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Second Annual La Jolla Fashion Film Fest

Second Annual La Jolla Fashion Film Fest

On the weekend of July 29th-30th, I immersed myself in what had to be the screening of the nation’s best short fashion films, featuring the latest collections from various fashion houses. This weekend-long event of screenings, after-parties and seminars was La Jolla Fashion Film Fest and was held at various venues along La Jolla’s pristine coastline. LJFFF was founded by Fred Sweet and this year marked the festival’s second running. I only attending the opening night’s festivities at MOCA (San Diego), but in that one night, I met awesome and very fashionable people and watched short films made by very talented directors. Among my favorite shorts were: “Move” by Dominique Palombo, which featured an incredible dance number and showcased designer Rachel Roy’s Spring 2011 collection; “Tough Love” by Marie Kristiansen, a love story of sorts…featuring a man milking a goat, four girls in designs by Fam Irvoll and pastel-coloring wigs and the man on a leash… The film brought loads of laughs to the audience. There were three films by director Marcus K. Jones that were brilliantly done as well: “Hot Photographer”, “Christian Lacroix” and “Motorcycle Federation.” That night was such a fun experience that I hope I can partake in next year. I want to thank Fred Sweet and all the wonderful volunteers and directors from LJFFF and wish them all a job well-done. Check out LJFFF HERE.

Side Note: Because I didn’t feel like driving two-hours back home that same night, I stayed at an affordable hotel called- The La Jolla Village Lodge. The owners Maureen Murphy and Egon Kafka were so welcoming and friendly. The hotel room was decent-sized and clean. There was wi-fi and a complimentary light breakfast included with the price of the room. It is also located in downtown La Jolla and within a few blocks to “The Cove” and beaches. For more info and to contact the hotel, go HERE.

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