My top picks for the best places to shop, stay and eat!!! (Not only in LA!)



Charlie’s Italian Cafe

2445 Foothill Blvd
Ste A
La Verne, CA 91750
PH: (909) 392-3734


I first heard about Charlie’s while watching an episode of Kitchen Nightmares. But don’t let this last sentence deter you, as Charlie’s made a HUGE overhaul and is amazing! I had the pleasure of first trying out Charlie’s with a friend and was so impressed with the service, portions and how friendly and attentive the owner- Tatiana Leiva is to her guests and employees, that I needed to go back, try another wonderful meal and introduce you to the little Italian cafe in La Verne, CA. Let me give you a brief back story, before I delve into the deliciousness of the meal. The restaurant is owned by the Leiva family. Tatiana had worked as a waitress there about ten years ago and worked her way up to manager and now owner; along with her sister and mom. The show (kudos to Gordan Ramsey) gave the restaurant a much needed uplift- from a new, modern interior to a delectable menu. Please bear in mind, that the restaurant is only open for dinner. All the food is made in house from scratch. Their best “signature” dish is the short rib, which is slow cooked for five hours on a bed of horseradish mashed potatoes with celery and carrots…. Ya’ll hungry yet?? … Prices are reasonable, ranging from $10-25. Guests can enjoy indoor or outdoor seating (where dogs can also have their meal). Expect either Tatiana or another family member to be present during your dining experience. Leiva states, “We stand out because we are one of the few and dying breeds of “mom and pop” restaurants. we are family owned and operated. We do this because we love people and food. We welcome every person who comes in like family and we are always present to mingle with our patrons.” Staying true to her word, I always feel welcome every time I step into Charlie’s….. where you get known by name. The last night I was there, I enjoyed the warm bread that comes as a light nibble before the appetizers and main course. Dabble on some yummy olive oil and BOOM- carbalicious! I had the pleasure of enjoying the Roasted Tomato and Mozzarella Panini appetizer ($9) first. It was delicious and the portion was generous enough to be a main course. The tomato soup was thick, but light on the tongue, delivering homemade goodness instead of the usual bland condensed soup. The mozzarella panini just melted in my mouth. Next, I made room for their famous Margherita Pizza ($11). It is made with thin crust and the ingredients were incredibly fresh from the juicy slices of tomatoes to the tanginess of the marinara, mixed with chili oil and basil. The pizza is baked in the brick oven that can be seen from the dining room and then delivered to the table by the pizza chef himself. The pizza wasn’t heavy and I managed to get in a few slices before boxing it up and saving what little room I had for dessert. I decided on the Nutella Peanut Butter Panini ($6)….heaven? Yes, I think so! Nutella sandwiched between two thin, grilled panini slices and cut into four thin stripes. Bruleed marshmallows and raspberry sauce garnished the top and sides of the panini. As Tatiana put it, “It’s like a grown-up version of a PB&J!” Yes indeed and I managed to clean my plate. So folks, the next time you’re in La Verne, why not end your day with a scrumptious, homestyle Italian meal surrounded by a friendly atmosphere…at Charlie’s Italian Cafe!

Huge thanks to Tatiana, the Leiva family and staff at Charlie’s Italian Cafe.

Please note: My meal was complimentary as a thank-you for reviewing the restaurant.


Manhattan Steak and Seafood

202 S. Main St.
Orange, CA 92868
PH: (714)978-6162

I would like to thank the power of social media for introducing me to Manhattan OC restaurant. I had the pleasure of having lunch there during a recent weekday and I’m anxious to go back! My dining experience started off with being greeted by the lovely hostess- Rosa. Since my reservation was at 11:30 and I was somewhat early, she showed me to the lounge, where I was offered a table and something to drink while I waited until I got sat in the main room. The lounge was dimly lit, allowing for a more relaxed atmosphere for socializing, watching the game or catching the jazz bands that usually play on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. When the time came, Rosa showed me to my table in the bright main room. After I sat in the high-backed plush chair, she set a cloth napkin in my lap and proceeded to hand me their leather-bound menu. The menu featured a nice variety of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, main entrees, wild game, steak and seafood. The waiter who was taking care of me that afternoon was Steve and ever-so-polite. Need an explanation of any of the dishes on the menu? Done! What if I’m vegetarian? There wasn’t a big selection of veggie-friendly dishes, BUT he said that they could tweak most dishes on the menu for those of those with special dietary needs. Sold! I ended up choosing the Roasted Butternut Squash Ravioli ($12) as an appetizer and the Grilled Vegtable Sandwich ($11) with fries as my main course. As I waited for the appetizer, a bread basket was brought out. The bread was served fresh and warm, under the cover of one of the cloth napkins and a separate small plate with two balls of butter. After a while, the butternut squash ravioli was brought out… There were three gigantic raviolis with the squash filling that sat in yummy brown butter sauce. It was garnished with parmesean cheese, honey-roasted pecans and sage. The raviolis were tender and just slid down the throat, bursting with flavor after. This could easily be a meal in itself, with maybe a side salad as well…depending on how hungry you are. But, I HIGHLY recommend this dish! When the main course arrived, I was thoroughly impressed on the portion. The sandwich was massive and the shoestring fries were garnished with basil. There was a side of ketchup in a small dish conveniently on the plate as well. I took a bite out of the sandwich and my tastebuds were overjoyed by the yummy grilled onions, zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, peppers and gooey brie that rested in between the grilled ciabatta bread. After boxing up the other half of the sandwich and some of the fries, I was offered the dessert menu. I was indeed full from the last two courses, but I somehow managed to find room for a little (recommended) Bananas Foster ($12). It came out warm…full of sliced bananas swimming in creme de banana and brandy sauce and topped with vanilla bean gelato. This could easily be enjoyed by two people. It. Was. Amazing! Like a party in my mouth. It was sweet, but not overpowering; and full of rich flavor. Even though I had told myself only a couple bites, then take the rest home…I just couldn’t put down my spoon. Each bite left me wanting more and more. So- are you guys anxious to check this place out yet?

