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Rodeo Drive "Walk of Style" Awards Honoring Iman x Missoni
Fashion's Night Out- "LA Style"

Rodeo Drive "Walk of Style" Awards Honoring Iman x Missoni

Where else could I meet my style icon, an iconic supermodel, watch style history being made and rub elbows with some of the biggest names in Hollywood? Why Rodeo Drive of course!! I attended the Rodeo Drive “Walk of Style” event in Beverly Hills, which honored one of the top supermodels and brands in the fashion industry…. Iman and Missoni. During my short stint on the red carpet with the other mass of paparazzi, I managed to snap shots of Mena Suvari, Elisabetta Canalis, Alexis Bledel, Iman and the Missoni family. I felt like I was in a movie or something…It felt so surreal. I’m so used to just reading about these people, but to actually see them in person. It was awesome! I also have to add that Rosita Missoni (the Grandmother) is just too cute! Everyone just looked so amazing in (mostly) pieces from Missoni. I met up with my friend and fellow blogger-Mary of The Recessionista and we kept each other company that night. We browsed the Missoni store, where cocktails and champagne were being handed out. It was my first time in the shop and it was just to awe-inspiring to see the colorful fabrics and garments in person. It was in the store where (thanks to Mary) where I gathered enough courage to introduce myself to Iman, who is such a enchanting woman with a caring heart. She was wearing a 70s-inspired dress by Rachel Zoe (who was presenting her with the award later that evening). What also impressed me was that Iman was accessible enough to strike up a small conversation. After chatting with the lovely Iman, Mary and I walked around, nibbled from the small buffet of goodies and took in the scene before the ceremony.
We listened to speeches by the Mayor of Beverly Hills- Mr. Barry Brucker, members of the Save the Children Foundation and the Rodeo Drive “Walk of Style” committee before Rachel Zoe herself took the stage, speaking about Iman. “She’s kinda everything…” Zoe mentioned that she rarely uses the term, “everything” to describe a person, but Iman was the exception. Iman soon humbly took the stage, with Rachel handing her the small torso sculpture that was the “Walk of Style” Award. Iman graciously accepted the award, congratulating Rachel on her new baby boy before speaking about the honor of winning the award and the efforts of the Save the Children Foundation. She also mentioned the horrifying lifestyles that the women of East Africa and her home country of Somalia are facing still in 2011, comparing it to “Sophie’s Choice.” She ended her speech on a lighter note by saying, “I want to invite everybody to come and walk all over me…Come, walk over me, shop and be fabulous!” Next, THE Quincy Jones spoke about his friends-the Missoni family: Angela, Margherita, Rosita, Ottavio, Vittorio, Ottavio Jr. and Jennifer; making note that he is “a junkie and huge fan of Missoni designs.” The last highlight of the evening was when the Missoni family happily accepted their award. After the ceremony, I had the opportunity to actually meet Rachel Zoe, who is my style icon. She was amazing and even complimented my outfit, which was such an honor. We left with a Missoni scarf (my first Missoni piece!) and a few other goodies. If you’d like more information on the Rodeo Drive “Walk of Style” event, go here.

I’d like to thank: Mary, Felix (for helping with the Rachel Zoe introductions), Tara from The Donahue Group, Shana Yao, Iman, Rachel Zoe, the staff at the Missoni store and at the event and the Rodeo Drive “Walk of Style” committee.

Fashion's Night Out- "LA Style"

Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) is an unprecedented global initiative created to celebrate fashion, restore consumer confidence, boost the industry’s economy and put the fun back in shopping. In the United States, FNO is a collaboration between American Vogue, the Council of Fashion Designers of America and various cities including NYC and LA.

This year marked the second annual Fashion’s Night Out for Los Angeles. Over 300 retailers participated in this city-wide event. I attended the opening ceremony, held at the Beverly Center and the hub of all the festivities. It was hosted by LA Mayor Villaraigosa, West-Coast Editor of Vogue- Lisa Love, Will.i.am, Perez Hilton and Stephanie Pratt. I wore (my own design) a dress made from the FNOla tees- designed by FIDM student Mark Blaskovits and benefitting the California Fashion Foundation with 100% of the proceeds from tee sales going to their scholarship fund for fashion education. I had the opportunity to briefly get Perez Hilton’s and Anjelica Huston’s input on FNO. According to Perez, FNOLA is a “very clever way to make money and fool people into thinking it’s all about fashion. It’s about money, commerce and consumerism and being slaves to that…But if you wanna be a slave, you might as well look good.” He also did a fabulous job at promoting his site, Cocoperez, “which is so FIERCE, it will blind you!” Anjelica had a lighter approach to FNO. “I think the people in America feel the need to celebrate something. The times have been grim and we need a bit of fashion in our lives…”
The event started with a welcome by the Mayor who urged the crowd to “shop til they drop.” The fashion show was the highlight of the evening, showcasing the latest trends from various Beverly Center vendors.
It was such a bummer that the evening ended at 9/10pm. FNO needs to extend to the next day (yes, I know it would defeat the purpose, but there just wasn’t enough time to hit every event…). But I was able to visit the Anya Hindmarch store on Robertson Boulevard, where you could pick any purse in the store (except the sale items) and pose with it during a mini-photoshoot by photographer Brian To. The best pose gets to keep the purse. I then had to rush off to the Grove for the Bloggers Cafe for Two Point Oh LA and Fashion Los Angeles. I mingled with my fellow blogger gal-pals and watched as a few of LA’s top stylists: Margaret Sche, Kadi Prescott, Reah Norman and Bree Cooley, and Kallah Maguire offered up some styling tips (and demonstrations of the looks on mannequins and models). We then ventured over to Nordstrom and waited to catch a peep at Fergie, who was making an in-store appearance for her shoe line. Meeting her was impossible, due to the insane amount of security and the mob of kids and teens. The night was a major success and very exhausting, but I’m looking forward to next year’s, as I’m sure it’ll just keep getting better and perhaps even better.

Special Thanks: J, Shirley Watson (Media Contact for FIDM) and her lovely assistants, Cynthia Ruiz (Board of Public Works, Commissioner, Fashion Liason, City of Los Angeles), Nicole Williams (Project Manager-City of Los Angeles), Steve Valentine of the Valentine Group, Kristen Calavas, Mik of Serfontaine Denim, Ilse Metchek of the California Fashion Association, Lisa Love, Anjelica Huston, Perez Hilton, Mena Suvari, Mark Blaskovits, Diana Bianchini of Di Moda PR, Kelsi Smith, the fellow bloggers, Michael Venedicto of Fashion Los Angeles and all the volunteers, models, stylists and designers.

**Photos by Brian To**

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