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Phoenix Fashion Week 2016 – Night One

Phoenix Fashion Week 2016 – Night One

This year’s presentation of Phoenix Fashion Week marked its ninth year as being the most well-known fashion events throughout the Southwest region. The festivities, held at Talking Stick Resort, took place over the span of three nights, with up to ten designers per night. Each night, guests were treated to shop straight from the runway designers at the Style Villa Marketplace, and walk the red carpet. There were themed nights, the first night being ‘Community Night,’ featuring local designers, as well as the first batch of the emerging designers.

This time around, I’ll only be presenting photo diaries of the collections from all three nights.

* Art Institute of Phoenix- Menswear *

* Alejandra Inzunza *

* #LoveUp *

* Community Night Designers *

Community Night Designers featured: Angela Johnson, Astro Apparel, Bria & Company, Bunny Gerrit, Identity of She, Kelly Callaway Designs, Mahsa, Prodigal Sun Clothing, Prodigie, Sillin Inc. (now House of Holmes), Theo Doro, and While Away Clothing/Tiger Lily.

* Marisa Mike with Monica Mauro jewelry *

* Forgiven Love *

* Isy B with Monica Mauro jewelry *

* State Forty Eight *

* Charmosa Swimwear *

* Francesca Lake *

Stay tuned for night two!

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