Here are some other fun tidbits about the restaurant. Reservations are recommended. Come with a hearty appetite! There are six different themed rooms, I sat in the bright ‘Main Room’. There’s the ‘Lounge’ and ‘Window Room’- ideal for listening to the live entertainment and watching the game. Upstairs is the vibrant ‘Red Room’, with a hidden round plush booth and other table options decorated in red. I got a glimpse of the ‘Wine Cellar’ room, reminiscent to an old stone wine cellar deep in the heart of Tuscany… For all you Vodka fans, ManhattanOC boasts one of the largest selections of vodka in the OC. Interested in having your favorite wines handy when you come to the restaurant? Why not join the Wine Locker Club! In town for an event? ManhattanOC also offers FREE shuttle service anywhere in OC. Definitely check out the website for more information and to make reservations.

I want to thank the co-owners-Armond Khosrovian and Tom Gregory, manager-Michelle Ambrosio, Rosa, Steve and the rest of the staff for your impeccable hospitality!

Please Note: In exchange for reviewing the restaurant, my meal was on the house.




1025 Studewood Street
Houston, Texas 77008
PH:(713) 864-3556
HOURS: CLOSED MONDAY/TUESDAY, Wed – Thu 11:00am- 5:00pm, Fri- Sat 11:00am- 6:00pm, Sun 12:00pm- 5:00pm

It’s ok to {heart} Houston” -boasts a best selling t-shirt that sits proudly on display at Hello-Lucky, a fun boutique located in Houston’s trendy Heights historic district. The boutique opened its doors back in January 2008 by Teresa O’Connor. O’Connor is a designer who not only sells her wares, but also embodies her Earthy aesthetic into her shop as well. “My goods are made from reclaimed fabrics, reclaimed leather, vintage finds, raw brass, mixed metals and American made t-shirt blanks. All my t-shirts are printed with water base ink by moi. I hand print cards and print on reclaimed western shirts, jackets etc.,” she explained. She is also a firm believer in showcasing brands that are American made, locally handmade and Fair Trade. She offers amazing and creative products from about twenty-five brands,including: Lisa Chow, Rene Cruz, Teresa O’Connor (Hello-Lucky), Melissa Bauman, Joann Park, Freddie Barrett, Anita Hassan, Rogelio Rendon Material, Elaine Bradford, Melissa Juvan, Martha Hernandez, Frances Trotter, Carole F Smith (aka McCheeks Mayhem), Tupelo Grease Co., Christine West, Chris Mahler, Angie’s Sweatshop, Monique Weston, Stephanie DeLeonardis, Ames Bros., US Rags, Vinca, Feto Soap, Monica Pope’s Text Tees.

I enjoyed my time peeking at all the treasures that are being sold at the shop and Teresa was very friendly and helpful. I loved the Monica Pope tees, as well as the wooden jewelry by Vinca, the “Lucky” necklace made from recycled license plates by Teresa O’Connor, jewelry created with antique found objects by Monique Weston and Stephanie DeLeonardis, cute little rings with vintage doll-size tea sets on them and some of the vintage knick-knacks that are lying around. Prices vary, from a $2 button to a $1,200 painting…but there’s something for any budget. Definitely stay in the loop on in-store trunk shows and other events via their Facebook page. Be sure to also check out her other online (only) shop- Hunter Gatherer!

heathermarie_033's Hello Lucky Boutique album on Photobucket


The End- Yucca Valley, CA

55872 29 Palms Hwy
Yucca Valley, CA 92284
HOURS: Mon-Sun: 11am- 5pm

Out in the middle of desert lies one of California’s hidden gems- the town of Yucca Valley (which is next to the famed Joshua Tree). On my most recent trip back to my beloved California, I had the opportunity to check out the area and the top “must-see” thing on my TO DO list was to visit The End. The End is a trendy and eclectic boutique owned by Kime Buzzelli, who just happened to be the wardrobe designer on (the modern) 90210 during seasons 2-5. She opened the space about two-and-a-half years ago in hopes of it becoming a social hub for meeting locals, desert travelers (hello Coachella!) and collaborating with creative artists and designers. I found out about her shop through her instagram, as she always posts new inventory and provides us with a glimpse into her rich bohemian lifestyle and obsession with funky vintage finds. So it was obvious that I had to check it out when I was in Cali. The boutique isn’t too hard to miss, with it’s brightly painted walls and a helpful sign on the sidewalk. Kime was not in the day I was visiting, however, I was warmly greeted by Jordan, who was just as kind and informative. Luckily, I was the only customer in the shop- so I was able to browse the racks with ease. Kime stocks amazingly dreamy vintage, Native American and one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry, as well as product from local artists. She gives us a more in-depth taste of what you can expect to find at her shop, “I love collecting one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry and clothing and things that tell a story or have a history. Something about things that were made by someone especially appeals to me. I carry jewelry by some local artists as well as woven wall hangings by All Roads Designs, art by Elena Stonaker, pottery, dream catchers and other magical things like geode gem & driftwood mobiles.There are also great deals on pieces by new designers like Opening Ceremony, Rag and Bone, Isabel Marant, DVF and more! The style is definitely eclectic and inspired by 60′s and 70′s glam and dreamy gypsies as well as 80′s and 90′s wild prints and florals.” It’s definitely a place where you can spend a couple hours playing dress-up (think Native American jewelry, beaded and fringed bags, crazy capes and avante garde kimonos, flower crowns…), chatting with the friendly staff creating the next big trend. Prices aren’t too shabby either, with $8 sunglasses to $300 vintage 70s wall hangings, and an average price of $28-38 for vintage and designer clothing.

If you are ever in the area around the first Saturday of the month, the local shops are starting to have late night gallery and shop openings- so be sure to support your local small businesses!

heathermarie_033's The End album on Photobucket


The Ultimate Dressing Room- Houston, TX

3280 S. Loop West
Houston, TX 77025
PH:(281) 300-7577
HOURS: Tue – Fri: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm, Sat: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Walking into The Ultimate Dressing Room was like walking through an oasis in the middle of the desert. Outside, there’s the fast-paced freeway and concrete jungle; while inside you are able to relax and do what 99.9% of women enjoy doing- shopping. The owner- Miss Sulay Renee brings together the best of straight and plus size apparel, accessories, hair care and fragrance into one expansive space. Sulay opened her boutique in February 2012 based on the fact that she wanted a place for women of all shapes and sizes to be able to feel comfortable shopping (because as we all know, there are those boutiques and designers out there who are inattentive to plus-size people). The Ultimate Dressing Room is divided into two “sub-boutiques” if you will- Sumptuous Sulay Plus Apparel and G’Niques Boutique and also sells products from various brands. One brand in particular however really caught my eye… Imagine just leisurely shopping around and your eyes land on one of the widest and coolest clutches you’ve ever seen?! That was the case with Awdz and Nz- a local Houston brand designed by Jalissa Williams. If you are looking for that statement “WOW” handbag, The Ultimate Dressing Room has a nice stock of them.

