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F2 Runway Show during FOCUS (June 12th, 2011)

F2 Runway Show during FOCUS (June 12th, 2011)

I was eager to attend the latest runway show during the Fall/Holiday 2011 LA Market. The show was titled, “F2 Runway Show” and featured brands located inside the California Market Center. The lucky designers showing were: Zuur Jeans, JewelWraps, Tyler Kim, Luii Jackets, Lina Mendoza, Pouch and Annie & Jade by Annie Le. Zuur Jeans made its debut during LA Fashion Week in March 2011 and are designed by Miguel Estrada right here in good ‘ole LA. Zuur Jeans is known for the comfy fit and soft fabrics. Miguel believes in creating the highest quality jeans for men and women that are uber-stylish. For more information, check out the company website. JewelWraps presented beautiful Pashmina, Cashmere and Silk shawls and stoles that were colorful and immaculately embroidered. Check them out online here. I know it’s a little early to be thinking about coats and jackets, but I saw some really cute jackets from Luii Jackets. They offer light as well as heavier jackets. So even in 60 degree weather, you can add a Luii Jacket to layer with a cute tee or tank, jeans and heels. Lina Mendoza and Tyler Kim showcased breezy separates. I really liked the delicate Tyler Kim silk blue print dress. So perfect for Fall! Lina Mendoza’s spaghetti strap maxi with black empire bodice and red lace skirt caught my eye as being perfect for that evening stroll in Newport or Laguna. For all my budget-savvy ladies out there…Pouch is the brand for you! They recently launched the “Versatile Dress” which is a lovely dress (and top) made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex jersey, which is perfect for every woman. The twist? You can wear this dress at least seven different ways: strapless, Grecian halter, halter, skirt, knotted halter, one-shoulder, plunge…the possibilities are endless. Definitely be sure to check them out here! The last line to show was eco-lux Annie & Jade by Annie Le. I totally fell in love with this line. It’s hip, sexy and is meant to help the wearer feel comfortable and confidant. The solid colors just popped on every look. I adored the blush pink romper, the blue halter jumpsuit and the blue 100% Silk “Lucille” dress. Swoon…Swoon…. Be sure to visit their website and Facebook for shopping and updates! If you’d like more information on future fashion shows for FOCUS and LA Market, go here and check out their blog.

Special Thanks: Audrey O.- marketing and PR with CMC, designers, models, producer- Jeffrey and Honest Tea.

*PLEASE NOTE: All photos taken with my camera phone, so my apologies if quality of pix aren’t the greatest.*

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