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My FIRST NYFW Experience in a Nutshell…
Style 360 Presents FTL MODA – NYFW September 2014
Francesca Liberatore – NYFW September 2014

My FIRST NYFW Experience in a Nutshell…

Gosh… in a way, I’m still reveling in the fact that September 2014 was the month and year I was able to attend THE New York Fashion Week. I want to thank Fashion Mingle (I literally can’t thank them enough) for allowing me to join the team to cover the intense week of everything fashion. It was a dream come true!

The boy and I drove…yes I said DROVE…from Houston to NYC, stopping at different cities along the way. We stayed at Yotel in Hell’s Kitchen, which was fairly close, but still a brief cab or subway ride to Lincoln Center. In between shows, we played tourist and WALKED EVERYWHERE (like 20 blocks from a show to our hotel) and my entire body ended up being in pain for the first few days; but I’ll be damned if I wasn’t feeling pretty amazing by the end of our NYC stay.

So, basically everything that you hear about Lincoln Center and NYFW is true. Just standing outside by the fountain and walking to the tents was a rush; as well as seeing the editors, celebrities (like the Hiltons) and bloggers in their designer threads and the swarms of street style photographers was an experience in itself. I met THE Grace Coddington, who was just as humble and lovely as can be. I had also wanted to see Bill Cunningham…and did…and that was BEYOND disappointing. I thought he would be the kind man that was portrayed in his documentary, but alas, he was quite the opposite. Anyway, once inside the tents, you get your ticket scanned, which determines where your seating assignment is. Then you can either mingle at some of the pop-ups or hang out in the media lounge, until time to line up to get into the shows. When we were able to get into the salons for the shows, it was literally like being herded in there like cattle and everyone was in a rush of sorts. I did have the chance to stay in the media pit for most of the shows… it was THE pit of all media pits…but nevertheless, I was able to conform myself into small yet decent spots and managed to get relatively good photos (I was even laying on the floor and sitting on concrete in CHANEL…but that’s how much I love blogging…) Like ALL fashion industry events, the shows ended up starting late, but you know what… I didn’t mind…I was just so entralled in the whole experience of just being there.

Would I do it all over again? HELL YES, I would! However, NYFW will longer be held at Lincoln Center after the F/W 2015 shows in February. So we shall see as to what the plan will be. I know I’m beyond curious.

Style 360 Presents FTL MODA – NYFW September 2014

Style 360 celebrated its tenth anniversary in September 2014, once again presenting an eclectic mix of Spring/Summer 2015 collections to an array of celebrities, editors and fashionistas. I attended their FTL MODA segment on September 10th at the Style 360 Pavilion. FTL MODA was founded by Ilaria Niccolini Productions, who have since been putting on runway shows worldwide since 2007 and have been the building block for Italian designers to showcase their collection on a worldwide scale.

While waiting for the show to start, guests were able to browse the several pop-up shops provided by Olivia Garden, Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos, Not Your Mother’s, Flips Audio, Scarlet & Gold, Carefree, Mehron Makeup, Leghila, Beanitos and Hello oral care products. There was also a VIP lounge provided by Cointreau. My favorite take-aways from the pop-up shops:

* Hello oral care products are VEGAN-FRIENDLY and Leaping Bunny Certified. They come in three great-tasting flavors- “Pink Grapefruit Mint,” “Supermint,” and “Mojito Mint.” Their packaging is really fun and everything is made in the USA.

* Flips Audio make HD headphones that flip over and become amplified speakers. They are pretty bad-ass!

* Leghila is an Italian handbag company who’s handbags are ultimately created from neoprene and are washable. The bags vary in numerous styles and a variety of bright colors. Best of all, the bags are cruelty-free.

Run of Show:

Fri:haend is an Italian street wear brand that was founded in May 2012 by five friends who built the company upon the foundation of friendship, a strong ambition and passion for fashion. The brand focuses on brand identity promotion by exploring serigraphic printing, digital techniques and use of exquisite yet comfortable fabrics. Their t-shirts and jackets are easily recognizable with their signature symbols: “5,” “:,” and the “hand.” In all, Fri:haend provides men a distinctive look that is rich in identity, prints, color and fabrication.

The next designer was rather a surprise to me, as she is a designer friend from Los Angeles. Kami Shade launched her career in 2004, with her eclectic collections being in numerous magazines and on many celebrities. She presented her Spring 2015 capsule collection that was bursting with bright colors, sequins and her signature swimwear. Loved the neon yellow maxi skirt and the sequin bohemian-style jumpsuit.

SoCal designer- Jaime Elyse launched her brand, elyseREUBEN in 1994, with a focus in the bridal market. Her gowns offer contemporary yet classic silhouettes in rich textures and patterned bodices (not to mention the stunning headpieces that were portrayed in the runway presentation). The gowns were stunning and each had its own unique personality. Jaime knows her craft and gives the bride-to-be and bridesmaids unique choices for the big day.

Gianni Tolentino began his path to to fashion success in the 1970s and debuted his brand in the 1980s. He has since gained recognition as one of the best fashion and costume designers in the “Made in Italy” category. He presented edgy pieces with mesh and leaf cut-outs, along with timeless cocktail dresses in vintage silhouettes. My favorites were the black sheer swing jacket and white silk shantung cigarette pants.

Francesca Liberatore – NYFW September 2014

Italian designer Francesca Liberatore graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London and has since worked from prominent design houses and participated in important initiatives. The “enfant prodige” (young prodigy) recently won the DHL Worldwide Exported Award, which allowed her to showcase her Spring/Summer 2015 collection at New York Fashion Week. This was also her American debut, as well as an introduction to her menswear collection.

Spring/Summer 2015 was inspired by the image of a bird in a polluted surrounding. Francesca wanted to take an image of a bird with a lot of plastic in its stomach and can no longer grab fish from the sea; and put a positive twist on that reflection. We see silhouette influences of retro 1970s mixed with elements of the Far West. The womenswear seems to be more baggy and layered, while still maintaining femininity with soft color palettes; while the menswear looks to be more tailored with darker hues. The designer also included her backpack and handbag collection, as well as powerful legwear. Sticking to her concept of nature, Francesca created the collection using more natural fabrics, such as: leather, suede, silk and cotton. For the menswear, I loved the use of shirt with a wing-tip collar, a plain white button-front top with ruffle detail and a suit jacket with ruffle detail on the sleeves. The womenswear had very unique shapes with edgy detailing (and styling)…not to mention a killer black jacket with pleated ruffle on the sleeves.

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