Sulay’s boutique has such a nice variety of versatile and wearable garments that she knows her clientele will love and at prices that won’t leave you feeling guilty. I also love that it’s mainly just her and an assistant there to provide shoppers a more personal experience. Be sure to check out the FACEBOOK PAGE for in-store events (including Thirsty Thursdays), discounts and more. If you feel like shopping in your PJs and slippers in the comfort of your home, you can go to

heathermarie_033's Ultimate Dressing Room album on Photobucket



421 East 6th Street
Suite 600
Los Angeles, CA 90014
‘LIKE’ VINTAZIA Vintage on Facebook!

I recently had the chance to meet up with Susan Londoner- who is the owner of VINTAZIA Vintage and tour her downtown studio and play a lil dress-up in some of her fabulous inventory. I met Susan a couple years back during one of the A Current Affair vintage shows and I loved her eclectic style and personality. Along with selling vintage, she is also an amazing photographer. But I’m jumping a little ahead of myself…let me start from the beginning. Before vintage, Susan was a ballet dancer (and it still shows) with the New York City Ballet Company. When they performed in Saratoga, she would rush out and shop in the local vintage shops during her spare time. Since then, she has always been a collector of unique and eclectic vintage. After their {her and her husband’s} photography studio closed down years ago, she started selling the heaps of clothing that she had accumulated while working as a stylist for her husband, at the Fairfax Flea Market. Nowadays, you can find her vending at such shows as: The Vintage Expo, Pickwick Gardens Vintage Clothing and Textile Show, The Helm’s Bakery and now the Rose Bowl. Susan goes on to explain her passion for vintage and collection and selling: “My favorite aspect of selling is sharing my eclectic collection of clothing. I love so many different types of clothing irregardless of the era of the piece. I choose my items based on what appeals to me, as a woman and as a photographer. I always visualize how I would want to style and shoot the items that I chose. I think that women that shop with VINTAZIA have a great time. My greatest thrill is when a woman finds that one jewel that screams “I love this, it’s me, and I have to have it! I do have to admit, that sometimes I secretly get sad to see an item go, I adore them all, but knowing that these pieces are going home with someone that is going to love them as much as I do, well…that is the ultimate joy and what I love the most about VINTAZIA Vintage.”

For those of you who want to shop in a more intimate setting, Susan does offer her studio for shopping by appointment only. The studio is located in a great old building in downtown LA near the homeless shelters so Susan always recommends the client call so that she can help with parking and such. Her neighbors include musicians, a recording studio, a clothing designer and a company that makes movie clipboards. Once inside the open and airy studio, guests can relax and shop while munching on light bites and champagne. The space is also an ideal space for shooting the VINTAZIA lookbooks and if clients want to be shot in their vintage finds. Let me tell you, shooting on the rooftop with a 360 degree view of Los Angeles was a rush. Granted, the day we shot was a little chilly and windy, but it was liberating. “It is always interesting when women come down to shop or style jobs here. The ironic juxtaposition of our location, and the warm, homey, creative vibe of the studio constantly surprises. We often ask our shoppers to bring items with them to donate to the downtown women’s shelter in the area,” Susan said. The hours of operation are 10AM- 6PM and sometimes well into the evening, as she caters the client’s busy schedule. For those wanting to book a ‘Shopping Party,’ Susan states that ” We ask that there is a minimum of ten women, we park your cars, you shop, we provide the wine and yummies, then we style you and then everyone does a photoshoot with Susie of all of you in your VINTAZIA finds. It’s really a blast and you leave with a disk of your images, and hopefully an amazing one-of-a-kind vintage find!”

If you want a fun and unique vintage piece for your next event or ‘just cause’…then book your appointment with VINTAZIA Vintage today!

Be sure to check out the VINTAGE EXPO this weekend (April 27th and 28th), in Booth 711. Mention LAFASHIONSNOB and Susan will offer you a 10% discount off your purchase.Here’s also a LINK for a $2.00 off coupon to the Vintage Expo. Students get in for FREE on SUNDAY with a student ID.

**Photos by Susan Londoner**

**Photos by ME**


Ragalicious Vintage- Austin, TX

2209A South First Street
Austin, Texas 78704
HOURS: Mon-Fri 12-7pm, Sat 11-6pm, Sun 12-6pm

Ragalicious Vintage is the new sister store to popular Austin vintage shop- Flashback Vintage, both of which are located in the hip South First District. Ragalicious just opened in October 2012 and has since been gaining notoriety. They sell the same quality of vintage as they do in Flashback, offer the same prices and carry everything ranging from the 1940s to 1990s.The shop itself is housed in what looks like a small converted warehouse-turned-showroom. The decor has a very eclectic and bohemian vibe mixed with vintage furnishings. Everything is neatly arranged according to clothing category and sex and there are three dressing rooms. There is also a $10 and under rack, always well-stocked with interesting finds. The lovely Michelle, who is usually found working at the shop and dressed impeccably well, always has the store merchandised very creatively and whenever I pop in or she posts it to their Facebook, it always brings me inspiration. I personally love their selection of floral 80s/90s dresses and rompers, sequins, acid wash denim and 50s/60s dresses. If you are local to Austin, you definitely need to stop by…and stop by often, as they seem to be getting new things in daily.


