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GoldenRags – "A Modern Twist on Vintage Rags"
Kissue Grand Opening at Memorial City Mall
Bustown Modern – Los Angeles

GoldenRags – "A Modern Twist on Vintage Rags"

Tamara B. has always loved clothes and thrifting. The blogger and entrepreneur enjoys thrifting clothing from a variety of decades- particularly those of the 80s and 90s, but sometimes can’t fit the styles. So back in 2013, she officially launched GoldenRags, an online vintage shop that has since been her creative outfit so that she can style the clothes and mix-n-match with current styles that are around today. On why she chose the name ‘goldenrags,’ she recalls, “I thought it was a cool play on names, because when you think of vintage, it’s very golden, but some people think of them as being rags. So it’s just sort of a play on the two opposites.”

When asked what sets them apart from the myriad of online vintage sellers, Tamara responds, “We work with the styles that are around today. So it’s not for the girl that necessarily wants to look like she stepped out of the 70s…It’s for the girl that likes a little bit of vintage…We also have pieces for the people that do want to dress for a particular decade. But we cater to modern vintage… Our tagline is a ‘modern twist on vintage rags.'”

While I was in LA, they happened to have had a pop-up shop at the DTLA Arts District Co-Op building. There were two racks with Tamara’s eclectic and colorful finds. She credits one of her more ‘better finds’ to a funky 80s acid-wash denim jacket with sequins and embroidery; which was dutifully styled on the mannequin. Among some of my favorites from the pop-up were: a black and white woven vest, a floral print peplum dress, a Southwest style striped vest, a pastel floral romper, a jewels and chains printed dress, an Aztec-style print tee and lastly- a Bart Simpson tee.

Their prices are also affordable, ranging from $5 to $100. You can find and shop GoldenRags ONLINE, INSTAGRAM and also a various flea markets and pop-up shops.

Kissue Grand Opening at Memorial City Mall

Texas sisters- Kailey Tissue McCollum and Kaygan Tissue recently celebrated the grand opening of their flagship store- Kissue- at Memorial City Mall. I remember attending one of their trunk shows back when they were just selling online or out of their residence back in 2014 (you can read about it HERE). Now, you can shop their affordable hand-curated clothing and accessories that are distinguished in detail, such as: clean cut, modern, sharp and fine lines at their brick-n-mortar. They carry a variety of brands that are for the most part, from either Los Angeles or New York, such as: Ark & Co., English Rose, Nameless and C. Luce (which are their favorite brands as well). Their store’s mainly black and white decor stays true to their minimalistic esthetic, which I think helps to draw more attention to their products, which also now includes costume jewelry and the latest sunglasses styles from Quay Australia. When walking around the shop, I saw a small lounging area, complete with a Kissue lookbook and books on McQueen and general style; several dressing rooms; a crazy cool white room divider (perfect for spontaneous outfit shots) and black and white posters of a model wearing Kissue’s latest looks.

Kissue is located at 303 Memorial Way Houston, Texas 77024- Inside the Dillard’s wing of Memorial City Mall.

Below are photos from the event, including shots of my fave pieces!

Bustown Modern – Los Angeles

8166 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046
PH:(323) 951-0290
HOURS: Tuesday- Saturday 11am-6pm PST or BY APPOINTMENT

Bustown Modern is the brainchild of husband + wife team Anessa Woods and Paul Fogt, who share a mutual love of vintage and antiques. Their concept began when they realized that they were passing up items that they didn’t “need,” whereas other people would want them. They then started buying and selling on eBay and rented a space at a local antique mall. After seeing positive results and their business and the quality of merchandise grow, they strayed away from eBay and ventured on to open up a web store. It wasn’t until January 2014, that they packed up, moved across the country and opened their brick-n-mortar on Melrose Ave.

The little Melrose shop is truly a gem and great addition to the area. It has a modern feel, yet houses treasures that are rare, unique and just…oh-so-exquisite on a historic level. When asked about a great piece of clothing that has been found to date, Paul responds, “We have lots of favorites. Some are in our closets. Some are long sold. Every piece has a story, whether it’s the brilliance of the piece itself or just the memory of how we came across it. Anything haute couture is always great because it’s so special. There were only a finite number made and that piece you’re holding is the only one exactly like it ever – it was handmade for someone to their exact specs. We’ve also had a lot of unique pieces that are just so unique or really rare and you feel privileged to have gotten to see, feel and photograph them.”

They offer a little something for everyone, both style-wise and price. Prices range from $50 for the cutest little Paloma Picasso coin purse (everrrr) to $5,000. As Paul states, “A lot of high-end shops get hung up on designer labels only. Yes, we have tons of designer things but we don’t necessarily have them because they’re designer. We buy by the piece, for the piece. Whether it’s designer or not, we look more at design, quality, construction, rarity and how the piece fits into current and future trends. Anessa has an incredible eye and it really resonates with people. We try to offer a very curated collection and when people come in the store or look at our website, we think it really shows.”

I had such a amazing time checking out their curated collection of clothing, accessories and jewelry. This is one of the very few shops in Los Angeles that you can actually touch and feel a Sant’ Angelo, Galanos, Cardin or Halston. This part of Melrose is definitely my little piece of vintage heaven.

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