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"MIM Rocks Fashion" in Phoenix

"MIM Rocks Fashion" in Phoenix

My friend, Kate and I ventured out to Phoenix for the MIM Rocks Fashion event, held at the Musical Instrument Museum (or MIM) on a lovely evening. It was hosted by Phoenix Fashion Week and boasted four fashion shows from Caroline Monick, Coleccion by Alma Primero, The Bounty Hunter and Vintage by Misty. The shows were styled by amazing local stylists. So, let me back up to the cocktail reception… It was a chance to meet-n-greet, mingle and take pictures by the step-n-repeat. I was VERY impressed by the variety of fashionable people that were in attendance. Then, when the time for the show approached, we were showed to our seats in the front row and awaited for the fashion to start. I do have to mention this, because well… it’s important… When the showtime approached, that’s when it started. Not a half-hour or hour later…It. Started. On. Time! I wanted to personally thank the PFW team for their timely precision. There was a quick introduction from the CEO of Phoenix Fashion Week- Brian Hill and then the first show started. The first show was Coleccion by Alma Primero, a Phoenix-based designer by way of Mexico and styled by Fawn Cheng. Before the models made their entrance, the audience was wowed by a petite Latina, dancing the flamenco. It was such a beautiful start to the show. The fellow FIDM grad showcased showstopping gowns and evening wear. Alma embodies all aspects from her travels and encounters with diverse cultures into her designs. For this particular collection, for example, she wanted to implement her parents struggles and triumphs to this country for the American dream. She goes on to explain, “I didn’t want to represent my traditions… for example Mariachi Music, Mexican Folk dance, and, The Poncho in a literal way. I wanted to reinvent these ideas with a modern and sophisticated touch. Black represents struggle and strength. Colors, lace, poncho represent my upbringing and traditions. Crystal bead work n metal represent Mariachi suits embroidery and metal. It is a chic approach to today’s modern women. I see today’s women as edgy, sophisticated women shooting for the stars.” Fawn’s Latino heritage also had a major influence in the styling of the looks and brought the culture to life. Prices for her collection range from $45-800. For additional information, check out Alma’s website! For more information on Fawn, please go here. The next show presented a menswear collection pulled from the Telluride, Colorado (and now Phoenix)-based boutique- Bounty Hunter and styled by Brian Swan. The looks were based on Ryan Gosling’s character in Drive, along with Americana inspiration. The looks were rugged yet mixed with some preppy edge. Ladies, take note for future gifts for your significant other! Bounty Hunter was founded in 1991 and offers the custom Italian leathers, coats, clothing, fine belts, buckles, custom boots and hats. For more information on Bounty Hunter, go here. For information on Brian, go here. Next to show was a collection of vintage wear (yippee!) pulled from Vintage by Misty and styled by Ginger Murphy. Vintage by Misty is an eclectic vintage boutique located in downtown Phoenix. Owner- Misty Guerriero launched the store in 2010 and carries a variety of eras and designer brands. The theme for the runway show was again, Americana and Ginger and Misty focused on four different chapters of American style, from war-time to present. I loved how each look was all vintage, yet wearable, without over-killing it. Check out more information on Vintage by Misty here and Ginger Murphy here. The last show of the evening was French designer- Caroline Monick, who’s show was styled by Jill Laine. I had seen some of Caroline’s collection prior to the show, online and instantly knew I had to attend MIM to see the collection and meet Caroline. Ms. Monick was even lovelier in person. She had flown into Phoenix from France just to showcase her first collection during MIM and I felt honored to view it! The brand was launched in 2011. Caroline draws up her line of dresses and scarves in France and has them produced in Los Angeles. Her logo has a hummingbird in it because she “feels free like a bird when I draw. I don’t care about trends…” she explains. The collection is largely inspired by the French culture, as well as painters- Picasso and Matisse. Her dresses have simple silhouettes, but I adored the soft pinks, blues and purples that were infused with darker and bolder hues. Monick explains that the dresses and scarves are 100% silk and are finished by hand. She also does a special (and very difficult) printing process called ‘sublimation.’ The sublimation obviously pays off, as the finished products are gorgeous and I think every woman ought to include a Caroline Monick dress in their closet. Prices for the dresses are $695 and $395 for a scarf. Find out more about Caroline Monick here. Check out stylist Jill Laine’s website here. The show was a major success and I’m looking forward to more of what Phoenix has to offer (besides lots of turquoise and western wear).

Special Thanks: Brian Hill and the Phoenix Fashion Week team, MIM, the designers, stylists, boutique owners, vendors, models and the special entertainment in between the shows.

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