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Jovy Janolo Presents: Fabowlous Mixer/Show and Charity Bowling Event
Project Ethos: Culture Shock 3.27.09

Jovy Janolo Presents: Fabowlous Mixer/Show and Charity Bowling Event

When it comes to mixers, you’d usually think of a small gathering in a bar or restaurant. Well, producer Jovy Janolo decided to trash the “stereotypical” mixer and opted for a more lively event that included bowling (for charity) and a fashion show that featured three designers; MidnightMare, DiviNatioN by Naira and Astarte; and was hosted by actress, Calpernia Addams. She also performed her hit single, “Stunning,” while getting the audience pumped up for the fashion spectacular.
Lucky Strike Lanes in Hollywood was chosen to be the venue for the festivities. The runway was the walkway in between the lanes, which were illuminated with neon lights to liven up the event. The first designer showing was MidnightMare Apparel. They were showcasing their signature hand drawn tees and tunics. I saw some new pieces going down the runway: the introduction of their mens line, tees, thermals and jackets that were hand drawn by MM designer, Phong Hong. Phong draws his inspiration through what he observes from the shadows at night. The drawings depict fierce animals with weapons, such as a scorpion, raging bull, hawk with wings of blades, etc. The price points for the men’s apparel range from $49-69 for thermals, $69-109 for Organic button-downs, $29-59 for Organic cotton tees. They custom make blazers and black pants with plaid detail upon request. For the womens line, designed by Donna and Judy Hong, consisted of their signature tees and tunics with hand drawn feminine silhouettes of women that are disguised as animals. For the runway, they were paired with the ruffled skirts and hot black liquid leggings with gold zippers running down the back. They debuted their new dress collection that evening. Showing off two strapless dresses that are fitted at the top and have ruffled skirts. The dresses range from $68-128 and the leggings are $58. For ordering and more info, check out www.midnightmare.com.
The next line to go down the runway was DiviNatioN by Naira McMullen. There were squeals from the audience (myself included) due to the male shirtless models that posed at various points on the runway. The models then came out, flirting and posing with the men. Each garment was unique, handcrafted by Naira herself. Ms. McMullen is a fellow graduate of FIDM and an emerging designer based here in LA. Since she’s still starting out, she jumped at the chance to participate in Jovy’s show, as well as be involved with charity, in this case, SpcaLA. Her website is: http://www.divi-n-ation.blogspot.com. She can also be reached at nstudio72@gmail.com.
The last line of the evening was Astarte, which featured fun, versatile clothing for the plus-size woman who’s not afraid to make an entrance. The runway show featured the models strutting down the runway and flirtingly posing with the male models. One model worked it while changing a suit for work into a sparkly red top and black skirt for evening. Astarte, headed by designer Jennifer Davis is based in Long Beach. Everything is manufactured there. She uses a certain cutting technique and fabrics that gives the plus-size woman shape. What sets Astarte apart is that the clothing is elegant yet casual. The cut and lines of the garments make it flow and creates shape for the hourglass and curvy figures. To view the online catalogue and for more info, please go to www.astartewoman.com.
The show was indeed a success and had a huge turnout. Jovy credits his inspiration for this unique mixer to a recent ANTM episode, which Tyra required the models to walk on the slippery lanes on a bowling alley. Lastly, he wanted to connect people in all industry backgrounds together, especially during these times. He wants to see people not just party at these mixers, but to mingle and network… There will be many more of these mixers to come and I can’t wait to see what Jovy will come up with next.

Special Thanks: Felix Salzman of LookbookLA, J’s Luxury Taxi Service, SpcaLA, Jovy Janolo, Parris Harris, Calpernia Addams, Lucky Strike, MyFashionPlace.com, JIVID.com, UltraFineMedia.com, German Oliva Productions, Efren Beltran Photography, and Apparel News Group.

