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LHTX by Leigh K Hajovsky
Four Friends Tea Room – Pearland, TX
'Fashionably Illustrated' with Langford Market x Rongrong Devoe

LHTX by Leigh K Hajovsky

LHTX by Leigh K Hajovsky

I e-met LHTX boss-lady, Leigh Hajovsky through Instagram and eventually, personally met her during ‘Junk Prom’ at Zapp Hall a couple years back. She’s got this bohemian, free-spirited personally that especially shines through her apparel brand- LHTX.

Leigh was born into a family of entrepreneurs and has always had to need to work for herself. After trying and hating the corporate working world, she decided to teach herself how to silkscreen and go into business for herself. About ten years ago, her business partner was bought out, and that’s when she decided to move from Houston Heights neighborhood, relocate to Fayetteville (where it’s more affordable) and re-brand her company into what it is now- LHTX.

The GO TEXAN certified LHTX brand is centered around western-style Texas-made shirts, with sayings that have been inspired by country music and experiences that Leigh and her friends/employees have had, as well as bohemian accessories. Leigh credits her ex for being the inspiration behind the majority of her best-selling designs. “The things that he would say to me were awful, and there was always a response in my head that I had- and that would become the design. This was going on while he and I were still together, because I had no other way to retaliate… I was so beaten down at that time…Now, I’m vocal about it. It’s very important to me – to be honest about where these things come from and how they’ve come to be. I want every woman to know that they don’t have to deal with that kind of crap.”

Another of her best-selling designs, “I’m not too much, you’re just not enough,” was actually a saying that was told to one of Leigh’s good friends. The guy she was dating didn’t approve of her lifestyle. She has a son that rodeos and she takes him to all the rodeos; she’s also loud and bold. “I was so offended that he was being rude and judgmental to her, that we made a shirt and it’s now one of our top-sellers,” Leigh explained.

Today, she has her production facility in Columbus and a small boutique in Fayetteville. She has a permanent space at Zapp Hall and opens during the twice-yearly Texas Antiques Weekend at Warrenton, Round Top and the surrounding communities. Her brand is very Texan-meets-country-gypsy, but with a heart of gold. If you want indulge your inner boho-gypsy, check out LHTX and if you are local- be sure to stop by the boutique or Zapp Hall every Spring and Fall!


Four Friends Tea Room – Pearland, TX

Four Friends Tea Room

3816 E Broadway St.
Pearland, TX 77581
PH: (281) 485-6484

Once upon a time (about 20 years ago), four friends started a tea room in a charming bungalow in the heart of Pearland’s historic downtown site. Fast forward to 2013, when homemaker Sherrill Kirby and her family went to the tea room to get some pumpkin bread (A.K.A. the “best pumpkin bread in Houston). Learning that the tearoom was up for sale, she realized that running the little tea room would be an outlet for her to help with paying for her children’s college, weddings and cars. This October (2015) will mark her two year anniversary at Four Friends. She kept everything, including the name (as it’s herself, her two sisters and her niece) and the pumpkin bread the same.

Nowadays, the tea room is open Monday thru Saturday from 11-3pm. Their signature dishes include: the spice tea, white chocolate bread pudding (“folks say it’s the best they’ve tasted in 50 years” and it’s featured at least once or twice a week), the tomato basil soup (they’ve had 50-100 people tell them it’s the best they’ve ever tasted. Plus it’s vegetarian and gluten-free) and the cranberry chicken salad. They present each meal on an eclectic mix of china that they’ve collected throughout the years. They scour antique stores, garage sales, thrift shops, estate sales and Craigslist in search of unique pieces. One sister once drove two hours to secure one of their best china sets. Sherrill also has relatives in Michigan that sends tableware in suitcases to her. She credits some of their teapots, which are worth $150-200; along with the ambiance, great service and being in a unique old house as being the top reasons that sets them apart from other tea rooms in the area.

I recently had the chance to visit the cute little tea room, for both a High Tea and a regular lunch. I got there right when they opened at 11am and entered at their main entrance in the back of the house. When you first walk in, you see the gift shop, complete with china sets, miscellaneous gifts and Downton Abbey teas. Then you get whisked away to a seat in one of the three dining rooms. Each room seems to have it’s own distinguishing characteristics; such as wall color, table settings and wall decor. When I was served the High Tea, it was served on their exclusive Royal Albert bone china tableware with the “Old Country Roses” pattern. I was given a choice of soup (broccoli cheese), pasta salad, egg and cucumber finger sandwiches, a scone with clotted cream and homemade jam and a sampling of a few desserts. As for the regular lunch, I had the “tea room sampler”- which included soup (tomato basil), pasta salad, three egg and cucumber finger sandwiches and a piece of pumpkin bread. All that for $10. Every meal includes a complimentary sample of the spice hot tea, which is without a doubt- pretty darn good. I also enjoyed a pot of the Sweet Texas Dreams tea for both meals. Everything is fresh and homemade, so obviously nothing disappointed!

Be sure to check out their Facebook page for featured desserts and soups, as well as other events (such as their Mother-Daughter Tea or Princess Parties). The tea room can also be booked for evening parties, weekday meetings or other events.

'Fashionably Illustrated' with Langford Market x Rongrong Devoe

My lovely friend and fashion illustrator- Rongrong Devoe hosted the ‘Fashionably Illustrated’ meet-the-artist event at Langford Market in Rice Village last night. Her presentation of her wares: prints, cards, totes and cell phone cases complemented Langford Market’s boho esthetic. Large framed prints hung all around the store. It was chance to shop, have light bites, champagne and mingle with the artist; who also did live sketching with an in-store purchase.

While there, I also met another fashion illustrator- Eva Duplan, who recently relocated to Houston from Dallas. She is (now) a mutual friend of Rongrong and I’s. I do hope that there are more events that enable local artists like Rongrong and Eva to showcase their talents to the community. These ladies are incredibly talented and their illustrations embody different traits that are special and unique. Basically, my point being… everyone has their own way of perceiving things and these ladies show that through their illustrating.

Before I took my leave, I had the chance to see Rongrong in action, sketching the cutest customer, wearing a hot pink knit sweater and billowy floral skirt. I was impressed to see that it probably took Rongrong maybe ten minutes to sketch her. The illustration (in color I might add) turned out exceptional and the girl was just ecstatic with joy.

Keep up the great work Rongrong!

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