Beau Monde Vintage ~Online Only

Beau Monde Vintage
Gretel’s Boutique

This shop I’m about to delve into does not have a brick ‘n mortar as of yet, so you’ll only find her two shops on Etsy. I read about said shops via a fellow vintage fanatic, so obvs I checked it out for myself and LOVED what I saw. Let me introduce to you Beau Monde Vintage and Gretel’s Boutique, based in Cleveland and owned by the delightful Michelle Miller. Miller has always had a passion for vintage (especially 40s wiggle dresses and 60s mod) and owns a massive personal collection. In July 2011, Michelle turned her love to shop and a good bargain into a business…and so Beau Monde Vintage was born and is housed on Etsy. It offers shoppers a wonderful selection of clothing and accessories that range from a variety of eras and at very generous prices (I’ve seen nothing over $300). She recently expanded her growing vintage business and started Gretel’s Boutique in July 2012, also on Etsy; that delivers just the same amount of vintage perfection as her first shop. Her shops are neatly organized and each piece is perfectly documented with clear photos and descriptions that include size measurements. I can literally spend a good hour or so just browsing her inventory, adding to my wish-list. She updates both shops quite often, as she’s always on the hunt for the prettiest, most unique items for her loyal clients…aka…all you lovely vintage lovers out there!

Check out her shops and let me know…what are your favorite things?

The outfits I am wearing are c/o Beau Monde Vintage.



4631 Airport Boulevard
Suite 119
Austin, TX 78751
PH: (512) 323-2668

Fabricker is now closed.

Nestled in a tiny strip mall off Airport Blvd., sits one of Austin’s hidden gems- Fabricker. Fabricker is a locally owned mom n’ pop fabric store, catering to mainly designers and students. Owner- April Kling Meyer just opened the store this past January, because after working in the fabric industry for over ten years at a ‘big box’ retailer, she had noticed a growing demand for higher-end fabrics for making garments. She came up with Fabricker’s concept from her tumblr, where she would post photos of fabrics she loved and an occasional write-up on working in the industry and about her travels, where she would find some amazing fabrics. Her store is quaint, offering limited, but lovely fabrics averaging from $15 a yard, with the most expensive being around $30 a yard. She also carries fabrics from Oscar de la Renta, Valentino, Anna Sui, just to name a few. I love that April is so engaging and friendly with her clients, most of whom she knows on a first name basis. It’s like small-town charm in an urban metropolis. If your wardrobe or that vintage find you picked up at a local yard sale needs a little TLC, stop by Fabricker on Friday or Saturday between 12-7pm, where a local (and apparently the best) seamstress in town opens up shop known as the Clothing Hospital. Jen Delk specializes in refashioning, repurposing, hemming, alternations and repairs at affordable prices. Along with all the amazing fabrics that I wanted to immerse myself in, she sells vintage buttons curated by her and has post cards and prints for sale by established Austin photographer- Ann Woodall. While you’re there, be sure to check out the ‘take a pattern, leave a pattern’ program and if you’re in need of some inspiration or help with a certain stitch, a reference library is on hand to help guide you because “inspiration is always free.” Fabricker strongly supports the ‘shop local’ concept and is apart of the Austin Womens Auxillery. April is also happy to share that the shop is the official fabric supplier to Ross Bennett’s Circuit of the America’s uniforms for the CoTA Girls at Formula One Austin. Check out for more information and to shop online.



Please check for locations, hours, etc!

I had the distinct pleasure of taking a tour of my local DOTS store one afternoon. Theresa, the sweet manager introduced me to the different departments and explained what is trending at the store. It was my first time ever stepping foot in a DOTS and my inner-recessionista rejoiced! I couldn’t believe how relieving it was to see their racks and walls filled with cute and trendy clothing. There is an average of six departments in the store: ‘Southwestern Chick’, ‘Preppy Chick’, ‘Clearance’, ‘Dressy’, ‘Accessories’ and ‘Plus.’ ‘Southwestern Chick’ offers denim jackets, feminine florals, summery dresses, crocheted tops, denim starting at $16.80-28 etc. ‘Preppy Chick’ offers polos, stripes, pinks, blues, khakis, color denim and hooded jackets with detachable hoods. ‘Dressy’ offers ladylike and bodycon separates. The folks at DOTS are finding that greens and royal blues mixed with animal prints are what’s trending right now. This will most likely be replaced by golds and reds as we get closer to Fall. They have a plus-size department which they try to correspond with the straight-size department. Prices are just as relaxed too, with denim ranging from $16.80-30. The size range is 14-24. There’s also an ‘accessories’ and ‘clearance’ department worth checking out too. The ‘accessories’ department offers shoes (they still have sandals available and there are cute boots that have just arrived as well), sunglasses, scarves, hair accessories, handbags and jewelry (which is buy one get one half off). As we transition into Fall, expect to see more of a ’90s grunge meets biker babe’ trend, with rocker tees, crosses, bulky necklaces and studs.

I really enjoyed checking out the store. As a ‘thank you’, I was offered a $20 gift card to purchase anything in the store. I ended up getting this AMAZING (and I can’t emphasis AMAZING enough) leopard print chiffon hi-low top. I just LOVE how the back low detail just cascades. I also got a gorg plus-size sweater that I thought would look FAB as a dress. I love the black and white stripes and the oversize drape. It’ll look great with a cute belt and heels.


Flashback Vintage

1805 South 1st Street
Austin, TX 78704
PH: (512) 445-6906
HOURS: Mon-Fri 12 pm – 7 pm, Sat 11 am – 6 pm, Sun 12 pm – 6 pm

I was out exploring bits and pieces of the city of Austin, when I crossed into the “So-Fi” (South First St.) neighborhood. What drew me to find Flashback Vintage was the “Daily Planet” influenced sign in front that read FLASHBACK. The shop itself was a converted home and each room housed racks of vintage for men and women. This is my favorite vintage store in Austin, so far, because the staff and owner are super-friendly and are willing to help out styling an outfit (sans judging or giving you that stinkeye) or just showing you around the shop. I love the wide selection of 40s-90s dresses (both for everyday wear and special occasion). I had the chance to speak to Marsha- owner of the fine establishment. I was really impressed that she told me she has been in business since 1982. She has always had a strong passion for vintage and when she was living in Houston, she wore vintage all the time; including when she was working as a cocktail waitress. She found that when she wore vintage while at work, she got better tips (because vintage is just THAT amazing!) Fast forward to 1982, when she moved to Austin. She and a friend were going to open up a restaurant, but instead, decided that opening up a vintage store was just in her blood. Her first location was on South Lamar, but then changed to her current location on South First, where she was actually the first vintage store to open there. There are quite a number of vintage shops in the small hipster neighborhood, all of which have their own unique personality. Marsha feels that Flashback is unique in that she specializes in the ‘Mad Men’ era (and a variety of other eras as well). She also offers a $5 rack outside and a $25 and under bargain room. She also prides the long ball gown rack, which people get very excited about (I mean who wouldn’t? My heart flutters every time I walk into that room. Chiffon, tulle, sequins…oh my!) Flashback Vintage has something for everyone and you can find a gem ranging from $5 to $200, with nothing that goes over $200. Celebrity clientele of the shop include: Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, Drew Barrymore, Megan Mullally and others. If you are in the Austin area and haven’t been to Flashback…Shame on you! J/K! But I highly suggest putting down your laptop and going like….right now.

