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Winter Hometown Hunt: Phoenix Edition

Winter Hometown Hunt: Phoenix Edition

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I might have just moved to Phoenix a mere eight months ago, but I feel like I’ve been attending my fair share of fun events and hitting up local establishments every chance I get. Here are some of my favorite events and local happenings that I’ve experienced, even in winter…

* Phoestivus is a yearly holiday market put on by Phoenix Public Open-Air Market. This past December, it featured over 130 local vendors- from crafts, handmade goods (soaps, home decor, clothing), to food and drinks. I met the Yeti, got my photo taken with Hipster Santa, and enjoyed food from the many food trucks that were available.

  • Phoestivus 2016


* Hiking. Ah yes…One of my absolute favorite things to do on a relatively warm and sunny day. I’ve done Camelback, Pietsewa Peak, Peralta to Freemont Saddle (and view of Weaver’s Needle), Wind Cave Trail, and Tom’s Thumb. I recommend hiking on a weekday, as weekends get pretty crowded (especially when the snowbirds are in town for the winter). Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, a hat, bottle water, phone, portable phone charger (if applicable), sunglasses, and maybe a journal. Have fun!

PHX Renews is a project put on by Keep Phoenix Beautiful and City of Phoenix Mayor Stanton to help transform vacant lots into community spaces. I recently visited the main space- located on Central and Indian School, and got an idea on how 15 acres was being put to use. The land is on lease, but visitors can come visit the community space from 7am – 6pm everyday to learn about sustainability, create and/or view art, grow plants/herbs/veggies, or just take a walk.

  • PHX RENews, urban garden, community space, Phoenix
  • PHX RENews, urban garden, community space, Phoenix

Farmers Markets. I literally live for farmers markets, especially after moving to Phoenix. I love being able to shop directly from the local farmers and vendors. I’ve tasted the best foods, such as local butter, bread, jam, honey, nuts, veggie lasagna, hummus, and lettuce. Granted, prices are a little higher, but I’d rather get better quality food. I’ve also felt an insane about of community, and have been building rapport amongst my favorite vendors. I highly suggest Phoenix Open-Air Market, Gilbert Farmers Market, and Uptown Farmers Market.

PHX Flea  is held bi-annually, every March and November, and features over 100 local vendors, as well as a variety of food trucks. Guests can shop anything from vintage, clothing, handmade; to art and plants.  It takes place in Downtown Phoenix, at historic Heritage Square.

What are your favorite things to do in your hometown?

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