Project Ethos: Culture Shock 3.27.09

* ” Project Ethos bridges the gap between Indie and Mainstream worlds and provides opportunities for previous unrecognized talent.” *

This year,  I had the opportunity to attend the bi-annual event, Project Ethos, held at the Vanguard in Hollywood. The theme was “Culture Shock”.  The charity partner for the event was ‘Raising Malawi, who’s goal is to end the extreme poverty that Malawi’s two million orphans and other children have to suffer from.  The red carpet event boasted eight designers,  eleven artists, three bands, two DJs and fifty-six models.

After a colorful dance by Groovaholix, who were keeping to the “Culture Shock” theme, wore tanks that represented different cultures around the world…the seven-designer fashion show started.

AGAPE- A feminine contemporary line, designed by Danyela Jelovac had draped dresses and seperates that had a European flair but a hint of American modernity. The muted colors were perfectly styled with purple tights that went over the heel, which reminded me of a somewhat “mod” style. You can email Danyela at danyelaj@hotmail.com.

MIDNIGHTMARE- The dynamic duo Judy, Donna and Phong Hong are the creative geniuses behind this contemporary line that was inpspired by the mysterious shadows that are formed at night. All the designs on their tees are original hand-drawn illustrations. I LOVED the vest and skirt seperates that were made from feathers! Their designs will be available  in their online store and some boutiques. Their site is www.midnightmare.com.

MIMEKI- This is a handbag line created by Rochelle Thwaites. Mimeki means, “I made it,” in Jamaican. Her line has a following that features celebrities and other fashionistas alike. At one point during her show, two models walked out, instead of wearing clothing, their bodies were beautifully painted. It created a “WOW-factor” with the audience. Her website www.mimeki.com is currently under construction.

COWGIRL HEAVEN- Fun and flirty party dresses that are designed by Houstina Summers, were inspired by ribbons and bows, also Barbie meets 50’s Pin-up. Check her out at www.cowgirlheaven.foliosnap.com or email her at cooltina33@hotmail.com.

LAVSH- Alfred Lape is the creative visionary for this line. He has had no formal education in the fashion industry and is responsible for the patternmaking, sewing, the rest of the design process, as well as the business aspect. He showed very sophisticated shirts, jackets and pants during the show. Every piece of Lape’s collection is sewn with love and care. For more information, go to www.lavshlv.com.

LUXCHER- This contemporary line designed by Naoko Yoshihara takes its name from two French words, “lux”- “luxury” and “cher”- “beloved”. All her clothes that were on the runway that evening were very feminine and sophisticated and could easily take a woman from day to evening. Her email is luxcher@gmail.com.

THE OTHER DUCK- Created by Cheryl Koo, and was derived from the “Ugly Duckling” story. Her line is for those who are the non-conformists, the people are aren’t afraid to stand-out…the outcasts…if you will. Every piece she makes has a message behind it, which is also her personal life message. The models had make-up that represented black masks around their eyes…the dark make-up with the dark clothing was very goth-like. There was a slight twist behind the coats…the lining had color…bright and fun. One of the models also came out in a strapless sheer gown and doing ballet. I do love it when models add a little something extra other than just ‘walking’. Cheryl’s hip site can be found at www.theotherduck.com.

DEVIOUS-DAMZELS- Designer Maria Peralta was inspired by the silhouettes of the 80’s- shoulder pads, dolman sleeves and glitz; along with the art of East LA culture. Her tees had graphics that were edgy and explosive. Her website www.deviousdamzels.com is under construction at the present, but in the meantime, her email is quitedevious1@aol.com.

SPONSORS: Sexy Hair, Jody Domingue, LookBookLA, Sean Healy Presents, BDPR, Covenant House California, 99% Entertainment, Raising Malawi, M2 Event Design, My Studio, Beta Records, Not Rated Productions, Jin and Quinn Productions, Felulu Cosmetics, Agent Training Network, Groovaholix, Paul Mitchell: The School, Illuminate Collective.

Special Thanks: Brianne Bear; Jason Peskin;Erica Carbajal; Monica Ruiseco;my fellow Ethos girls: Kristen, Claudia and Janice and the rest of TEAM ETHOS; Jody Domingue Photography, Ryan Jones, Parris Harris, Felix Salzman (LookBookLA)… For more information on Project Ethos, go to www.projectethos.com.

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