There will be a Flashback Vintage Pop-Up Shop opening up on South Lamar on September 1st. The shop will be pretty bare bones, but Marsha hopes to bring in high-end furniture and there will be racks upon racks of wearable clothing, so customers can just pick up something on the fly. I will update on the exact location soon!


Reruns Consignment Boutique

521 Union Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37902
PH: (865) 525-9525
Hours: M-11/6, Tues-Fri 11/7, Sat- 10/6, Sun- 1/5

I’ve been visiting Papa Fashionsnob for about three weeks in Knoxville, TN. While I was watching the local news one morning, there was a segment on getting celebrity “July 4th” looks for less, which featured Reruns Consignment Boutique in downtown Knoxville. I knew I had to check this place out! So one afternoon, I ventured out to downtown to Reruns, which recently just moved to its new location on Union Ave. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to meet the owner- Nanci, but I did meet store manager Brianna and sales associate- KK who just rolled out the red carpet in hospitality. Brianna shared some insight on the store, which has been in business for twenty-six years now. The carefully curated shop has some select vintage, but is mainly focused designer and other current brands like French Connection, DVF, Temperley of London etc…all the way down to Ann Taylor and J. Crew. A couple unique items they have had include a 1970s Celine jumpsuit and a Temperley of London lace and beaded blouse (which is still there). Price points are fair and have a broad range…anywhere from around an estimated $15-400. They are always taking consignors with impeccable style. For the guidelines for consigning with them go here. They also offer personal styling and shopping services. They try to honor every person that walks through the door by understanding their sense of style, even though it might not be their (the stylists) taste. They do styling for anyone that wants it. They spend a lot of time on the client’s behalf, pulling outfits that are fabulous and help them to “think outside the box” and try to amp up their style. So if you’re ever in Knoxville, check out Reruns…maybe get a personalized styling session provided by their friendly staff…And remember, their inventory changes almost daily, so be sure to stop by often!

Reruns is participating in the best “alternative commute” window display contest provided by Knox Smart Trips! Be sure to vote for them HERE!


Frances Vintage

10 West Camelback Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85013
PH: (602) 279-5467

I checked out Frances Vintage during a recent trip to the lovely Phoenix. I had previously met the owner- Georganne Bryant during the Arizona Bloggers Conference that I had attended a couple months before, which you can read about, HERE. So, after meeting her and hearing about all the other Phoenix area bloggers rave about it, I had to check it out as well. It’s located in a small strip mall off Camelback with ample parking in the back. The shop itself is cozy with loads of name brand (like Toms shoes, Free People, Remix Shoes, Frye) and local designer goods (like Keri Moser, Beth Quinn, Huckleberry Faye Plush, Andrea Bapst, Rumble and Spur), novelty items, paper goods, etc. for women, men and children. In 2006, the then stay-at-home Mom and jewelry designer- Georganne, was encouraged by her daughter to open up the shop. She named it Frances Vintage in honor of her Grandmother and started carrying handpicked vintage. It wasn’t until about three years ago, that she discontinued the vintage and expanded into a more modern boutique but with vintage influences. While there, I also saw items like jewelry and other accessories that are for sale from the 10,000 Women Project, which as Bryant explains, “The 10,000 women project is very near and dear to my heart, these women come to Thunderbird School of Global Management for two weeks of intensive business training, they have a marketplace to sell their goods and get to visit local businesses. It is a highly competitive program and the women are so grateful to be chosen and have the opportunity to come and learn. They visit our business and learn our model, they see their goods for sale and it is all very thrilling to participate in their growth.” I love this about Frances… I love that it’s a small business and that they are able to offer local and Indie designers and charities like 10,000 Women Project the opportunity to grow and become successful. On that note, the next time you are in Phoenix, definitely check out Frances Vintage, there’s something from every budget, as prices range from $2 to $350. Maybe pick up a pair of vintage-inspired heels, an ARIZONA state necklace (one of my personal faves!), a piece of jewelry from the 10,000 Women Project, a cute handmade headband by a local designer or a Rumble and Spur necklace (another fave!). After your trip to Frances, why not take a gander next door to the other shop Georganne owns- Smeeks candy shop. It is a really great shop for novelty toys for the young and young-at-heart, candy (new and old school) and a photo booth.


Buttons and Bows

548 S. Spring Street
Ste #112
Los Angeles, CA 90013
PH: (213) 622-0648
Hours: Monday to Friday 12pm – 7pm, Saturday 11am – 6pm

Buttons and Bows just recently opened its doors on the corner of 7th and Main Streets, on the ground floor of SB Main Lofts. BBLA is the latest in vintage/consignment/resale stores to hit the area and is owned by Karen Marley (daughter of Bob Marley) and Monique Aquino. The BBLA concept first began as a style blog, but then evolved into the storefront. Having had prior eBay experience, Monique met Karen, who had a amazing collection of designer duds, but was not wearing them and was donating to Goodwill. The two started to collaborate with Monique doing consignment services for Karen. They had such a good time sourcing, creating lookbooks, etc., that they decided to open a store. BBLA offers more designer pieces then vintage pieces, such as: YSL, J Brand, Vena Cava, Thierry Mugler, Christian Dior, Miu Miu, Prada, Gucci. They pride themselves on their moderate price points and being true to a “boutique”store, yet very approachable. When I checked out the store, I loved the open, airy space (and the Lanvin scarves that were framed on the walls. They had amaaaazzzziiinngggg pieces like a light green Thierry Mugler vintage 80s jacket, a vintage floral maxi skirt with button-up back, a rare Schiaparelli straw turban hat (that I now have), a large clear lucite bangle as well as other vintage tops, dresses and jewelry that caught my eye. If you are looking to clean out your closet and need some cash, they offer consignment at 55% to you and 45% to BBLA. They believe in giving back and that the customer should get the most for their valuables. If you haven’t already, make a day to head downtown and check out Buttons and Bows!

