Show at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA during LAFW. Several designers were presenting, along with single presentations by design grads at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. It was a crowded space, but I managed to make a beeline to the end of the runway. The show kicked off with a speech by the Consulate General of Israel- Jacob Dayan; followed by a music performance by Israeli electronic/pop band Terry Poison.

The first designer to grace the runway were avant-garde and draped coats, skirts, tops, pants and dresses by Kedem Sasson. I particularly loved the coats, as they would be perfect for winter and the chilly days and evenings here in Cali. He stuck with a bubble silhouette and a color palette of black and grey. For more information, go to www.kedem-sasson.com or by email: kedemsas@netvision.net.il. Next, Bracha Bar-on presented simple, yet cute dresses, cardigans and blazers. She chose a more neutral color palette that included reds and browns. To get in touch with Bracha, email her at bb2squareone@gmail.com. Rebel…Deconstructed…Peace…These are words I use to describe the next collection by Sugar Daddy. This line stood out to me because it had the most color and looked very DIY-chic. Contact Sugar Daddy at sugardaddyfashion@gmail.com. Keren Naftali showed fun dresses that are perfect from day to evening. My favs were the white shirt-dress, black knee-length dress with draped skirt, short sleeved black jacket, and draped grey dress with sequined black vest. You can view Keren’s collection at www.keren-naftali.com and contact her at design-kn@bezeqint.net. Alembika designer Hagar Alembik-Hazofe designed impressive draped dresses, tunics, jackets and skirts. Each piece was designed in monochromatic colors with a hint of red in a trim or purse or shoe. For more info, tune in to www.alembika.com or email Hagar at alembika@bezeqint.net. Bet-Ka showed shirts, pants, dresses and jackets and also stuck to the neutral color palette.  Yosef Peretz, was infamous in showing quite a number of sheer garments that evening, again in neutrals. The silhouettes in the garments were at times, draped, while the lines (in the long black trench dress) were very clean. I hope to see his gowns on the red carpet one day soon. Get in touch with Yosef by emailing etmailbox@gmail.com. The last designer to show that evening was Shai Shalom, who presented a combination of men’s and women’s wear. Both collections were very sleek. The men’s suits were well-tailored and the women’s dresses reminded me a little of Old Hollywood glamour. Shai also showed sheer, yet tasteful jackets and tops. I can also see Shai’s collection on the red carpet. Contact Shai at shaishalom@bezeqint.net or shaishalom@gmail.com.

It was a fantastic show and I hope to see more from these designers in the future. 

SPECIAL THANKS: Rochelle Carino, Marina Rozhansky *Director of Media & Communications for Consulate General of Israel*, Israeli Consulate General-Jacob Dayan, the designers, models, hair and make-up teams, Terry Poison (www.terrypoison.com, poisonmanagement@gmail.com *booking*) the jewelry and accessories designers: Aura (www.aura-designs.co.il), Esther Kamin (www.estherkamin.com), Oolalaa(oolalaa.design@gmail.com), SEA by Smadar Eliasaf (www.sea-smadar.com), Sexy Silver by Orit Schatzman (zvi@sexysilverltd.com)

Kami Shade/Supastar Fashion Show

Designers Kami Shade and Rachael Broussard showcased their lines during an exclusive runway event at the Rebecca Molayem Gallery on Robertson Blvd. during LA Fashion Week. My friend, Rochelle Carino of Rumple Munkeh (who’s floral mini dress I wore to the event) and I sat in the front row and watched as Kami Shade’s line was the first to go down the runway. Kami’s collection of sexy swimsuits, couture dresses, casual dresses, and sparkly minis is called “I Am Every Woman” because the four-way stretch in the garments forms to every women’s shape. According to Kami, “There’s no mannequin that helps design for all body types…” I absolutely LOVE Kami’s swimsuits. The cut especially… they are made that you can wear them SIX different ways! And of course the prints… My favs are the polk-dot and striped. I am also proud to say that I now own a Kami Shade striped swimsuit! I recommend that YOU pick up your Kami Shade suit at www.kamishade.com before the next beach season starts!

There was a brief intermission and then Rachael Broussard’s line, “Supastar” rocked the runway. The first model was none other than Rachael herself, in a mini gold ruched dress with zipper detailing in the front. Her collection Supastar was also combined with her couture collection R. Michel’le Couture because she had a mix of casual and couture wear in the presentation. Rachael chose the name ‘Supastar’ because it was her nickname and she wants to promote in both Supastar and R. Michel’ le is “for girls to embrace the star within themselves and bring out the ‘Supastar’ from deep within! And what I try to create is very different clothing for a new and fun look, that brings you to that ‘Star’ level!” She had some cute pieces, like the long striped dress with a vest , a long tank top dress, etc… You can shop the “Supastar” line and learn more about the multi-talented model and designer Rachael Broussard at www.supastarworld.com. 

SPECIAL THANKS: Rochello Carino, the designers, models, Rebecca Molayem Gallery, Parris Harris, Tiffany LaVonne. Hair team: Nicoletta Gauchi, Nate Siem, Frances Ferris, Lauren Goodman, Zoe (Hair Havok) and Leslie Bennett. Make-up team: Kellie Motte, Barby Calvo, Amelia McConnell, Vanessa Wood, Christina Chen, Tawny (City of Angels), Erica Bazzarrini and Noemi Avila. 


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