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Carmen Steffens Fall Launch-Fashion Square Mall
Li Cari Launch Party at Taylrz Joynt 12/5/08

Carmen Steffens Fall Launch-Fashion Square Mall

The luxury Brazilian accessories brand, Carmen Steffens launched its Fall Collection at the Westfield Fashion Square in Sherman Oaks. Why Sherman Oaks…you ask? Carmen Steffens wants to appeal to everyone, not just celebrities or Beverly Hills clientele. They want to reach out to those who love fashion but can’t necessarily afford the Louboutins, Manolos or YSLs. Carmen Steffens pride themselves as being a brand that only carries one size or handbags that may only have one for the entire US market. The brand sets the highest standards to make sure that their focus is on style, exclusivity and comfort. Especially comfort. The shoes are made with a composite or rubber sole that allows people to walk on hard floors with ease (and I was told that that’s why their stores have marble floors and not carpeted floors…to demonstrate how comfortable it is when trying out the shoes). When trying on the platformed shoes myself, I too, believed in the Carmen Steffens comfort… I felt a difference when walking around and loved the way the shoe had a slight upper curvature that I believe would help to relieve the bulk of the pressure at ball of the foot. Prices to own a Carmen Steffens piece range from: $150-760 for shoes/boots, $190-850 for handbags and $180-190 for wallets.

Special Thanks: J, Michael Shane of Gorgeous PR, Mark Willingham- President of US Operations, the helpful sales staff of the Fashion Square Carmen Steffens store- 14006 Riverside Drive, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423.

NOTE: Along with the slide show of pix from the event, Michael was kind enough to give me the link to the CS virtual fashion show. They reinvented the fashion show by making it mostly animation but the CS products are not animation. Enjoy!

Li Cari Launch Party at Taylrz Joynt 12/5/08

The weather warmed up enough to head on over to the Li Cari clothing launch party at Taylrz Joynt in Sherman Oaks. Despite it being a Friday, the traffic was decent and I was able to find parking across the street from the venue. When I arrived, there was the red carpet and the paparazzi taking pictures of  Li Cari’s designer, Jazmin Whitley, Hanna Beth, and a couple stars from “Paris Hilton’s New BFF”, Sinsu and Onch.

 After check-in and taking pictures on the red carpet, I proceeded into the boutique. There were models wearing items from the line posing in the window, their poses changing every so often. There was a good crowd turn-out, ranging from actors to models, designers and hipsters. I stood back for a few minutes, taking in the scene. Taylrz Joynt is a small, narrow boutique; though there was artwork on the walls, as well as the fun, creative displays for the clothing and jewelry. Tucked in the back of the store were the quaint dressing rooms and a large floor-to-ceiling mirror. I walked to the back to meet up with the 20 year old phenomenon behind the line- Jazmin Whitley.

             Whitley, dressed in a vintage floral print dress and cardigan was glad to sit down with me for a few minutes to discuss her rise to success in fashion. She started designing in high school and gained momentum when her teacher suggested doing a fashion show. Since then, she has designed for friends and clients. Her collection started out small and has escalated into the line we know today. Her advice to budding designers and entrepenuers, “Never give up and always have faith.”

              I later caught up with the Taylrz Joynt owner herself…Ms.Taylr. (Pronounced Taylor, but minus the ‘O’.) Despite the busy atmosphere, she kindly accepted my request for a short interview and ushered me back near one of the dressing rooms. Taylr had always wanted to own her own boutique. After moving down to LA from San Francisco in 2001, she worked as a stylist and wardrober. In 2007, her lifelong dream came true and she opened her first boutique in North Hollywood before recently moving to her current location on Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks. She hopes to open a chain of stores across the nation, her first stop being Houston, TX.  Being a fan of wanting to start a business myself, I asked her if it was easy to start a business. She told me that it was easier to start, but keeping it up is more of a challenge. I really enjoyed speaking with such an inspirational woman. A favorite quote that she left me with is, “Don’t put your dreams in the hands of others.”

Taylrz Joynt is located at 13549 Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks. The phone number is (818)907-7818. You can view the Li Cari line at here. Special Thanks to Susan Costa of World Coast Management PR.

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