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Falling Whistles Installation @ Fred Segal

Falling Whistles Installation @ Fred Segal

I had mentioned in my article about Falling Whistles (spotlight on…) that they were going to be selling the whistles at Fred Segal. Well, last Thursday (10/22), it finally happened. Falling Whistles had their pop-up installation at Fred Segal in Santa Monica. I got there early and there was already a good group of people there and buying the whistles. 

The installation was somewhat small and narrow, but it worked for the purpose it was serving. Silver whistles hung from tree branches and there were pictures of the people of Congo and of course, the story behind Falling Whistles. Also on display were whistles from the collaboration of Lizzie Fortunato and FW. The chains were elaborately decorated with Acholi beads and Fortunato jewels and ranged from $80- 200. 

I spoke briefly with Sean and asked what the next step for FW was. There were going to be more installations in Portland, New York and so on… As well as continuing the effort to raise money for the people of Congo. (After the event, Sean told me that 179 whistles were sold, which is quite impressive and I only hope that that number continues to grow as more and more people are becoming aware or as FW would say, “becoming whistle-blowers for peace”.)

Special Thanks: Falling Whistles, Fred Segal-Santa Monica, J, Rochelle Carino of Rumple Munkeh for lending me the fabulous kimono-inspired dress from her “Geisha” collection for the event and my co-worker, Noellia for styling my hair.

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