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Onch Movement Presents "Eat It All" at Petro Zillia

Onch Movement Presents "Eat It All" at Petro Zillia

Celebrity jewelry designer Onch of Onch Movement (best known for the razor, lips and pretzel necklaces) debuted his latest collection, “Eat It All” at Petro Zillia boutique in West LA and was hosted by Allison Melnick. The party produced quite a turnout, (I spotted Nicky Hilton among the crowd) and there were quite a few party-goers decked out in their “sweetest” outfits. As for myself, I was wearing my own “cotton candy-inspired” concoction. Onch’s jewelry line was showcased around the store, ranging from candy and sweets inspired (along with pieces he collaborated with Twinkie Chan on and the exclusive high-end line by Jason of Beverly Hills ) to the infamous “Meatlace,” Mugo MP3 player and the necklaces he designed for the Trevor Project. Other highlights of the evening included: open candy and sake bars, live butterflies and ladybugs, a flash mob and the Boba Truck.

Special Thanks: Onch, TJ Fantini, Nony Tochterman and Petro Zillia, Jason of Beverly Hills, Twinkie Chan, Michelle of Bubble Punch Events, Lil Rae Cakes, the Boba Truck (follow on FB and Twitter!) and T. Rains.

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