NOTE: Buttons and Bows is now located off Spring St. The space is somewhat smaller, but still chic and offers AH-mazing inventory!


Glitter Lifestyle Boutique

206 W. Bonita Ave. N-2
Claremont, CA 91711

I had the chance to stop by my friend’s new boutique- Glitter, in the heart of Claremont Village. It’s a quaint little boutique tucked away on the second floor of the Harvard Square building. The boutique opened its doors March 9th, 2012 and is founded by Glitter Gals- E and M. The decor is extremely girly and fun, with a hint of crafty-Indie flair (think Anthropologie). I love how the merchandise is displayed and that things aren’t cluttered. According to Glitter Gal M, Glitter got its name “…because we wanted people to shine & sparkle when they walked out of our shop because they were happy with their purchases and it made them feel good. We also chose the name because we carry several indie designers and we wanted to showcase them because we both understand that independent brands need to shine in a world filled with mass produced items,” she explained.

Glitter is a place where not only is everything under $40, but since the ladies refuse to carry more than four of each item, their stock goes fast, so let’s just say, you probably won’t be seeing too many folks walking around wearing the same thing as you. They get new product in every two weeks, so there’s always an excuse to go back…often. What’s also impressive is that if you’re in a bind and need help putting a certain look together, Glitter offers in-store styling. They also offer craft classes! So whether you’re in the mood for neon, hi low, prints, etc., definitely check out Glitter, they are guaranteed to have what you’re looking for!


Vintage by Misty

818 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85004
PH: (480)522-6875

While in town for the MIM Rocks Fashion event, I met the fabulous Misty Guerriero- who owns and curates Vintage by Misty, an uber-hip vintage boutique located near the Roosevelt Row area of downtown Phoenix. Vintage by Misty was first launched in 2010, inside Estilo- a boutique in Scottsdale. After a year of trying out her vintage style, she decided to move to the current location in downtown. She had invited us to stop by the shop the next day (after the show) and we happily obliged. Once I stepped inside, I was immediately drawn to the plethora of crazy bright prints, unique pieces, amazing handbags (like an oversize envelope clutch from the 60s and a large classic Coach shoulder bag). Among the mass of vintage (from all over the world), there are also accessories by some local designers and rings made from vintage buttons (like Chanel). The atmosphere in the store is welcoming and Misty is just the sweetest. She offers a diverse selection of clothing, accessories and designer vintage that spans over a century of fashion. Every designer, ranging from Azzedine Alaia to Zandra Rhodes is offered at Vintage by Misty. She does carry mens vintage, along with some limited edition pieces as well (so have no fear, all you stylish men out there). The next time you are in Phoenix, why not take a gander over to Vintage by Misty. Her price points vary to fit every budget and I’m sure you’ll walk out with something special!


TellTale Hearts Vintage

1837 Hyperion Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
PH: (323)522-6725

I’ve heard about Telltale Hearts Vintage through the blogosphere. So I decided to check it out for myself and drove to its location in Silver Lake one afternoon. I was lucky enough to have arrived right when they opened, thus scoring a coveted metered parking spot in front of the store. The interior of the store was pristine, with the clothing neatly hung and arranged on the clothes racks, shoes arranged under the clothes racks and jewelry and accessories creatively merchandised throughout the store. I had the pleasure of meeting one of the owners- Melissa Patchett, who told me a little about the store. Telltale was founded by her and Brandy Linstrum in March 2010. They both share a love of vintage shopping and wanted to create a store where you didn’t have to dig to find some great vintage pieces. They also sell six contemporary brands (apparel and jewelry), such as: Kain, Something Else by Natalie Wood. Funktional, Seneca Rising, Smith by Zoe Chicco and Luv AJ. Melissa and Brandy loved the idea of mixing vintage with modern contemporary pieces, which I couldn’t agree with more. I found some great pieces and when I saw that the gold sequin top (that I first saw on their website) was still available, I squealed with joy. It was even better in person! But alas, it was out of my budget range. But I must say, their prices weren’t at all bad. The vintage is kept under $100, while some of the newer brands might be higher. I had a great overall experience there and I highly recommend checking them out next time you’re in Silver Lake. Though, just letting you know, street and metered parking ($1 an hour) only. I want to leave you with this quote by Melissa, “We want every piece that you buy from Telltale Hearts to be a piece that you will keep forever.”


Deja Vu Fashions Consignment Shop

907 W. Foothill Blvd.
Claremont, CA 91711
PH: (909)625-7277

So, one day I was driving down Foothill in Claremont when I saw the Deja Vu sign (especially the other keywords on the sign- vintage and consignment). I immediately slowed down and screeched into the parking lot. It’s a quaint little shop, with a clothing rack and purse rack sitting outside, beckoning customers to stop by. I quickly browsed the racks before heading inside. My eyes literally grew wide and my jaw dropped as I saw the rows of racks, filled with clothing and the tables and counters full of jewelry, purses, shoes and hats (some newer, some vintage). Did I also mention that there is a nice stock of top-notch designer items, such as Gucci, Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Carolina Herrera and Louis Vuitton, just to name a few?! I met the owner- Norma Jean Hughes, who is super sweet and told me a little about the store, which first opened in 1984. Ms. Micky Ross (now in her 80s) first owned the store and back then, everything (the business/consigning) was done on paper. The store was later handed over to another lady, who computerized the store and then nine years ago, Norma bought the shop. She receives merchandise from all over the world, including movie studios! I even had the chance to try on a few pieces that belonged to Warner Brothers Studios years back and it was just so cool to wear something of that significant historical value. Can you imagine the actresses that probably wore the garments?! Marilyn…Jane Russell, Doris Day…Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it! She also mentioned that she had a room dedicated to vintage clothing and accessories. I ventured down the small flight of stairs and nearly had a hyperventilation attack as I saw the amount of fab vintage dresses, tops, etc., that that was about to immerse myself in. Expect lots of tulle, sequins and silk and even get a glimpse of one of comedian Jerry Lewis’s chairs, that is now a Deja Vu staple; as well as a steamer trunk once owned by 1930s actress- May Madison. She has garments that have been worn by actresses: Natalie Cole, Barbi Benton, Linda Gray and Lauralee Bell…the stories those garments could tell… The store is just amazing! The prices are very fair and she also takes an additional 20% off everything. So the next time you’re in the Claremont vicinity, stop by and spend a half-hour or few hours just browsing the racks at your leisure.

