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Woodbury University "Neo-Tribes" Fashion Show- LA

Woodbury University "Neo-Tribes" Fashion Show- LA

My last night in LA (during my most recent visit) was fashionably eventful to say the least. I was invited to attend Woodbury University’s 49th annual fashion show. The theme for this year was called “Neo-Tribes.” The show was under the direction of Woodbury’s Chair of the Department of Fashion Design- Kathryn Hagen, while the students were mentored under such industry legends as: Jared Gold, Eduardo Lucero and Eddie Bledsoe (as well as the rest of the distinguished faculty). LA’s fashion maven- Lisa Kline was the honored guest of the evening (as well as the VIP viewing of the collections a few days before the public viewing…and I was in Phoenix…) It was held at Center Stage Studios in downtown LA and featured sophomore swimwear, junior collections, costume designs inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and senior collections.

From the moment the lights initiated the start of the show and the pulsating, energetic music, it was a constant “WOW, what’s coming next?!” moment. The sophomores swimwear featured futuristic silhouettes with geometric cut-outs infused with automotive graphics and bold colors. The juniors collection delved into contemporary and evening wear. The show then transitioned to the costume design portion, in which students had created stunning looks that marched to the beat of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. We saw looks from scenes spanning the timeline between 1462-1887. The scenes where the models acted were brilliantly executed and left us wanting more (and I have never wanted to don a Victorian gown and dance the walze so badly). Then we charge right into the highly-anticipated senior collections. I tell you, my brain has never been so visually impacted… The creativity just radiated from these students, whose inspirations ranged from: ‘Gothic Lolita,’ a range of eras, a variety of cultures, Alice in Wonderland, poets, etc. Seeing new silhouettes, futuristic designs paired with funky footwear (including a pair of sky-high Japanese-inspired geta or footwear that was made by one student) was like waking up on a beautiful sunny morning, going to the terrace and breathing in fresh air.

After the show, awards were given and the students were given a standing ovation. I left the venue feeling inspired and hoping to see more fashion shows like that.

Huge thanks to Jaime, Woodbury University, Kathryn Hagen, the students and models, hair and make-up teams!

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