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Raen Optics Press Preview Event at Deus Ex Machina

Raen Optics Press Preview Event at Deus Ex Machina

I ventured out to Venice to the Deus (day-us) Venice Emporium of Post Modern Activities (Deus Ex Machina showroom) to preview the Raen Optics line. Deus Ex Machina (god from the machine) is originally based in Australia and caters to the surfer, skate and motorcycle crowd. The Venice showroom is the first outpost to come to the U.S. It also includes a nice little cafe that serves only caffeinated coffees from Handsome, sodas and some interesting ginger beer (non-alcoholic) that this blogger has ever tasted. Deus is a great place to pick up a vintage-style surfboard or gear for your motorcycle. They sell clothing and buttery leather goods. You can also get a custom-built motorcycle as well. The showroom has super-friendly staff and I’m sure you’ll find something fun to get into to while there. I personally admired the leather saddlebag!

The Raen Optics preview was held above the showroom. I was able to feel and try on the different styles from their new Spring/Summer 2012 collections. All their frames are handmade from zyl acetate, which is a high-quality Italian material made of renewable wood pulp and natural cotton fibers. The hues are embedded into the frames, resulting in a non-peeling, non-fading timeless frame. So, when you think of purchasing a pair of Raen Optics glasses or sunnies, remember that you are getting top quality and value at a significantly low price. Also remember that the designers really care about the work that goes into making each frame. They are not only passionate about their work, but also about branding and community. To learn more about the brand, go to the Raen Optics website.

*Huge thanks to the folks at Raen Optics and their PR and the folks at the Deus Ex Machina showroom for being so warm and showing me around.*

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