If you have load of clothing/accessories just sitting around at home and could use the extra cash, Deja Vu is a consignment shop and you can also bring things in to trade for store credit. BUT, please keep in mind, that the clothing has to be clean, in excellent condition, steamed or pressed and hung on a hanger. Be sure to call for an appointment.


Laurenly Boutique

142 N Glassell St.
Orange, CA 92866
PH:(714) 538-SHOP

I’ve heard about Laurenly through the grapevine… fellow blogger, Holly in Heels had raved about Laurenly and I wanted to check it out as well. I finally stopped by the shop one Friday, on my down to La Jolla. Laurenly Boutique opened in June 2010 and is nestled in the heart of historic downtown Orange and is owned by Chapman University grad- Lauren Miller. The name “Laurenly” is derived from the combination of Lauren’s first name and her middle name being “Leigh.” It’s a small space, but very welcoming. When I was there, Lauren’s mother was manning the store and was very friendly and helpful. I wanted everything in the store, one thing in particular being the gold sparkly TOMS slip-ons (coveting!). She carries a lot of unique and handmade brands, as well as popular brands that include: Free People, Wildfox, Alternative Apparel, 31 Bits and Collective Concepts. Lauren also has merchandise that are current to her favorite trends, such as 60′s and Boho-inspired pieces, cut-off shorts, maxi dresses, anything with feathers, lace, prints and fringe. Good news for those of us on a budget, nothing in the shop is over $200. Here is a small break-down of the price points: basic tanks start at $12, tops start at $20, dresses from $30/$40′s and up, jewelry ranging from $10-$110 and denim starting at $68 and up. The next time you find yourself wandering around Orange, Laurenly is a must-stop! There’s also lots of FREE parking around the area! You can also find out more info on her website. If you want to be in-the-know for the latest merch, contests, promos, etc., become a fan on Facebook and Twitter.



216-A E. 9th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015
PH: (213)988-8899

Amidst the plethora of fabric shops and mom n’ pop retailers stands Virgo- a shop that offers a fresh take on reworked vintage apparel, while also offering some untouched vintage pieces, as well as accessories and shoes. What drew me to the store were the clothes (lots of color and fun prints!), the bohemian looks that are featured on the mannequins, the eccentric mix of jewelry, purses and accessories; and lastly…two words…Jeffrey Campbell…enough said. The store owners- Rana Shoar and Alejandra Hernandez are also designers for their apparel and accessories line, Boos and Besito, which makes up 95 percent of the store. They have been selling vintage since 2006 at the Rose Bowl and it was recently in 2009 that they decided to open up shop in LA’s Fashion District. They had just gotten back from a recent buying trip to Peru and the evidence sits proudly on the center table in the store. Jewelry, purses, denim, you name it… is adorned with tribal prints and vibrant colors. Virgo’s prices are reasonable, compared to other vintage stores (that might sell reworked pieces), for example, you might find a reworked dress for $40 or a silk tank top for $20. Due to high demand of some of their pieces and that they only have limited runs for some product, you may want to hurry and grab your favorite Jeffrey Campbells, fringe tee or reworked 70s floral-print dress. For more information and to get the latest 411 on sales and newest merchandise, check them out on Facebook or Twitter.


The Grove Vintage Clothing and Exchange

206 W. Bonita Ave
Claremont, CA 91711
PH:(909) 625-2380

I was strolling in historic Claremont village one lovely SoCal day and found this gem of a vintage shop called, The Grove Vintage. This place has a plethora of goodies for the vintage connoisseur – from sequin dresses to 80’s floral pants, handmade rings made from vintage earrings and hand-beaded Mary Frances purses. Let’s say you’re somewhat fatigued from all the overwhelming racks of clothing, there’s a comfy sitting area with 70’s era couches and a plasma TV in the back to take a breather.
What began as a burgeoning eBay business a couple years back, has become so popular, that owner-Donna Daniel needed to open up shop in Claremont. She chose the location because she felt it would be the perfect market. It was so perfect that due to the high-demand of her vintage pieces, she also brought on two of her friends, Kim and Rhonda, to sell their vintage and jewelry on consignment. They each bring their own “eye” to the shop; Donna is into the Anthopologie style, while Kim caters more to the street wear portion and Rhonda sells her handmade rings made from vintage earrings. Having grown up in the era of shoulder pads, scrunchies and sequins; Donna is still a die-hard fan of the 80’s. Which is probably why she has such a vast collection of 80’s (and 90’s) apparel. Visitors to The Grove Vintage will find very affordable pricing, as nothing is over $30, except for maybe five percent of the merchandise (like a jacket or dress). Every visit is bound to be another shopping adventure, as she brings in new wares all the time and tries to stay true to every season and trend. I can guarantee one thing, and that is: when you visit this quaint little Claremont store, you won’t leave empty-handed!



215 S. 6th (corner of 6th and Spring) Street, Suite 116
Los Angeles, CA 90016
Hours: Wed- Sat 1-6pm

LA designer Houstina Summers (known for her signature halter dresses) and her sister, Billie Summers recently opened up a small boutique called UNIQBILL in the Gallery Row district of downtown LA. They sell Tina’s Cowgirl Heaven line, along with various unique clothing from sample sales and local designers, as well as some vintage pieces. Did I mention I spotted a few GUCCI bags?!? They also carry handmade and vintage jewelry (some of which came from Turkey).
Since they opened in April, they’ve already had two very successful DTLA artwalk nights (as they are right in the hub of the action) and are continuing to be quite successful. Their prices are reasonable, ranging from sale items that are $20-25, $175 for some vintage pieces, the Cowgirl Heaven line sells for $45 and up and now Tina has added designer shoes to her repertoire; and those range from $150 and up. Although the store consists of mostly the CG Heaven line, they are accepting new unique designers to put their work in the store. If you want to know more about Cowgirl Heaven, go to the brand’s Facebook page!



