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Shoes, Swarovski, and Style Event – Los Angeles
Made In LA
A Visit to Emblem Showroom – Los Angeles

Shoes, Swarovski, and Style Event – Los Angeles

Shoes, Swarovski, & Style

Shoes, Swarovski, & Style

Tanya Heath Los Angeles invites you for an exclusive evening…

Experience Swarovski Artisan- Joey LiMandri, as he creates Dispersion Colorful Crystal Heels. This event celebrates TOLERANCE and LA LGBT Center.

Wednesday, April 27th


Tanya Heath on Robertson

108 S Robertson Blvd. LA CA 90048

Made In LA

Made In LA, outfit, blogger, vintage style

Made In LA, outfit, blogger, vintage style

Made In LA, outfit, blogger, vintage style

Made In LA, outfit, blogger, vintage style

(White tee- thrifted, Vintage White/Red Plaid Pants- EBTH, Vintage Hat- Cottage Shop, Vintage Turquoise Lariat Necklace- Estate Sale, Vintage Southwestern Necklace- thrifted, Cork Wedges- Cottage Shop, Handbag- thrifted.)

*I wanted to give a HUGE thank you/shout-out to Kelly Kepner PR for locating this wall and instagramming it!*

MADE IN LA… Well, this wall has a couple meanings to me. One, it is a cool art wall to take outfit photos; and two, I was literally made in LA. I was born in Los Angeles, but after my parents divorced when I was three, my mom and I moved out-of-state. I’ve always thought of myself as a ‘California Girl,’ even though I didn’t fully grow up there. I moved back to LA for college and lived there for an amazing eight years before deciding that the LA traffic was too horrific and the rents were too astronomical.

Los Angeles will always have a special place in my heart. I grew up sheltered and miserably shy. When it was time to go to the West Coast for school, I happily went and left my semi-skeptical family behind (oh you’ll never make it, etc). I came to outgrow my shyness (to a point) and I am so proud to say that I survived eight roller-coaster years in the second-largest city of the United States! I know the subway system and downtown by heart. I’ve met some good people that I still call friends. Oh and COFFEE BEAN & TEA LEAF… (sorry Starbucks). Well, ok, so I’m not a fashion designer, as I first intended on doing, but I can still say that I did in fact, make it. Even though I’m not happy with a certain school, I wouldn’t take back (most) of the experiences for anything.

I enjoy visiting the city every chance I get, as there are still numerous pockets of the city that I have yet to see. I enjoy the mountains, ocean, and diversity that the city has to offer. And yes, I still say “the” before every freeway number (and I LOVE it). I miss smelling the orange blossoms while walking through Los Feliz, Pasadena, and Silverlake [etc]. I miss how walkable most of the city is…I got the BEST exercise! I love how historic Route 66 runs through the city and ends in Santa Monica. Lastly, I miss the quaint historic Spanish architecture and quaint craftsmen-style bungalows (basically the vast variety of architecture that the city has).

I am a creative, weird, unique (etc) individual…I am MADE IN LA

If you’d like to check out the wall, on the side of Cisco Home Melrose (not sure for how long it’s there for), it’s on the corner of Melrose Ave. and N. Laurel Ave.


A Visit to Emblem Showroom – Los Angeles

During my recent visit to Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to stop by Emblem Showroom, located in The New Mart and in the heart of LA’s Garment District. It was founded by Eveline Morel (you may or may not have heard of her past endeavor, hip little boutique- Em & Co.). Emblem offers over twelve years of experience in retail, design and business management. According to Eveline, “We work with global and emerging contemporary brands whose unique combinations of quality, wearability, and style bring a unique and valuable offering for consumers. We are passionate about fashion, innovative design, and bringing style that inspires. With a talented and passionate team, and over 12 years experience in design, retail buying, and marketing, Emblem Showroom connects retailers with innovative designers and products from US and around the globe. A dynamic and multi-talented team of fashion bloggers, former retail buyers, merchandisers, and visual creative, we focus on providing value-added solutions and products for retailers to help them thrive and meet their customers’ needs. We connect brands with our ever-expanding network of stylists, social media mavens and fashion influencers, for maximum trend impact.”

Emblem houses a unique array of brands, mainly from Australia, but also from here in the States as well. The brands I viewed were: The Shanti Butterfly, Pelle D’ Arte, Elle Zeitoune, Magdalena Duma, Ashley Michaelsen, Natasha Morse Designs, Talina Hermann, Chasensully and Silvana K (they also rep Australian brands- Clarissa Avenue and Nest of Pambula).

Australian brand- The Shanti Butterfly was founded in 2002 by Justine Guyot, on the beaches of Goa. The brand’s name reflects on the “peace in the present moment, the butterfly and the pure freedom of the months the designer spent there.” The pieces I saw were effortless, yet chic and wearable. I also loved the use of prints and color, in that they were toned down, yet could easily be mixed n’ matched.

Usually I’m not a huge fan of leather clothing, but after seeing some trendy pieces from Pelle D’ Arte, my taste for leather did a 180. Pelle was launched by Nairana, who’s roots began in New Zealand; but now calls Bali home. The quilting and tailoring were just exquisitely constructed and fine-tuned into the garments. She also has a line of uniquely shaped tote bags that are just so deliciously good and versatile. Now if only I lived in a somewhat colder climate to wear Pelle D’ Arte all the time…

Sydney, Australia based- Elle Zeitoune first launched in 2010 and has since had a major following. Her brand features a variety of cocktail and party dresses, as well as coordinating separates. I was able to view the gown and cocktail collections at the showroom and was delighted by Elle’s use of structure and use of sweetheart neckline. My favorite dress from the collection is the “Ruby Gold“- a gown with cap sleeves, gold sequins and demure silhouette. I would love to see more of these gowns on the red carpet (at least here in the States).

Polish-born Magdalena Duma moved to Sydney, Australia in 1990. She unofficially launched her label after Christmas 2007, where she began selling her clothing at markets at Bondi and Glebe. In 2008, she officially launched the brand after going into business with her best friend. Her brand consists of handcrafted, European-inspired trendy pieces for the independent woman. Most of the pieces I viewed were simple and on trend for the season. I also noticed some fun quirks to a few pieces, such as a jacket with the elbow area exposed and a zippered top with feathers.

New York born and raised- Ashley Michaelsen is quite the multi-tasker! This bi-coastal designer is also known for her acting and modeling. She launched her brand when she was just 21 and believes her brand mixes playful flirtiness and timeless elegance. She draws most of her inspiration from the stylish women of New York and LA.

Chasensully is a brand based in Corpus Christi, TX and launched by friends- Tiffany Foster and Kelley Cortese in 2007. The contemporary brand features fashion-forward, youthful clothing at moderate prices.

Los Angeles based Talina Hermann launched her namesake brand in 2008 and is inspired by her own experiences here in the U.S. and her native Ukraine. All her modern and streamlined designs are also manufactured in Los Angeles. She also has a collection that focuses on original graphic patterns inspired by many cities she has traveled to, such as LA and New York City.

Natasha Morse launched her jewelry brand in Fall 2013 and has since been gaining numerous fans. She crafts her statement pieces out of semi-precious stones, crystals, glass beads, pave diamonds and gold-plated brass.

Silva, along with her husband- Nubar created the first green jewelry manufacturing company in Los Angeles during the 90s, called- Silvana K. To this day, they have recycled over 250 pounds of copper per month from certified recycling centers. Very piece is manufactured in LA and is nickel, cadmium and lead free. I absolutely love this jewelry brand! Everything about them screams statement-worthy and would brighten up any outfit.

Be sure to follow Emblem Showroom on Instagram!

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