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David Tupaz – NYFW September 2014
Isabelle Donola Presents "Faceless" Collection During NYFW September 2014
Zang Toi Celebrates 25 Years of Fashion Success @ NYFW September 2014

David Tupaz – NYFW September 2014

This year marks the first NYFW runway show for Filipino and celebrated red carpet designer- David Tupaz, and was hosted by the Philippine Consulate. David moved from New York to Los Angeles in 1998 and has since branched out to Las Vegas. He also single-handedly created the Las Vegas Fashion Designer’s Council, where he mentors local artists and designers so that they will benefit themselves and the community. His work has been seen on numerous red carpets and countless celebrities.

His Spring/Summer 2015 ready-to-wear collection, titled- “Las Vegas.” It was inspired by not only the city, but also the elegance of women. He went on to add that “when you look at all the old movies, the women were all beautiful. Have you ever seen a bad photo of Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly? They were the epitome of elegance.” The collection seemed to have consisted of three stories- resort/beach, the office/Uptown and evening/cocktail. The resort/beach portion was comprised of black and white with a burst of lime green. Materials looked chic and easy, with some sheer (but could be easily layered). Oversize flouncy beach hats with flowers stole the show. The office/Uptown portion also had a black and white palette, but also with grey hues. The suits took on a 40s vibe with crisp tailoring and stylish fedoras. The evening/cocktail portion also emphasized black and white, with additional visions of kelly green and silver metallics. Fun headwear also caught my attention. I loved the kelly green dress with a 50s silhouette and the sleek jumpsuit. The show ended with David making his entrance with one of his models and thanking the audience.

Isabelle Donola Presents "Faceless" Collection During NYFW September 2014

I was incredibly excited to learn that my friend and designer- Isabelle Donola was showcasing a collection during New York Fashion Week. I had met Isabelle when I was living in Los Angeles and she was also there, designing. The Brazilian-born designer has such a quirky and upbeat personality and style that it falls in tune with her design aesthetic. In 2008, she launched her namesake brand- Isabelle Donola NYC and has since dressed many clients, from artists to celebrities; while also participating in New York and Los Angeles fashion weeks. All her clothing is made in New York’s ‘Garment District,’ sticking to eco-friendly manufacturing methods and using only Italian and European fabrics. She uses her trademark “I.D. Technique”- a technique which combines draping and pattern making on a mental elaboration that it is turned into abstract shapes, which results in a perfect and unique fit. She was recently on season one of “Project Runway: Under the Gunn” and felt that it was a fun experience and opportunity. It was also very different from her normal work routine in that it had more constrictions and pressures. She has met some great people and felt a sense of community from her peers.

Her New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 collection is titled “Face-Less” and featured eight looks. The garments were made from recycled Italian linen and knits. The looks were minimalistic, yet had quirky twists in either the fabric manipulation or the design itself. Her original collection had unfortunately been stolen, thus leaving her three days to create the other collection “It’s a real-life Project Runway, let’s do this!”. Monday’s show proved that she made what could have been impossible- possible. The inspiration for “Face-Less” is the beauty about being a human being- the purity of aiming towards perfection, juxtaposing with its flaws. “A lot of people put on masks throughout their daily lives…but this this collection, I want no masks. I want people to celebrate life and enjoy it. I just want people to feel confident and beautiful when they wear my collection.”

Isabelle is partnering with Luevo– a website where you and see the show and then shop the runway afterwards. The sale runs for about a month and prices run 35% less than the retail prices.

Zang Toi Celebrates 25 Years of Fashion Success @ NYFW September 2014

It was a packed house when New York designer Zang Toi showcased his Spring/Summer 2015 collection- “A Privileged Life: The American Dream.” Celebrities such as Camille Grammer, Whoopi Goldberg, Andre Leon Talley and others were on hand to witness the designer’s 25 year anniversary in the industry. Zang created the House of Toi collection in 1989 and has since been known for it’s glamour, attention to even the smallest detail and celebration of the female form. His garments are all handmade in New York City.

The collection was a tribute and his way of saying ‘thank you’ to America and all the opportunities it has given him to establish himself. He was the first designer to use bright colors when everyone else was using taupe, beige and brown.This season, he brings back a suit that was in his very first Spring collection (he had only been in business for six months at the time) that was picked up by Anna Wintour for Vogue’s ‘Fresh Faces of the 90s’ story. The suit was re-issued in different colorways for this collection and is also a tribute to Vogue. You can also say that the collection was an example of ‘All-American Prep,’ with bright striped jackets, crisp suits and clean silhouettes. He kept the evening and cocktail wear in more cooler colors, yet stayed true to his attention to detail.

The end of the show concluded with Zang taking the runway by storm. As the audience gave him a standing ovation, one of the photographers presented him with a 25 year anniversary cake.

Congratulations Zang Toi, here’s to another 25 years of fashionable success!

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