110 East 9th Street, Suite A1179
Los Angeles, CA 90079
PH: (888)731-2413

Located in the prestigious California Market Center, in the heart of LA’s Fashion District, is my friend (and fellow blogger)- Kimberly Truhler’s vintage shop: GlamAmor. The showroom has a modern feel with bursts of color that project from the racks of vintage clothing. Being sort of a perfectionist myself, I loved that the clothing was color-coordinated and there was at least an inch of space between each garment. Kimberly has quite a nice vintage “empire” with her blog GlamAmor, the showroom and now she is also producing vintage originals. She started selling vintage about a year ago, only sticking with bright, colorful, sophisticated yet sexy pieces. She then expanded to having a style blog as well, which showed her influences in classic cinema and how those influences resonate to most fashion today. She might also show a look from the runway and then show where that actually came from (what movie). Then she would post how she puts her vintage outfits together while she’s out and about, as sort of a guide for women who want to piece together a cute vintage-inspired outfit. Now, because her vintage pieces are one-of-a-kind, some of her clients have had a hard time finding their size, which inspired Kimberly to segway into creating vintage originals (or My Essentials).

Kimberly has such a desire for vintage (especially from the 50′s and 60′s)and when you meet her, she’s always dressed impeccably in a beautiful, bright dress. It’s like she stepped out of a page from 1950′s Vogue. Years ago, after watching Alfred Hitchcocks’s Rear Window, it dawned on her… ‘shouldn’t we all dress like that?’ She admires the works of Edith Head- whose designs are colorful, sophisticated, fun and has clean lines. “The ‘Hitchcock thing’ about dress like a lady when you’re out and about but it’s ok that that same lady is a little naughty in the bedroom…That sexy doesn’t have to mean showing every part of your anatomy when you’re out at a party, you can be sexy but still be covered up…”

Whether you need a chic dress for work (that can segway into the evening for a night out), check out GlamAmor. Her pieces range from $165-200 for a dress, $250-350 for a coat. Her vintage originals will be starting at $200. Definitely do yourself a favor and invest in a key statement piece. You won’t be disappointed!


Last Chance Boutique

**UPDATE** Last Chance is now ATTIRE

8712 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232-2322
Ph:(310) 287-2333

I was fortunate enough to be invited to tour “Last Chance Boutique” in the Helms district of Culver City. Last Chance was founded in 2001 by Samera Arkel as a sample outlet. It has since developed into a sought-after designer discount boutique with 50-80% off brands such as: Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, James Perse, Zac Posen, Ksubi, J-Brand, Peter Som, Stella McCartney and Eva Franco to name a few. The space was quite ample; with two cozy couches and coffee table, stacked with current fashion magazines. They offer a wide variety of clothing, jewelry, purses and other accessories, as well as some shoes. I also loved that the sales people were friendly but thankfully gave me my space as I browsed the racks. Now is your chance snag items that have been seen on shows like: “The Hills”, “CSI Miami” and “Ugly Betty.” Last Chance is open Tues-Fri 10-6pm, Sat 10-5pm.


Haute Olive Boutique

**Haute Olive Has Closed**

838 S. Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Phone:(213) 413-4888

I first heard of Haute Olive when I did a fashion show with the owner- Amara Wilson. At the time, the store was in Echo Park, but in February 2010, she decided to move to a more burgeoning place in Downtown LA. It’s situated on Spring Street, near the California Market Center in the heart of the “Fashion District.” It’s a quaint little shop, the door is usually open, welcoming customers in. There is also a sale rack placed outside on sunny days where shoppers can browse items on sale. The clothing and shoes, Amara credits to her modeling days, where she didn’t want to get rid of the clothes or give them to Goodwill, so needing a creative outlet, she decided to open up shop. After her stint in Echo Park, (and following her desire to move to the now booming Downtown locale) she had an opportunity to move to her current location on Spring Street. Her best-sellers, she says, would have to be the party dresses (mostly from the ’80′s- her favorite era), which go for $15-40. “My stuff, you could get on the red carpet in it… and you could’ve just been at the beach in it…”

UPDATE: Haute Olive has moved to 765 Maple Ave. corner of 8th n Maple (downtown los angeles) 90014.

**Haute Olive’s New Location!**



The Campbell Hotel

2636 East 11th Street
Tulsa, OK 74104

This past August, I was able to do a bit of traveling, especially along historic Route 66. One of my stops included was Tulsa, Oklahoma. After thorough hotel researching, I came across The Campbell Hotel- which was conveniently located on Route 66. The hotel is housed in the old Max Campbell building that was built in 1927. The Spanish Colonial Revival building was inspired by a similar building in Kansas City. The building once housed the Casa Loma Hotel on the second floor, with a number of local businesses on street level. Fast forward to 2011, the uniquely appointed Campbell Hotel opened its doors. The stylish boutique hotel had had forty local designers put their own individual touch on each of the twenty-six themed rooms.

I had the pleasure of staying at the hotel for two wonderful nights in the twenties-themed “Tulsa Art Deco” room (as Tulsa has a rich Art Deco history..definitely worth checking out when touring around the area). As soon as I walked in, I was just in awe at how inviting the atmosphere was and how well-preserved the beautiful hardwood floors and original tile is. The soft purple walls wonderfully contrasted well with the light purple and metallic bedding, beautiful mirror and black accents. The room has a handy writing desk, Keurig machine, robes, eco-friendly toiletries, microwave and mini-fridge. Oh and one of the best parts is that, since I’m always on my smartphone or laptop… the abundance of outlets was a HUGE relief! The hotel offers a small business center, conference room, spa and restaurant- Maxxwells (that as since opened after my stay…will have to check it out next time). There is an elevator for your convenience or if you prefer the stairs, it’s just a short jaunt up the Grand Staircase to the rooms and a comfortable lounge area. If you prefer a cocktail in the evenings, there is the Campbell Lounge or if you don’t drink, check out 918 Coffee Shop a few blocks down from the hotel- highly recommended and the baristas were super friendly when I was there.

During my stay, a complimentary continental breakfast of pastries, fruit, juices, yogurt, milk, tea, coffee was served. But now that Maxxwells is opened, you can enjoy their breakfast, starting at 6AM.

HUGE thanks to the staff (especially Alyssa) at the Campbell Hotel for providing an exceptional experience for me. I enjoyed my stay and hope to go back again soon! For reservations and additional information on the hotel, please to go

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